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Friday, December 25, 2009

My Christmas Gift...A Five Mile Run

Hi everyone!

Did everyone enjoy their Christmas? Did you get the gift you wanted?

Did anyone get a gift they didn't expect to get?

I did.

I ran five miles yesterday.

Ok...let me say that again.

I. ran. five. miles. yesterday.

Pain. free.

Can you say, "Merry Christmas. people?!"

Being able to run, pain-free, yesterday was an unexpected gift. At first, I was going to just run around the block to see if my knee hurt. Last week, when I took a test run to see if it hurt, my knee began hurting after three blocks. So...I figured four blocks would let me know the scoop.

Strangely wouldn't think a gift would come in such gray overcast weather. But then, that just goes to show you that pretty packaging isn't always indicative of the quality of the gift. When I began my run around the block, it was literally raining outside. The 16 inches of snow that we had recieved a few weeks back were turning into huge messy, snowy, slushy puddles that I was vainly trying to leap over to keep my feet dry. But despite my steeplechase efforts, there was no way I was going to clear 2 to four inch deep puddles spanning a few feet in length without getting wet, so finally I ran on the road where it was drier.

But the conditions didn't get me down. In fact, I was flying high. It didn't hurt to go around that block. So, I kept running. I felt like a million bucks running.

I had missed it so much!

I thought about turning around at a mile to log in just two as not to push it. Then, I thought about making it three miles...but the "five mile run" idea was just too tempting.

So, I kept running, and I even smiled when I finally completely soaked my shoes when I splashed into one unavoidable puddle.

Let me borrow a phrase from ?,

"Running in the rain...I'm running in the rain. What a glorious be happy again"

Ha, ha...I never thought I would enjoy a run so much as I did yesterday when for the past three weeks I couldn't run without pain in my right knee.

I will admit, folks, that my knee does feel "slightly" sore. Maybe I should have just stuck to two miles...

But when God gave me the gift of running...

I guess I got a little excited.

Enjoy your gifts, people...the priceless ones.


  1. Congrats on the pain free running. That was probably your best Christmas gift ever.

    Hey, now that you got the running down and are starting to swim, is your next step a sprint triathlon?

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