Join Me For Another 10 Weeks! This is the first week of ten weeks starting October 22, 2012

Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Thursday...Day 5 Of The Stomach Flu

Hi folks,

I was really trying to wait until this stomach flu resolved itself before posting so that I wouldn't have to complain about that, but, well it hasn't.

If you've never had the stomach flu, it basically is this churning in your stomach that makes you double over in pain and want to cry like a baby for the up to forty second assaults that it makes on your body throughout the day. The worst day for me was Monday. And I thought I would be out of the woods by today, but, I started getting nauseous with my breakfast.

The stomach flu is typically accompanied with diarrhea, loss of appetite and maybe even some good old fashioned throwing up. It can last up to ten days with the medical profession unable to give you anything to relieve the symptoms.

But the stomach flu has a silver lining. It made me wish that the final weeks of pregnancy symptoms were all I was experiencing.

"Please, Lord, just take away my stomach flu and I won't complain about the feeling tired, the contractions, the sciatica nerve and the darn "belly tired" I get that makes me just want to sit down."

Can you believe that those stomach flu pains were worse than the end-of-the pregnancy symptoms?

That's pretty bad.

And now my poor husband has it because he kisses me.

So, just remember, it could always be worse, folks!

But I did want to talk about some happy things, because, darn it, it's October 1st tomorrow. It's the beginning of my favorite month.

I managed to drag myself to my doctor's appointment this morning. And after crying all over myself because of this stomach flu thing, my midwife told me that she "felt" the baby and it is around four or five pounds.

"'s getting big," I thought.

My babies average about 7 pounds or so at birth, so this sounds about right. They gain about half a pound a week in these final weeks. So, with 4 1/2 weeks left...that will take him to seven pounds.

I measured 36 centimeters which is a little ahead of the 35 weeks that I am. Hey, it could come never know.

The baby's head is facing down, and he's looking to the side.

The midwife said, "You're all baby."

I feel good about my weight and my diet. I'm still counting calories, and I'm still snack free, Dawne. I'm also sugar free, flour free and butter free. I want to remain that way all the way through October and until the baby is born and even a few weeks after he's born.

I've never been so on-top-of-my-diet during the end of a pregnancy. I usually eat a ton of food during the two days that I'm in the hospital, which I'm sure in past pregnancies added weight. But this time, I want to take that opportunity and order a variety of healthy food choices from the menu. I want to view it as a time to enjoy someone else cooking for me instead of a chance to pig out.

I'm really curious to see how my body will respond differently this time to my healthier choices versus the other way it did.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to fit into my "old jeans" only a few weeks after our son is born? Or at worst, have only a handful of pounds to lose instead of a bucketful?

My birthday and anniversary are in October, but I think that instead of cake and chocolates, I'll be treating myself to some fruit that I really raspberries...or blueberries. Some good steak.

Also, good news...I finally have added some more storage space to my photos so hopefully I can upload some photos in a few days.

Well, it's still a happy Thursday. It's sunny and beautiful out and I'm 35 weeks two days along!

Hope you're all having a good one!


Sunshine Mama

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hi folks,

How are you all doing?

I just looked at the last time I posted...ten days ago? Yikes!

To be honest, the last stages of pregnancy combined with homeschooling the kids all day, plus taking them to their "things" and trying to get in work-outs, plus keeping up on the house...I have been too mentally drained to be consistent with my blog.

In fact, it's 11:00 p.m. right now, and I've just completed a long day of more "re-arranging". And...I'm not done. I anticipate another long day of the same for tomorrow. I save it for the weekends, because I'm too tired during the week to do it.

I've never been this bent on getting things ready for when the baby comes, but I am sure loving the results.

And I am so, so excited for this little baby boy to make his appearance!!!

And I'll have you ALL know that I'm am doing GREAT on my diet. I'm still counting calories in my cheap little notebook. I haven't had any snacks. In fact, I'm still off of sugar, flour and butter.

Just the other day, I went to get my car seats checked out by some volunteers. These two gals spent an hour working through the checks. And at the end I realized that they thought my 15- year-daughter was my sister. They actually were very surprised to learn she wasn't.

I credit this to my diet being free of toxic sugar and flour and of just eating such healthy food. My face is simply looking younger.

And I am really hoping that I can post some pictures of me this week. I was thinking of two different types of pictures. One of me in the kind of outfit I go to the gym in and then, just a regular outfit. Because I am STICKING OUT in my gym outfits...ha, ha!!!

I got in three days at the gym this last week and with five weeks left to go, I'm aiming to get in those three days a week in all the way to the end.

Well, I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

It's strange but I actually rather enjoy all the organizing that I'm doing.

Have a good one!

Sunshine Mama

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If You Knew You Could Fly...

If you knew you could fly...
Would you try?
Would you spread your wings
And reach for the sky?
If you knew how it felt
To ride the wind
How it felt to let
the sunshine in...
Would you climb this cliff
To get to the top
To position yourself
For freedom unstopped?
Written by Sunshine Mama
Hi folks!
I wrote this poem a week or so ago. I have been feeling so good since I've been counting my calories and going snack free that I simply...
can not believe it.
I have seven weeks to go before I'm due, and I really don't have much to complain about. I've had five children before this, and I feel better now than I've ever felt compared to my other pregnancies towards the end.
I'm not dreading the last few weeks. I'm looking forward to them. I feel happy to be pregnant.
But isn't that so true with all of us?
Until we finally actually succeed with this diet thing or perhaps another far away goal that we've wanted to do...we think to ourselves...
"Why didn't I do this before?"
"Why didn't I do this sooner?"
I'm thinking..."Why didn't I eat better like this in my other pregnancies so that I could look and feel so great?"
That's why I wrote this poem. Envision in your mind how much better it can be if you eat much better you will feel.
I've been so happy with how AWESOME I feel that last Sunday I decided to go completely sugar-free and flour-free (white and whole wheat), and butter-free.
Why not?
I've already given up I've already reduced the amount of sugar in my diet. And quite honestly, it hasn't been that bad. I'm not really struggling with sugar cravings. Occasionally I will desire a slice of some home-made white bread toasted with butter on it.
Then, yesterday I decided to give up coffee. I decided that it made me too thirsty and also when I go to breast feed our son, I don't want caffeine-ated breast milk to be a reason he won't go to sleep at night.
Altogether, so far, I feel great. However, about ten days ago I started to get some "end-of-the-pregnancy" symptoms. For those who've never had a baby...yes, I still feel great despite all of these "little" symptons because they don't happen all the time. is a little know for inquiring minds...
The first being...the baby will sometimes lay on my sciatica nerve and cause my right leg to have some pain. That happens with a lot of pregnancies. Very normal. That pain or what I like to call "deadening of my leg" happens maybe a several times a day usually when I'm walking which can be very annoying. That pain may last about 20 to 30 seconds.
I've been having some contractions. They are called false labor, Braxton Hicks. It's basically your uterus tightening in preparation for the real deal. That will usually put a little pressure on my bladder and some slight discomfort. That happens maybe several times a day and lasts for maybe thirty seconds a time.
Sometimes I will get a painful "stitch" in my side on my uterus and I will have to stand or stretch to get it to relax. That only happens maybe once every few days thank goodness but the pain may last up to several minutes depending on if I can stretch it out to get it to stop.
I will also get some general pain in my belly when I am standing which is alleviated when I sit or it helps if I use a maternity support belt. That's probably the most annoying pain, but that has been happening for four or five weeks.
The eating healthy...has kept my weight down these last three weeks which has made me have to carry less weight...which has made me feel lighter on my feet...
Which is wonderful.
The clean diet has dropped extra fat in my face and has released this wonderful vibrant look to my skin. It makes sense right? If we don't put the sugar and white flour poisons into our body, then, our skin will look healthier?
I've received several comments from people who say that I look too young to be having a sixth child. One person thought my 15-year-old daughter was my sister.
I continue to work out at the gym and aim for three days a week of weight lifting so that I can hit all my major muscle groups to retain my muscularity for when I return to more physical activities after the baby is born. I'm not doing any cardio, but would like to at least be walking.
I am loving my baby belly because it sticks out so prominently, but I feel like the rest of my body is lean.
I'm in the second week of home schooling our children which is big reason I haven't blogged in a week. I think that by the end of the day, I'm mentally drained. We also have two of our children in flag football two days a week.
So, bear with me as I try to find a balance where I can blog more. I really want to. Last weekend was filled with visiting more garage sales and more cleaning and organizing. The "nesting" syndrome simply won't go away with me. I want everything to be perfect. Ha, Ha!!
I'm even considering doing the Christmas shopping before the baby is born. I was trying to clean out some storage closet at 10:00 at night last Saturday night when my husband flees to another room to avoid getting roped into helping. I explained to him that the weekend is the only time I have to do this stuff because I'm too drained to organize at night during the week.
So, there you have it folks, I was cleaning out a closet instead of blogging last weekend.
Sorry, SunshineMeg, I wish I could say the computer was on the was the baby's fault. Ha, Ha,
I blame everything on the baby.
What?!? You all are annoyed that I need the fan on and the air conditioner on still? ...blame the baby.
What you don't like me organizing and whipping everyone to work?
Blame the baby.
What? I forgot your name?
Blame the baby.
ok...I think you get the point.
Well, this post has gone on long enough. And, yes, I'm still waiting to get back to doing pictures. Hang in there folks.
Hope you all have a great day!!
Sunshine Mama

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Said It First...

First thing this morning...I told my husband, "Happy 107 month anniversary!"

If you recall, he said it first to me last month. Not that I'm keeping track or anything. I'm not the kind of person who counts down days to anything... am I?

or am I?

I mean... September 7th...that's seven days until our son turns eight, a month until our 9-year anniversary...and 56 days until I'm due, which makes me 32 weeks along today.

Ok...well, maybe I do keep track of things a little. Heck, I am keeping track of my calories...Hmm...

Well, I was a very nice teacher today, Sarah, thank you very much. I was patient for the most part and gave our son a break when he complained of his hand being tired for writing for too long.

The last two weeks of house cleaning and organizing and "garage sale-ing" helped this first day of school to feel good. I'm glad for everyone that this is a short week. It helps us all to get our "school feet" a little wet and then next week we can all take the real plunge. Ha, Ha!!

I did great on my diet again. I enjoyed an 11 ounce honey crisp apple during my mid-morning break. Yes, that is a big apple. If only I could photograph it for you. And, it's so crisp and juicy that I feel like my mouth can barely contain all its juicy goodness.

Just to give you an idea of how much I like these apples... I was figuring up in my head exactly how many pounds of apples our family (mostly children) will go through in a week. Now with me eating them too...I figured at least ten pounds of apples a week. I was thinking about going to the local honey crisp apple growers in our area and seeing if they would give me a deal if I bought a year's worth of apples...because let's be real...if you don't buy them fresh, you are getting apples from Washington state that could very well be a year old anyway. Why not buy these juicy honey crisp apples?

But anyway, I figured ten pounds times 52 like 500 pounds of apples. These growers want to charge like $10 for five pounds of apples, which would total...100 times $10 or $1,000.


Maybe they'd let them go for a third of that know if I buy bulk.

Then, the only problem becomes...where do I store them?

But wouldn't that be so awesome? Honey crisp any time... for a year?

I could enjoy the taste of fall year-round! (Did you notice my fall colors?)

Well, I think I've jabbered on long enough here. I did make it to the gym tonight and got in a leg work-out. The only comments I got were from our 15-year-old Darling Rose who told me that I was "packing it well"...( a little humorous reminder from the last person who said that to me)....

Oh, and she also said that it looked like I had stuffed a big basketball up my shirt.

Yes, you can laugh because I actually have to agree with her.

Have a good one, y'all!!

Sunshine Mama

Monday, September 6, 2010

There Is A Light...

There is a light at the end of this road
Each step that you take brings you closer to home
Each day you get through is a chink in the chain
A crack in the glass that mirrored your pain
You're not alone in this path to new life
There are other souls who understand your strife
Imagine hard and you'll see them too
Holding out... their hands to you
Walk with us....we'll pull you along
Together...we can be strong
We'll lift each up
With encouraging words
And help you through those difficult curves.
Written by Sunshine Mama
Happy Labor day folks. I wrote this to encourage you all to keep, keeping track of your calories and to keep plugging along. You reallly are not alone when it comes to eathing healthier and becoming healthier. Every day you get through really does make a difference.
I literally have not had my computer turned on for the past two to three days. So, I need to check in with everyone. But I have been counting my calories and I have also continued to be snack-free. I have taken Dawne's challenge seriously and have not had any snacks. I eat when I am hungry.
Going snack-free has had the most surprising and unusual affect. Instead of enjoying a high calorie cookie with my kids while going out to some garage sales on Friday, I picked up a freshly picked honey crisp apple. It was so delicious that I went back for more the next day to add these apples to my daily diet.
I've noticed that with going snack-free that my calories are just not as high at the end of the day. How can they be when I'm eating apples instead of cookies and candy? Then, on Saturday my husband picked up some Perkin's apple pie and Culver's ice cream for a dessert treat for the family and I said "no". Just think how many calories that would have added to my daily journal of calorie counting if I had eaten them?
Instead, I really enjoyed some fresh sweet corn on the cob with my meal and some grilled meat. And I felt happy and full.
I'm really pleased with how good I feel with these healthier food choices and the lack of eating snacks. I may just keep this up for long as I can still eat fresh apples and fresh sweet corn.
Other than that, I really wish I had pictures to show you of some of the absolute "awesome" finds that I found at garage sales this last weekend. Maybe in a few weeks when I start posting pictures again, I will share some photos.
Tomorrow is the first day of going back to school with our children. I will be homeschooling four of our five children. Some of the things I found at garage sales were desks for the four younger ones...ha, ha...even the two year old.
Well, I hope you all have a great day!
Sunshine Mama

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Thursday...I'm 31 Weeks Two Days Along

Hola compadres!!

How was everyone's day?

I do think that I will do Dawne's challenge for the month of September where I will eat "snack-free". Although, I did grab a small handful of Lucky Charms while hungry and when I was about to prepare my supper tonight. I wonder if that counts as a snack...

Nevertheless. I really like the idea. I think September is a good month to do it. I have been so much happier with eating healthier and counting my calories that resisting snacks will only make it better, right?

When I think of snacks, I think of junk food like chips, candy, ice cream, cake, cookies. So, if instead I decided to eat fruits and vegetables when I'm hungry, I don't see that as "snacking" per se. And summer/fall is a great time of the year to eat fresh season is also upon us, and I do like munching on pre-cut carrots, radishes and such that are pre-soaked in water.

Well, today was productive. I am nesting, of course. So I cleaned up the porch area until it was spotless. Then, I went through all the kids "winter" wear so that I could have winter gear ready now. I'm pretty sure the last thing I want to have to think about when our baby is born in November is getting all the other kids' winter clothes out and ready. My plan is to have all the clothes ready for winter...soon.

I also hit a few garage sales today, and picked up some baby clothes and other things the kids need. There are garage sales every day through, I may just get everything I need by the end of this long weekend.

Also, made it to the gym for a decent bicep and back work-out. No commenter's tonight. I was actually feeling a little sleepy before going, but once I went there and did it, I felt happier and in a good mood.

It may be another few weeks yet before I can start posting pictures to my blog again. But when I am able to, I'll post an updated version of me. I've been really missing posting pictures.

Well, goodnight all!

Have a great Friday!!

Sunshine Mama

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"You're Packing It Well?"

Hello Friends!

I've finally crawled my way to the computer after a long day of organizing and a little trip to the gym.

Since you all enjoyed yesterday's little comment from the guy at the hospital, I thought I'd give you another amusing quote.

Tonight as I walked into the gym I was greeted by another male gym-goer. He looked familiar. I think he may have been a guy that likes to compliment my triceps. I'm not sure. I do think this being pregnant thing is making my short term memory go with regards to recalling faces. But he was friendly... probably late 40s maybe early 50s.

But anyway, he was relaxing in a chair. And as I walked toward his direction to get into the work-out area, he smiles and says,

"You're packing it well."

I smiled back and said, "Thank you."

Then as my daughter and I head toward the water fountain she leans toward me and says, "What did he say?"

I laughed and explained "He said 'I'm packing it well' a gun or something."

Of course, I take this to be a compliment...the male version of a compliment.

I also noticed, as did my daughter, that the young boy (maybe 22) who worked there seemed very friendly to me...smiling when I walked by, and making sure to say, "Have a good night" when I left.

I spose my 33 centimeter abdomen is an unusual sight in the gym. I know I always looked a little longer if I saw a pregnant gal working out. But it is kind of fun to hear what people say.

How is everyone doing on their calorie counting?

I'm doing well. I feel great.

I'm thinking about taking up a special challenge that Dawne posted on her website about not eating any snacks for the month of September. So far today I have not eaten any snacks.

Well, I think that's about it for now. In the mean time, keep up all your hard work. We're already half way through the week.

Have a good one!

Sunshine Mama