Join Me For Another 10 Weeks! This is the first week of ten weeks starting October 22, 2012

Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

11 1/2 weeks of 12 weeks
weight today: same
total lost: 9 pounds in 11 1/2 weeks
1/2 cup of oatmeal: 150
1 tsp of sugar:15
1 tbl of powder creamer in tea:30
2 tsp of sugar:30
3/4 cup of brown rice: 126
3 oz of chicken breast:105
2 tsp of Smart Balance light butter:39
handful of pretzels:75
1/2 cup of ice cream:100
1 tsp of chocolate syrup:20
some Kix: 30
running total:711
2 crackers:32
2 pirouline:100
2 tbl of powder creamer in tea:30
2 tps of sugar:30
running total:902
1 cup of hamburger helper dish:250
1 slice of rotello bread:55
1 tsp of Smart Balance light butter:15
some pretzels:25
1 sugar free jello cup:10
with sugar free whipped cream:15
1 Blue Bunny Bomb pop:40
running total:1,307
1 tbl of powder creamer in tea:30
2 tsp of sugar:30
3 oz of strawberries:25
with sugar:20
running total: 1,412
Today's challenge: staying at 1,400 calorie, trying to get to the gym and do at least an arm work-out, staying positive about my knees.
Actual fitness: off.
Note on knees: I'm beginning to think about going to see a doctor. With scraped up would think after four days, I'd be able to run again. I tried running a few blocks yesterday at lunch and had to turn around and come back because my right knee cap hurt. So, now I'm starting to imagine that my knee cap is cracked or who knows what. Whatever it is...I hope it isn't permanent and will heal enough for me to exercise.
The last three days I've had my knees bandaged, but the wounds are still open and tender on my left knee. So, today, I'm wearing shorts and keeping the bandages off and just applying ointment to keep the wound moist because I don't want it to turn into a hard, dry scab.
Also, today, I've noticed that it seems I can bend my knees a little better when I (carefully) hobble down stairs.
This whole situation is really creating a challenging situation because I don't want to lose all the strength I've gained in the weight room on my legs nor do I want to lose the conditioning I've worked to build up with running. But I don't want to possibly make it worse by using my knees when they're not ready. And this stagnation is creating an appetite that I'm struggling to control. I don't want to gain weight either. So, maybe if I can't run, I can do the elliptical machine which is easier on your knees or I can do what Lindsey does and use one of those rowing machines where you just use your arms.
Note on picture: Since we're on the whole tea thing, thought I'd share with you what I like to drink in the morning: Twinings French Vanilla. I like it so much that when I go to the store next I'm going to search out some more vanilla type of teas. I, also, apparently need to look into buying some honey since a lot of people enjoy doing that, plus it may be fewer calories.


  1. Tea makes everything better in my world! When I'm cranky, my kid's will bring me a cup, without me even asking, so they can have some relief from a grouchy Mom.

    I'm so sorry about your knees! You should get the checked out, just in case. I know you'll find an alternative and that not all is lost. Serious athletes often take a week of rest. You will remain strong, fit, healthy and HOT!

  2. The elliptical is probably much better for you with it's low impact. Hope your knees are getting stronger and healing. Careful in the snow.

  3. Haha, I just told you (a mama) to be careful in the snow. Mama's usually say that first = )

  4. have you put hydrogen peroxide on them too? i feel like that helps keep big scars from forming. i did this on a cut/gash though and not a big circle/scrape. that particular scar is tiny and almost not-noticeable though, so maybe it works?

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