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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Days And Counting...This Is The "Happy Post"

Hi folks,

In case you missed it, I just posted the "mad" post just below this "happy post".

Balance is good during pregnancy right? Especially at the end?

So, in this post, I'm smiling for you because I just got back from a wonderful time at church. Worship was great and I'm only two days away from being due.

So, I had my daughter snap some more pictures for you.

This is the outfit I wore this morning.
Can't quite button up the jacket all the way.
But that's ok....because,
I can just sling it over my back like a pregnant model...

"oooohh, was that a contraction?"
Just kidding.
Got my eyes close again.

Another basketball belly shot.
I'm running out of poses here.

Oh, wait!

Why not a shot with Daddy Rainmaker?

"Yeah!! We're almost there!!"

"We're so excited!!"
Just to re-cap what I talked about last night.
We did get out on a date last night, which was really nice.
My next appointment is Tuesday morning, which by now I'm pretty sure I'll be going to.
Oh, I voted on Friday so in case anything happens on election day, I'm covered.
And...we took the kids trick-or-treating tonight.
If you'd like to visit our family blog to see how our two-year-old looks dressed as a toucan, click here.
Other than that, I'll leave you all to your Monday.
And if go into the hospital, I'll try to blog before I go.
Have a great one!!
Sunshine Mama

I. Am. Sick. Of. Contractions!!!!!


This is how I feel about them.

At breakfast this morning, our children so accurately expressed my frustration about all these "fake" little contractions I keep getting...that I took their pictures.

I was hoping it would help convey to you all how sick and tired I am of all of this.

I've stopped timing them.

I refuse to time them until they make me cry.

They've been happening all afternoon and evening today.

Last night I was up a 3:00 a.m during the night thinking it could be it.

But it wasn't.

It's never happened like this where I am constantly having contractions that develop into..


They just tease me and taunt me and get my hopes up ...
only to be dashed...ARGGG!!!

So, now I refuse to acknowledge them!
They. don't. exist.

Unless they make me feel like this!!
Or make me look like this!!

Unless they make me do this!
Unless they make me grovel in unbelievable pain...
I refuse to time another silly contraction.
That's it!
I'm done!
After all the contractions I've had, you'd think I'd be a ten right now.
ok, I feel little better now.
Now, how about a happier post?
-Sunshine Mama

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Three Days And Counting...We Pulled Out The Big Guns...

Hello again!

After last night's contractions and then nothing happening in the middle of the night, I decided to pull out the big guns.

The pancake breakfast.

Except for the last one, I always had a pancake breakfast meal before going into labor. Well, the family always has a pancake breakfast on the weekend and I don't usually participate. I usually eat my oatmeal and whatever else I eat.

But this morning, my husband insisted. "It's tradition," he says.

So... I thought, "Well, if this could get things going...why not?"

So, I dutifully counted up each and every calorie and tried not to cringe too much when I partook of the white flour two-pancake feast.

Maybe if I don't go into labor today, it will be because I just didn't go all out on the pancake breakfast. You know... slathered on the butter and syrup and grabbed a few more pancakes for good measure.
I mean... it doesn't even look that festive does it?
But, hey, I did put butter and syrup on it.
But not going into labor meant we could watch this...
Our son's last flag football game of the year.
And, so, it was nice to get this picture of him grabbing the flag off the kid on the right.
This is two-year-old Stavescare pretending to "play dead" after pretending to get shot from one of his siblings.

He actually falls to the ground.
It's the cutest thing.

Also, cute is 6-year-old Iris Anna.

And four-year-old Peach Blossom...

And there's me.
Warming my little bump in the sun.
It was way nicer than I thought it would be this morning.
This last weekend of October is just beautiful!
Well, I'm in a great mood today...labor happening or not.
I told my husband, "If this baby doesn't come by Monday morning, your co-workers are really going to razz you."
But as we talked, we looked over my past labors, and historically speaking, I've gone early on only one baby. So, if you look at my past, going early is really only a 20 percent possibility.
What makes me think I should go early this time?
So, I think we might carve some pumpkins today.
My husband are I going to go on what may be one last date before the baby Barnes and Noble where I might pick up an "eating clean" cookbook. I also might get my McDonald's twist ice cream cone.
And, I may still blog again today, because, well, why not?
Well, I hope you're all enjoying your Saturday!
Thanks for stopping by and checking on me. I appreciate it!
Sunshine Mama

Friday, October 29, 2010

Four Days And Counting...If This Is The Real Thing...

Hello friends!

It's finally Friday!

Allow me to finish my title..."If this is the real sure is taking a long time."

So, I have been having contractions since 3:30 this afternoon, and I finally started to time them a few hours ago.

Every twenty minutes or so with each one lasting about one minute. They don't hurt.

I finished reading my book.

I took a bath.

I asked my husband to take me to MacDonald's for a twist cone, but it was almost too late.

I called my mom...just in case they suddenly speed up into something.


I was thinking, "Hey, I could sleep through this."

Then it occurred to me that that's probably what happened in the last labor.

See, I awoke at 6:30 in the morning to this really sharp contraction. Well, for all I know I could have been having contractions in my sleep all night long and just didn't wake up until they started getting much stronger.

Hmmm...maybe I'll go to sleep tonight and then wake up in the middle of the night to the "real" thing.

I told my husband, "Nothing's happening."

He corrected me, "No, yesterday nothing was happening. Something is happening now."

So, I amended it, "ok, something is happening, but it's taking forever."

But, I will say, I got the house cleaned today, laundry done. And, now, I have had bath so I don't stink when I go into the delivery room.

I was even thinking about re-painting my toe nails, so those look fresh too. But I'm not sure I feel like it.

"Wait...see? there's another one."

I can't recall when the last one happened. I've given up keeping track. Maybe when they actually hurt, I will start again. But by then I just may be asleep.

Well, I think I may keep the computer on tonight so I don't have to reboot it to tell everyone that I'm going to the hospital.

If I go in that is.

Otherwise, I hope you all have a great weekend. The sun finally came out today. It was a beautiful day!

Enjoy your day!

Sunshine Mama

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Thursday...Five Days And Counting...

Happy, Happy Thursday folks!

This could very well be the last happy Thursday before our baby is born as I don't think I'm going to have the baby in the next three hours. Nothing is going on.

But, I have reached the point now where I can now count down on one many days I have left before I am due.


Can you feel the excitement in the air?

Now every day that my husband goes to work, his co-workers tease him when they still see him arrive in the office. When he says, I'll see you tomorrow...they correct him with, "Maybe you'll see us tomorrow."

Every time my husband leaves the house or both our 15-year-old and my husband leave together, they tell me to call them on the cell if anything starts happening.

I say, "you guys, nothing is going to happen in the whole 60 minutes that you are gone," but to no avail, they still think it can.

When I call my husband at work to say "hi", or my mom or any one of my friends, they think that I am calling to tell them that I'm in labor.

Now, every time I feel a contraction coming on, I think to myself, "Could this be it?" and then I get annoyed with myself because I'm getting tired of thinking that.

I called the nurses line today because someone expressed concern about me losing my mucus plug. The midwife people said there's plenty of mucus up there, not to worry, there will still be a barrier between baby and the outside world...but she did say...

She did say..."It could happen any time now."


But now, I'm convinced it won't happen until the weekend because all of the five preceding children were born between Friday night and Sunday morning.

This evening our thoughtful next door neighbor, who has been coming over more frequently gifted me with this cute little pumpkin sugar cookie. At first I wasn't going to eat it, but then...
I decided to eat 1/4 of it. Maybe I'll give the rest to my hubby.
Then, remember when I told you we hadn't even bought the baby's diapers yet?
Well, my husband prayed for diapers for the baby.
And today, a co-worker gave him this...
That's 319 diapers in case your wondering...
How does it go...
"They that wait upon the Lord..."
Then, today we cooked up another eight loaves of bread and about 30 muffins.
So, altogether we have cooked up 24 loaves of bread in the last week.
Sixteen wheat loaves and eight white loaves.
And our two-year-old son, Stavesacre loves to have a slice with butter and jelly on it when they are hot out of the oven.
Home made food does take a little extra work...
but I've found it to be cheaper and more fulfilling.
Well, I suppose I could leave you all with that, except to be honest, I should add that I have noticed today that I have been feeling irritable and snappy.
I could blame it on the two coffees that I had today, but I've noticed that it just hasn't been today that I seem to feel a little more, well...just irritable.
Plus, all I want to do is to lay down and rest, and then when I am sitting down in a comfortable chair...I don't want to get up. So, I make the kids run around and grab things for me...even if it is just a few feet away.

I think I'll avoid the caffeine tomorrow to see if that helps, but I got a feeling that it might have something to do with just me being near to the end.
Although, I don't want to be irritable. And it's not that I really feel unhappy or sad, just a little "on edge" I guess. Maybe once I get the house cleaned tomorrow I'll feel a little more relaxed.
So, that's the scoop folks!
But, just like any other day of the week, I'm so, so glad it's Friday soon. I still home school every day, so Friday means the last day of the week for homeschooling and we all get to sleep in for a little bit longer on Saturday.
I hope you all have a great day. And unless this baby comes too quick for me to blog, I will try to blog before I leave for the hospital.
Have a good one!
Sunshine Mama

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Six Days And Counting...My Speculations...Smeculations

Hello everyone!

After all the activity yesterday, I slept like a baby last night. Like nothing happened and everything felt like it was back to normal today. It actually feels now like this labor could be, heck, days and days away.

But, I know that all of that could change on a dime. And quickly too. Just because I don't feel like it won't happen soon doesn't mean it won't.

So, I know I mentioned yesterday that I lost some of my mucus plug yesterday. Well, I continued to lose more of it today which as I mentioned before just means that I'm dilated enough that it's just falling out.

This also has me speculating on a few things. If I'm already dilated to three or maybe four and I have no more mucus plug, could this mean that when the real thing finally happens that it could go...quickly?


Only time will tell I spose.

In the meantime, I got in a wonderful nap this afternoon. Cooked up some home made soup for supper. Made it to the gym and got in the my third work-out for the week. I felt strong and pretty normal throughout my work-out.

I'm feeling real good about having my work-outs in. Like, ok, now the baby can come. Actually, I think I'm over the whole irritations of the baby not coming yesterday. Now I feel like he can come next week if he wants. I just want it to be the right time and for him to be healthy and ready.

I've also been eating on plan and have been feeling great because of it. I have a strong desire to finish this pregnancy strong. I want to eat well all the way to the end and beyond. I want to get those work-outs in...all the way to the end. I really, really want to see what happens when I do it the right way. And how my body will recover differently because I have done it the right way.

Anyway... as I was bustling around getting things ready yesterday I thought of all these things that should be done before he comes. Like the house is a mess. Laundry needs to be done. I could do some more baking... So, I will have more time to do these things. Heck, our eight-year-old son has one last flag football game this Saturday.

It's kind of weird to plan like tomorrow will happen as normal while at the same time planning as if it won't.

Ahh, but what's life without a little excitement?

Hope you all have a happy Thursday!

Sunshine Mama

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nothing Like A Little False Labor...

Hello, good evening!

My contractions stopped around 5:00 p.m. tonight. But that was a few hours after I lost part of my mucus plug. I say part because I don't know if that was all of it or not, but I do know that it was at least part of it.

Anytime that has happened, I have been in the hospital two to four hours later with every single one of my births. So why my contractions stopped, I don't know. It's just like I said, every labor is different and this is proving to be no exception.

I don't mean to gross anyone out, but for those who don't know, basically the mucus plug stays at the opening of the cervix separating the baby from the outside world. The only reason you would lose your mucus plug is because your cervix is becoming more dilated. So, I can only assume that I'm perhaps more dilated than when I was this morning.

I've never been the mama who hangs out for days at a time dilated at 3 or 4 centimeters. I'm usually going into the delivery room if I hit those numbers. So, the fact that I'm not in yet does strike me as strange.

But after it became obvious tonight that the contractions had stopped, I felt irritated, annoyed and tired. So, I just laid down to take a nap. I felt better afterward. Then, since there were no contractions still, I went to the gym to get in a back and biceps work-out. So, now I have two of my three work-outs in this week.

Oh, and I didn't do any bouncy cardio because I didn't have time. Maybe tomorrow.

But, the good thing out of all of this is that I got everything packed up. Packing took longer than I expected it too. It was fun to pick out our son's outfits for what he is going to wear when he comes home and what he will wear for his hospital pictures.

I also had to clean out his bassinet because I had thrown some other things in it.

My parents are on stand by, but I think they may be out of town all day tomorrow. So, hopefully our little baby waits to come until Thursday.

Wouldn't it be fun to have him on "Happy Thursday"?

Here I go making it sound like a tea party again.

Well, I'm going to get some more rest. If anything happens, I'd like to try and post before going into the hospital unless, of course, it happens too fast for that.

Hope you all have a good one!

Sunshine Mama

Seven Days And Counting...Some Things Are Happening...

Hey there folks!

Just wanted to update you on the latest news. I don't want to get anyone unduly excited here, but I went into my appointment today and they measured me at 2 to 3 centimeters dilated and 50 percent effaced. So, that means that the contractions that I was having last night were actually causing some dilation and effacing because Thursday I was not effaced at all and I was only one centimeter dilated.

Also, my abdomen measured 39 centimeters consistent with how far along I am. She was able to move the baby's head up, so he's not completely settled into position. She guessed that he was seven pounds.

I've continued to have contractions today, much more than usual...much more compared to maybe having a half a dozen in one day. I've probably already had a dozen or more short ones.

But the contractions are short and irregular. And, to me, they don't hurt that much. I don't consider going into the hospital until they are regular and the pain reaches a point of seemingly feeling "unbearable".

But I've decided to pack everyone up, and have called my mom to see where she's at.

Just in case.

Oh, and tonight I think we may fix french toast, or pancakes and eggs, bacon and OJ. For the last four births...I kid you not...that was my last meal that I would eat before going into the hospital. Ha, ha.

Of course, I would throw it all up after I got there...but it sure tasted good going in.

And if this baby doesn't come by tonight, I will hit the gym again and even get in some kind of bouncy cardio since my leg work-out last night caused an increase in contractions.

Later folks!

Sunshine Mama

Monday, October 25, 2010

Eight Days And Counting...A Few Extra Contractions Tonight

Hi folks!

We made it through Monday! Good job. Only four days left in the work week and only eight days until I'm due.

I got some good sleep last night, so I didn't feel too tired today. I also ate pretty clean today as compared to not doing so well in the midst of all the baking of bread last weekend.

Speaking of bread, I thought I'd show you a few pictures of when my husband made some french toast for the family yesterday using the home made bread.

I cut up the slices real thin like this...
And we have this handy little griddle that we got when we first got married to cook it up in.

Everyone loved it!
And I can't help but feel good inside knowing that it's all home baked.
In the meantime, I suppose I should mention that I think I was having more contractions than usual tonight.
Then, I went to the gym tonight to get in my leg work-out. I usually don't work out until Wed, Thurs. and Friday. But just in case the baby comes on Thursday, I wanted to have my work-outs for the week in. So, I went to the gym tonight with my husband.
At first, when I would do a set, and I would feel some tightening in my uterus, I wasn't sure if I was having a contraction. But then I became convinced that every time I did an exercise during my sets, I was having contractions. They weren't really painful, but I'm pretty sure they were happening. This is really the first time during my work-outs that I would consistently have contractions every time I did a set.
I think it made my husband nervous.
Even I was sitting there thinking, "Well, I better get the kid's suitcase packed. I definitely don't want to be packing up four kid's clothes while dealing with contractions."
But a part of me is like, "There is no way I can go into labor this soon. It's not suppose to happen until I'm closer to the weekend. And, besides, my parents are out of town today and tomorrow, so they won't be able to watch the kids anyway until Wednesday. So, why pack now?"
It's all so logical. See?
So, maybe I'll pack them up tomorrow.
The baby is not coming tonight.
Trust me.
Anyway, thank you for all your wonderful comments and visits. I was finally able to visit some of your sights today. Tomorrow morning I have another appointment with a midwife. I'll have her check me out, but I'm not getting my hopes up that much will be happening.
Some time this week, my husband and I will be casting our absentee votes just in case the baby's birth takes us away from the voting booth next Tuesday.
Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!
Sunshine Mama

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nine Days And Counting...Basketball Anyone?

Hi folks!

It's nine days and counting.

And, is it just me...or does it look like I have an actual basketball under my sweater?
I think this shot is great!!
I love it!
Here's a few more...

This isn't actually a maternity sweater.
It's one of those stretchy ones that I just love.
Tw0-year-old Stavesacre is checking me out.

Little Miss Poser otherwise known as 6-year-old Iris Anna.

Me, dreaming about the baby...
ok...I admit, I'm just caught with my eyes closed.

Can you imagine our little baby boy just all curled up in there hanging out?
As comfortable as could be?
Today I told my husband that until we come up with a baby name for him we'll just call him "Flower #6".
Someone asked why we don't give out our children's actual names.
Quite frankly it's just a measure for us of trying to keep our privacy.
But I enjoy the concept of putting it in the scenario of us being in the garden of Eden with me as the Sunshine (Sunshine Mama), my husband as the rain (Daddy Rainmaker)...the two of us working together (the sun and the rain) to nourish and grow our little flowers.
Well, I could show you loads of photos of some of the food we prepared this weekend, but instead I'll just give you a little list:
*Eight loaves of white bread
*Eight loaves of wheat bread
*enough whole wheat egg noodles to make nine, 10-cup batches of chicken noodle soup
(each batch contains eight ounces of egg noodles)
*three pounds of turkey meat, pre-browned.
*two pounds of sausage, pre-browned
*1 1/2 pounds of hamburger meat, pre-browned
*7 pounds of onions, pre-cut
*10 pounds of potatoes-pre-cut,
*four bunches of celery, pre-cut
*five pounds of carrots, pre-cut
*3-ten-pound bags of chicken quarters, cooked in the crock pot and de-boned to yield 18 cups of chicken, which is enough chicken for nine batches of chicken noodle soup.

All of the meat, pasta, bread and pre-cut veggies have been frozen so that all I have to do when I need to make a meal, is pull them out a few hours in advance and throw them in the pot to make dinner.
I had a nice long nap this afternoon, which felt great after all that work which 15-year-old Darling Rose, eight-year-old Dandy Lion and Daddy Rainmaker participated in.
There is still more food preparation that I want to do, but I will wait to do it this week. I still want to make another eight loaves of wheat bread to feel completely secure about the bread situation.
One thing I did not get accomplished this weekend was to pack all the kid's clothes for when they will spend a few days at grandma and grandpa's house.
I'm also thinking about getting my work-outs in early this week in case the baby decides to come as soon as this Thursday. I consider Thursday the day that I will be on "high alert" and when I want to be completely ready and completely packed.
After that...anything else I can get done around the house will be "bonus".
Well, I hope everyone has a great start to their work week. Now that I've gotten a few things done and a little more rest, I'm looking forward to visiting you all and seeing how you've all been doing.
Sunshine Mama

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ten Days And Counting...

Happy Saturday folks!

Happy Weekend!!

Dare I say...I have exactly ten days until I'm due?

Do you know how long I have been waiting to say that? To say it like in the New Year's Eve Countdown?

10!!...9!!...8!!...7!!... 6!!...5!!!.....

We are just one day away to a single digit countdown folks!!

Now when people ask me how long I have to go I can actually show them my hands and point to my fingers!

I can say it's only a matter of days!

This is the part of the pregnancy where people are excited for you, but they also get weird on you. Like they think you can deliver the baby right there with them in the vicinity or something...

They say things like...

"Just don't have the baby now..."

"Be careful, there, we don't want you to go into labor right now...right here."

If only labor would happen that fast. Wouldn't that be nice?

I love this part. People are so cute. The calls get more frequent and so do the visits.

Well, Sunshine Mama has worn herself out today with grocery shopping and food preparation activities. I'm still not done yet tonight and I have more to do tomorrow.

Hey, maybe it's a sign. Maybe all this last minute flurry of activity means I'll be going into labor soon.

I think that's what my husband was thinking as he observed me busily washing up the dishes at 9:00 tonight after already completing several hours of shopping, cooking, chopping ect, ect, ect...

Well, have a great day folks!!

I plan to.

Sunshine Mama

Friday, October 22, 2010

We Made It To Friday


We made it to Friday. Now we can breathe a sigh of relief for a few days before the work week hits us again. I got in my three work-outs this week. Now I have just one week left before the baby is due.

Tonight I tried making a bean soup for the family. It had garbanzo beans and kidney beans with carrots, onions and brown rice.
My husband had two bowls, but the rest of the family wasn't as impressed.

There was actually some tears involved with the bean soup.
I think next time I may skip the kidney beans.
Although they did like the banana muffins.
Darling Rose cooked these up.

There are many things that I want to cook up for tomorrow, but I'm feeling a little lazy about doing it. It's probably because I'm tired right now and every day this week felt long and tedious. I would just love to just sleep in tomorrow and not have to do anything, but I feel like I'm on this countdown or limited I have all these things that need to get done before "it" happens.
Ha, Ha!!! Like the end of the world is coming next week or something. Like there is life as I know it now and then there will be life as I know it after "it" happens.
The "after" feels like a mystery to me. Not a bad mystery, but it makes me anticipate the future. There just seem to be so many unknowns. Like I wonder how I will handle the lack of sleep at night when the baby comes. How will the baby's disposition be...I pray he will be born healthy... How much will I weigh a few weeks after the baby is born... Is he really a boy or did they get it wrong...How will the labor go...What day will it occur...I wonder when I can get in my first run, it's been so long since I've will homeschool go after the baby is born...
So, many questions...
So I suppose that's why I feel this pressure to prepare. And this weekend I am feeling the need to prepare by getting the food situation squared away.
But I am so tired; but I usually feel better after a good night's sleep.
I also wanted to get some belly shots taken this weekend. Some artistic ones with my husband. However, the gal who I wanted to do it is in the hospital right now on bed rest because she is also pregnant with her 6th children. She is 36 weeks along but she's already dilated to 6 and 50 percent effaced.
So, after yesterday's post, I should be glad that I'm not dilated so big because I wouldn't want to be on bed rest. But I still want pictures taken, so I just may have to coach my daughter on taking some pictures of her mom and dad. And maybe we can come up with something nice.
Well, I should go and write out that grocery list for my big shopping trip.
I hope you all have something fun planned this weekend!
Sunshine Mama

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Thursday...I'm 38 Weeks Two Days Along

Hello everyone!

I'm declaring it a Happy Thursday even though part of the day I felt grumpy. I took a nap in the early evening which helped to pull me out of my slump and put me in a much better mood for my work-out at the gym.

So, I'm due in eleven days and tonight I had my daughter help me fix this soup for supper. She cut up the carrots, onions and potatoes. I have found that soup made from chicken boullion as a base works great for chicken, hamburger, and even the meat I used to tonight...a pound of sausage bacon. You can add just about whatever vegetable you want and it tastes great. Although, I always make sure to add onion because I think it really enhances the taste.
I also added corn and brown rice.
Well, everyone loved it because there is literally nothing left.
I had a cup of this soup and it was tasty.

We had some biscuit dough left over from a few days ago and we formed some thicker biscuits.
Those are all gone too.
I just love soups, because I can eat them too and they are full of ingredients that are healthy and relatively cheap to buy.

Now a little update on me:
So, if you recall, I scheduled a little physical exam today to see if I was dilated at all. And I kind of knew going in that there probably wasn't much going on. I'm not one of those who will dilate early. Big dilation for me never happens until I go into labor.
The midwife said I was dilated to one. I wasn't effaced at all. My cervix did seem to be softening. I told her about the evening primrose oil and her opinion was that the oil and the raspberry leaf tea weren't really necessary because our body will take care of those things naturally with our body's hormones. This is a different midwife obviously than the one who recommended it.
I went to my appointment in shorts and she did say that it didn't look like there wasn't any swelling going on in my legs which is pretty common when you get toward the end of labor.
Oh, and she also said that when she checked my cervix she could feel the baby's head.
For some reason that gets me excited. I mean, I know his head is down there, and obviously he's close to me but it makes me excited that soon I will be able to feel his whole body in my arms. His head, his toes, his legs, his little hands and fingers...
So, anyway, I left the appointment feeling rebuffed for some reason, even though she didn't tell me anything that I wasn't expecting. I know eleven days doesn't sound like a long time away, but today it felt like forever. In my estimation, I've got at least a week before anything is going to happen...which is fine, because there are still things I need to do.
Heck, we still haven't even bought him his diapers. Ha, Ha!!
But I do have all of his clothes ready. Pretty much.
So, my prognosis on the situation is that our baby boy is feeling pretty content hanging out inside of me right now and isn't in a hurry to go anywhere anytime soon.
I have big plans for tomorrow and this weekend with grocery shopping and food preparation so that I can be like the ant that worked all summer so that he could relax in the winter. When this baby comes, I want meal preparation for a family of eight to be a breeze.
When the baby comes, I want to just be able to kick back for several days and not have to worry about going out to get food because we ran out (like what happened with one of my babies.)
My eating today was on target. My work-out at the gym went great especially after that nap. I had abundant energy. I had to keep pulling my work-out shirt down over my belly because it's beginning to get stretched to its limitations. Well, it's going to have to work for another week, right?
Other than that, I'm going to hit the sack. I apologize for not hitting all of your blogs like I'd like to. These days are so long that just writing this post is a squeeze for me. But I really appreciate reading your comments and sharing my journey with you all.
And, hey, it's practically Friday!! Enjoy the day!
Sunshine Mama

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Note On Caffeine And I Want To Hunker Down...

Hello Friends!

How was your Wednesday?

I'm glad that I will be hitting the hay soon. It's been a long, good day, but around 5:00, I wanted to take a nap. I did lay down for a bit and felt much better when I got up.

I also did get into the gym tonight and got a leg work-out done. I felt great doing it! I had a young man come up to me to ask me about my work-out and to "congratulate" me for staying in the gym and working hard while being this far along.

Working out always puts me in a better mood, and tonight was no exception. I feel good that I made it in. I now have one more leg work-out to complete before my due date.

Also, wanted to let you know that I got back on my diet today. I did have a bowl of cereal, but it was a controlled choice unlike a few days ago.

Also wanted to mention something that I noticed that happened to me after I had a second coffee yesterday. In case you don't know, I quit caffeine about three weeks ago. I will occasionally have a coffee here or there. Maybe once a week. Well, yesterday I had a coffee in the morning and then one around 5:00 p.m., which is really too late. But I wanted to let you know about the effect it had on me.

During my other pregnancies, I would always feel "overheated" and hot even in the dead of winter because that's when my last two babies were born. During this pregnancy, this fall...I actually get cold and find myself grabbing for sweaters and something warm. I assume it's because I'm carrying less body fat.

But after that second coffee, I started getting that feeling of getting hot. Sweating a little... And I realized that the caffeine was stimulating my adrenal glands and causing that "hot feeling" reaction in my body. I hate that "hot, overheated" feeling. Not to mention that caffeine was also making me feel more awake when really what I needed to do was just lay down and rest.

I've also noticed that in the last three or so weeks that I haven't had any caffeine, is that I'm not so moody. Or a better word might be I don't have any real "sad" feelings like what I will sometimes feel. I mean, I do get angry and upset with things that go on around me (as any normal person would), but I don't feel this despair that I used to feel from time to time.

I really think it might be connected to not having any more cofffee.

I've been generally feeling very happy and content these past few weeks. Now, I do think that straying from my diet (starting Saturday) has impacted my mood a little, overall, I think my diet plus the no caffeine is helping me to maintain a more "even-keel" attitude.

It's wonderful really.

Well, enough of my babbling.

But I will say that I have been getting these "hunkering" down feelings...where I am thinking I need to go grocery shopping this weekend, and buy enough food for the next three or four weeks. So, that when baby comes...we don't have to go anywhere for a while and have plenty of food. Ha, ha!

Well, tomorrow is Happy Thursday, and I will go to see another midwife for a physical exam to find out if I am dilated at all.

I'm probably not, but at least I'll know.

Have a good one!

Sunshine Mama

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Update...And Some Home Made Soup

Good evening friends!
How was everyone's Tuesday?

It was a very productive day. Four more loaves of bread were made (thanks, Darling Rose), a double batch of cornmeal muffins (thanks again DR), this home style chicken noodle soup and some biscuits that our 15-year-old daughter made as well.
This is the first time I made the soup this way. I used some home made whole wheat noodles that had been sitting in the freezer for like two months. I also used a bag of chicken that had been sitting in their for a few months too. I added my broth, onions, carrots and canned corn...and it was unbelievable!
Everyone loved it!!
My daughter cooked up some biscuits. These actually use white flour, but they look wheat because we ran out of white and had to knead it in wheat flour.
So, those are my two pictures for today.
Now for the update with my maternity appointment.
When I met with this midwife this morning, I got to talking to her about her kids and forgot to ask her some questions. Also, she did not do a physical exam to see if I was dilated, if my cervix was softer ect.. So, after I got home I felt annoyed with myself for forgetting my questions and not asking to be examined. I told my husband about my frustration. So, he suggested I just call her back and ask her those questions. So, I called back, got some really good answers AND set another appointment for this Thursday to have a physical exam.
Let's be real here.
I've got less than two weeks now before my due date and I don't want to have to wait another whole week to see if I'm even dilated. I would be just too annoyed with myself for the next seven days.
But what I do now know...
She thinks the baby weighs around 6 1/2 pounds. My abdomen measured 38 centimeters as compared to last week where I measured 36 centimeters. So, my abdomen measurements now match the weeks along that I am.
Remember those stomach pains? Well, I asked if there were any side effects to taking Evening Primrose Oil tablets. The side affects can be that if you take too much: "nausea, vomiting and GI distress".
You know what GI distress is, don't you? Gastro intestinal distress. I would heartily describe my stomach pains as GI distress. One of the directions for taking those evening primrose tablets is to take it with food. So, there must be something in it that can affect my stomach. What I do now is to just take two tablets a day instead of three. I haven't had any pains in the last two days.
See?! I didn't need the GasX! Ha, Ha!!!
There didn't seem to be any adverse affects from the raspberry lea tea extract.
Oh, I was leaving the clinic this morning from my appointment and in the elevator, when a gal with a newborn stepped in too. Her little baby girl had just been born on Friday, the 15th, a month early. It was her first baby. I asked to see her; this little girl looked so precious and delicate. Perfect little fingers, nose, and mouth. My heart just swelled with the joy and anticipation of soon being able to see our baby boy too.
The mama said she was on her way out to go shopping for her baby.
In the meantime, with all the cooking, I did stumble on my diet again today. I actually had a slice of white bread with some home made strawberry jelly. And I had a small biscuit. And then I had a small coffee with sugar and cream.
So, it's back to a new day tomorrow.
Again, thanks for all your comments!
Hope your Wednesday goes well!
Sunshine Mama

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hi everyone!

I'm posting a bit late tonight because I've been catching up on some blogs. This is one of the nights I like to do that because I'm not working out, which reminds me I have this week and next week left to get in work-outs before the baby is due.

I'm due in fourteen days!!

Although, I did have this thought tonight that, "what if I go overdue by ten to fourteen days? I did with baby #4?"

I told my husband that and he's like, "won't happen. You better get an absentee ballot, because he's coming out on election day (Nov. 2, his due date)."

It just feels so surreal to be getting closer and closer to my due date. I've started to get phone calls and unannounced visits from people who want to know how I'm doing and 'has the baby come yet?'.

It's all kind of fun. Heck, I was able to talk to a good friend last night who called "wondering". We used to be best friends growing up. She has eleven children and they are all boys.

But I don't really feel like anything spectacular is happening right now. I go to see my midwife tomorrow (Tuesday). I spose they may check me out to see if anything is going on. It will be a different midwife than the last one. I alternate with my midwives so I can get to know them all because you never know who will be on call to deliver your baby.

I will say, though, that I had some more stomach pains after I blogged last night. It hurt so bad that I called the nurse advisor again, but by the end of the conversation it had abated. I'm not sure what that was all about. It happened three times yesterday. I don't think "gas X" was the solution. Maybe tums would have been more helpful. I did later wonder if the raspberry green leaf tea or evening primrose oil could have been causing a reaction in my stomach. I'll have to ask the midwife tomorrow.

Other than that, I have actually lapsed a little the last few days with my perfect diet. My downfall has been cereal and milk. It's not been terrible, but I need to stop. I wonder if my eating sweets on the weekend opened the door to cravings.

I am still counting calories though. A commitment I intend to keep to the end and beyond the baby's birth. I take each day as it comes, and if I don't eat perfect one day, I will strive to do better the next.

Well, I think that's it for tonight. I hope you are all doing well.

I'll let you all know how the appointment goes tomorrow.

Have a good one!

Sunshine Mama

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Bassinet...And My Current Musical Tastes...

Hello y'all!

And, no, it is not country music that I listen to as the "end" of pregnancy draws near. But I shall share very soon...

But, first, here is where baby will sleep for the first three or four months. We have used this for the last four babies. It used to be able to vibrate, but that mechanism stopped working awhile back. But it does have rollers which makes it very convenient for moving it around the house if necessary. I usually roll this right up next to the bed, so I can be close to baby.

Now to answer the question that I posed to you all yesterday, "What kind of music do I listen to as the "end" draws near?"

I didn't know I listened to any special kind of music.

See, last Wednesday when I was having that very stressful day and was driving the kids to their flag football practice, I turned on the radio...looking for something...

And found it on the this classical music station. It just seemed to relax my nerves and served to soothe me during that hectic situation.

The next day, after my husband had the vehicle and discovered that the station was turned to classical music...he says to me, "Well, I can tell the end is near..."

I'm like, "What are you talking about?"

He says, "It doesn't fail, every time you get near the end you start listening to mellow music. Your music tastes change! The next thing I'm waiting to hear is you playing the 'Baby Sounds' cd."

I guess I never realized that.

He adds, " get weird like that. Everything has to be m-e-l-l-o-w."

And sure enough when I went to do a bunch of cooking on Friday, I pulled out this cd that I haven't listened to in awhile. It was a bunch of blues music from female vocalists. Songs like "Summertime" by Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong, "Cry me a River", with Dinah Washington, and "I Know How It Feels to be Lonely", Morgana King to name a few.

I won't let my daughter play the piano when I'm listening to "my" music. Ha, Ha!!

I think he may be right. With the last pregnancy I was really into watching the "Celtic Women" dvd, which also has some very beautiful, flowing music.

So, there you are...isn't it good to know that my altered musical tastes are changing right on schedule?

What would I normally listen to you ask?

Rock-n-roll of course!

You all remember my fascination with John Schlitt former lead singer of Petra don't you?

Well, I hope you all had a good weekend! Thank you for continuing to encourage me and compliment me. I really appreciate it.

My messy house finally got cleaned today. Several more loads of laundry were done. I had some strange pains in my stomach today that occurred after eating some food. I finally called a nurse advisor at the hospital and they thought I might have some air bubbles in my stomach, which maybe occurring because everything is so squished together because of the baby. So, I got some Gas X. Have never taken it before, but the tablets tasted good... like cherry.

I have another appointment this week on Tuesday with a midwife, but nothing much else is planned.

Have a good Monday!

Sunshine Mama

Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Pregnant Mama Photos...

Happy Saturday everyone! Happy Weekend.

We went to a family birthday party today and the weather was beautiful. The temperature read 74 degrees as we were driving out there. Just gorgeous!

Our family will celebrate several birthday parties at one time and mine was one of them today. This is a little photo of our four-year-old son putting a bow on my head. It was nice enough to go bare foot. I'm not sure how many days are left like this, but it was nice to still be able to wear open-toed shoes.
I decided to cut up some of the honey crisp apples that we picked at the apple orchard last weekend and serve it with natural peanut butter instead of cake.

It was a hit! Because everyone ate it up.
I will admit, though, that I did eat some sugar free pumpkin pie (not the crust), some mint chocolate pie ( and not the crust either) and some mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Boy, am I glad tomorrow is a new day, folks!!!

Here are a few preggo pictures for you...

I'm just glad this shirt still fits over my belly.
oh, and the next picture...
Always a sure sign that I'm very far along is that I can use my belly as a table for my cups.
This is a little cup of my tincture of raspberry leaf tea extract with a little water.

Well, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend too!
Getting ready for this birthday party felt like a major feat for me, as I'm sure it does for everyone involved. But, from here on out, I feel like the weekend schedule lightens up significantly and I can relax a little and focus on finishing getting the house and everything ready for the baby.
Just today, my husband pulled up the white bassinet from the basement and we're washing everything up for our son.
There are still things going on the rest of this month, that will basically keep me busy enough that I'm not constantly "waiting" for the birth, but not so busy that I can't get things done that need to be done.
Oh, and I have a question for you all.
Can you guess what kind of music my husband says I start listening to as the "end" draws near?
And, yes, I started listening to that music about three days ago.
Have a good one!
Sunshine Mama

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tincture And Oils...It's Finally Friday!

Hi folks!
We finally made it to another Friday. After yesterday's relaxing birthday, today proved to be a busy day for me. There was a lot of cooking involved beside all the homeschooling I did.

I got in my third work out of the week tonight, so I feel good about that. But I am very happy that tomorrow is Saturday, and I can't wait to go to bed tonight.

I just thought I'd share with you all what I have started to take to help "soften" my cervix for our baby's birth. My midwife recommended 1,300 milligrams of evening primrose oil. They come in soft gel form. I alternate taking three one day and two the next.

Then, instead of drinking five cups of raspberry leaf tea like my midwife suggested, I decided to go with the tea in extract form. The lady who helped me called it a "tincture". I put about 30 to 40 drops in some water and drink it like that. She assured me that it had the same strength as tea. I decided to go with it this way because I knew I would not want to make five cups of tea a day. Plus this version seemed to be a little cheaper. One of these ounces may last me about ten days.

When I went to the gym tonight, it's fun to talk to people about the upcoming birth. There is this excitement in the air because I'm beginning to get close to having this baby.

Do you realize I'm only eighteen days away from my due date?

After as long as I've been pregnant, it is exciting to me to think that very soon I'll be able to meet this little baby and add him to our family.

Today I saw a picture of a little baby girl in the newspaper who had been born on the way to the hospital. Her little face was so cute! I don't think I will have to worry about this baby being born en-route since we live only three blocks from the hospital. Heck, it will probably be good for me to walk will help the contractions to get going.


I don't like to do a bunch of walking during my labor. I just like to stand and sway.

Wow. Even though I've had five kids, I feel like I'm entering uncharted water with this one because of the fact that every labor is different. Oh well.

I think I need to hit the sack now.

I hope you all have a great weekend. We'll be visiting with some family and celebrating a bunch of birthdays tomorrow.

Have a good one!

Sunshine Mama

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Thursday...Happy Birthday To Me!

Hi everyone!

I awoke this morning feeling far less fatigued than when I ended yesterday. After going over yesterday's calories, I realized that I was actually running a little short on them, which would explain why I was so "stressed" around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. But, since I hadn't been keeping track all day because I was so busy, I didn't know.

But today was a great day!

I went out this morning and picked up some fresh raspberries to have instead of a cake.
I've never done this before, but why not?

See how luscious and yummy they look?

I made a really simple hamburger, vegetable and barely soup that I could eat.
It was basically 7 cups of water, 7 teaspoons of chicken buillion, 1 1/2 cups of carrots, 1 1/2 cups of celery, 1 cup of onions, 1 or so cups of potatoes, 2 cups of cooked barley, one pound of hamburger, 3 tablespoons of parsely flakes and a little over 1/4 teaspoon of pepper.
Very simple and very healthy for you.
I filled myself up with it.
I also warmed up some home made whole wheat and white bread for the family to eat as well.
I just stuck to my soup.

The rest of the family had some cupcakes to eat.
And I did have a few licks of frosting.

I also indulged with a half cup of chips and mint ice cream.
And if you remember my husband, who doesn't like this kind of ice cream he also bought some cookies and cream as another choice for the family to eat.

Then the kids gave me little gifts and home made cards.
This one is from 6-year-old Iris Anna and the one behind is from 4-year-old Peach Blossom.
Their card were so beautiful and colorful with hand written notes, it was wonderful to receive such treasures from my children.
But that's not all.
I made it to the gym tonight.
And everone kept coming up to me to wish me "happy birthday" because 15-year-old Darling Rose kept telling my aquaintances to wish me happy birthday.
It was fun and I still worked my butt off.
Thank you for all of your birthday wishes as well.
I'm just really content and happy right now.
Tomorrow is Friday and I'll share with you some of those concoctions that I picked up today that my midwife suggested I get to help baby come in October.
Hope you all have a good one!
Sunshine Mama