Join Me For Another 10 Weeks! This is the first week of ten weeks starting October 22, 2012

Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Lost That 20 Pounds in 11 Weeks

Hi friends,  Just a quick note. I have lost 20 pounds; actually I'm right around the 21-22 pound loss range.

I lost it in 11 weeks way back by the the first ten days of May. I ended up taking a break from blogging because May got busy. Then, I have been off my diet for a few weeks because after May got busy it got stressful when my father went into the hospital. He was in for two weeks before having open heart surgery this last Wednesday. He's suppose to be getting off sedation today or tomorrow, but so far it looks like things are going well.

I can maybe talk more about him later, but I did want to mention that I am starting my diet again this coming Monday and that I would like to lose another 20 pounds in 10 weeks. Also, I know I need to get in some pictures so, maybe I will do that in the next few days.

Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy.


Sunshine Mama