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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Pain Free Leg Work-Out

14 weeks of 20 weeks

weight today:same

total lost: 8 pounds in 14 weeks

1/2 cup of oatmeal:150
1 1/2 tsp of sugar: 22
1 tbl of powder creamer in tea:30
2 tsp of sugar:30
total: 232

Jimmy John's turkey sub with no mayo, with cheese and Dijon Mustard:422
1 single shot mocha: 250
1 chocolate raspberry scone:300
total: 972
running total:1,204

1 1/2 cup of chicken and rice dish:220
running total: 1,424

3 1/2 oz of strawberries:32
1/2 tsp of sugar:10
4 oz tilapia: 93
1 tsp of Smart Balance light butter:15
some Snyder Hanover pretzels: 45
running total:1,611

Today's challenge: I absent-mindedly took a few bites of my son's scone at the coffee shop and before you know it I ate the whole thing. That was interesting. And the thing was I had just got done eating my turkey sub, was working on my coffee and was eating the scone. You'd think I would have been stuffed, but I wasn't at all. I'd like to think I "needed" it, but I probably didn't. I may be over-estimating it's caloric value of 300 calories, but it was probably close to that. I will say it was good. Remember how I love the scone's this coffee shop makes? And, quite honestly, chocolate chip raspberry is pretty much my favorite.

Actual fitness: 60 minute leg work-out. My first leg work-out in three weeks, people!! My knees did not hurt. I was concerned that my muscles were not going to be as strong. So, I was surprised at how strong they did feel. I was able to complete all my exercises and do most all of them at about 80 to 85 percent of where I left off three weeks ago.

Exercises like step-ups, backward lunges and jump squats I was able to do without feeling really too fatigued at all despite not doing those for three weeks. This is interesting and very encouraging to me. The idea that I can take three weeks off and then jump back in at this level seems pretty amazing to me.

I'm very happy that I can begin my leg work-outs again. Now I just need to get back into the groove with my running.

With two days off from running, I'm going to do try and do a three mile lunch run tomorrow to see if I can do that pain free.

Note on caffeine today: I am taking caffeine here and there. Today I resisted the double shot mocha in lieu for a single shot mocha. One of the reasons I even had one at all was because I wanted some energy for doing some major organizing at home. It does come with a cost, though, since I did feel some slight stomach pains from the coffee. I still want to stay mostly caffeine free.

Note on picture: This is what I had for supper. A very low calorie chicken and rice Alfredo dish. 1 1/2 cup for 220 calories. I think the downside to this dish is that there is a lot salt in it. I was noticing a salty taste tonight.


  1. I'm glad you got to do your leg work-out. I can't imagine how hard it would be to have an injury right now that caused me to have to stop exercising. Hope you have a great run at lunch!

  2. That supper looks amazing. Is it possible to post the recipe if not too much trouble? I love brown rice and chicken. Adding an alfredo sauce may help my family love it as much as I do! :)

  3. It's amazing how a piece of food just sitting there can have such an attraction, even if we "shouldn't" be hungry.

  4. Great news about your knees...nothing sucks like an injury (or any interruption) to screw up your workout momentum.

    Sounds like you've come through this very hat is off to you.


  5. I have a hard time not eating my sons food simply because its there. Its crazy that our bodies are in such routines that they do stuff like that without even thinking.

  6. I hate being tempted when I am not even hungry. I try to argue with myself that I don't need a cookie even though someone has bought them in. It's all about the will power!

  7. glad your knees are finally feeling better! funny how some silly scrapes can sideline you almost as long as a "real" injury. :( glad you are back to normal! happy new year!

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