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Monday, March 22, 2010

Will A Blizzard Help My Calcium...I Did 90 Push-ups

Hi folks!!

How was your Monday? Good I hope. Thanks for stopping by and for being so happy for Sarah at Mom on the Run for her winning the kittin caboodle of goodies from my Newman's Own Organics Give-a-Way. I know you all really wanted to win that yourself. But as I mentioned before...I still have a bunch of chocolate that I've gotten from Newman's Own Organics that I can't eat and am thinking that I will also give that away as well as soon as I can decide how I want to do it.

So, yes, basically stay tuned. But you all already are tuned in anyway so that won't be too hard. And, no, Lindsey there is no do-over on the drawing, but there is more chocolate so don't give up.

Anyway you are all probably wondering why I have pictures of blizzards on my blog today.

Well, that's because I woke up this morning dreaming about blizzards... thinking about all the different toppings that I could have mixed in them. I really like cookie dough, snickers, peanut butter cups, Reese's pieces...

So, I woke up and was thinking about that and then I checked my blog and see that a few people are concerned about my calcium intake. Because... well, I don't take in any calcium at this moment and because I'm pregnant...what will happen as the baby grows and needs calcium to make it's own bones, is he/she will take calcium from my bones...if I'm not giving myself enough calcium.

So...naturally since I was already thinking about blizzards I thought...hey...blizzard are made of milk...calcium is in milk...Maybe I could get calcium and my blizzard fix all in one shot.

No, I won't do that...but it made me chuckle. So, I thought I'd go out to see what kind of blizzard pictures I could find. For March Dairy Queen has a mint special...and then for Spring they have this chocolate truffle flavored blizzard. The big picture is the one with peanut butter. I must say these blizzard pictures may just be making my cravings worse.

But...seriously...I know you are all concerned about me and my calcium intake. Just today I made an appointment next week to consult with a nutritionist about my diet and I will be talking with her about all these things. Because....believe me, the last thing I want happening is Sunshine Mama's teeth falling out. And, honestly, it didn't occur to me till a few days ago that I should figure out a way to get in more calcium...So, I bought some cottage cheese at the grocery store tonight.

Now on to a very exciting thing....

Today I did 90 Consecutive Push-ups

As I have mentioned before, since I have graduated out of the six weeks to a 100 push-up challenge and still have not been able to do 100 push-ups, I have been improvising my own push-up work-outs to build to 100 push-ups. I will do eight sets of push-ups and then use the ninth set to crank out as many as I can. Today I was aiming for 80 push-ups for the ninth set, because my best before that was 75....

Well...I was going along...hit 80...still had some gas left...not much...but some and kept slowing cranking them out and was euphoric when I hit 90. OMG! That's only ten away from 100. Wow, I think that I might actually do these 100 push-ups after all.

I think Lindsey was right. She said I should just do a few hundred beforehand to warm up for the final set. I did 270 push-ups before the last set. My sets were as follows: 34, 34, 41, 41, 34, 34, 30, 30 and 90 for a total of 368 push-ups!

I think it may have also helped having plenty of rest in between sets...I was at home time inbetween sets, I swept some dirt off the floor, another time I answered the phone and talked for a minute or two, and another time I changed a poopy diaper...But I did all these push-ups within the space of about 25 minutes. I also hadn't done any push-ups since Thursday.

So...enough for's my food diary, and, no, there's no calcium yet.

Food Diary:

1/3 cup of oatmeal: 100
6 egg whites: 96
1/2 grapefruit: 40
total: 236
1/2 cup of brown rice: 50
1 tsp of olive oil: 50
5 oz can of tuna: 120
total: 270
running total: 506
strawberries: 30
6 egg whites: 96
1/4 cup of brown rice: 50
1/2 tsp of olive oil: 25
total: 211
running total: 717
1/2 grapefruit: 40
1/3 cup of brown rice: 35
6 egg whites: 96
1/4 tsp of olive oil:15
Newman's Own Organics honey pretzels: 150
total: 346
running total: 1,063
1/2 serving of chocolate protein shake: 55
2 oz chicken breast: 40
1/2 cup of brown rice: 100
Newman's Own Organics honey pretzels: 150
total: 345
running total: 1,408
4 oz banana: 100
chocolate protein shake: 110
total: 210
running total: 1,618
*368 push-ups
* five minute warm-up run, then ten x 36 second sprints ran at 75% with pulse kept at 160 beats per minute. One minute rests in between.
*Weight lifting leg work-out
* abdominals
Today's challenge: I was really, really tired this morning and feeling down...having crazy blizzard cravings..
Today's victory: Took a nap...had a little black tea and felt better...did 90 consecutive push-ups...did NOT go out and get a blizzard.
Extra: I told my husband about my blizzard cravings and he says, "Would you like me to go get you one?"
Ahh...just the thought that he would go out and do that for me...was just so almost took the cravings away.
Well, time to turn in folks!
Keep up the good work and have a good day tomorrow!
Sunshine Mama


  1. Your currently my pushup hero. I actually REstarted the 100 pushup challenge this morning. I can barely squeeze out 3 real ones.

  2. I think that is about 89 more than I can are rocking it!

  3. YAY! I CAN POST A COMMENT!!! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!! lol hi Sunshine!!!! Ur doing great! XOXO

  4. Go Sunshine Mama! 90 push ups?!? That is great. You never cease to amaze me. Glad you are consulting your nutrionist about all of this. You are being smart and putting the baby first.

    You got me thinking about blizzards at 5am... Greg and I have made our own frozen yoguart before with a coffee can! It's really fun and you can use skim milk = )

  5. I like it! A low fat blizzard variation.

  6. Congrats on the push ups!!!! Funny thing last night I was just telling my husband how a blizzard sounded so good. On a good note Germany has no Dairy Queen so even I could not act out to get one if I wanted!

  7. Awesome job on the pushups! Glad you are seeing a nutritionist... I wasn't nagging yesterday but I would hope someone would point that out to me. Sometimes you just forget what you are eating and don't really pay attention. That's why I like food blogging. Ya know?

  8. I would do ANYTHING for a blizzard right now. You are so mean posting that beautiful picture! My favorite is butterfinger!

  9. Glad to hear you made that appointment for next week, so now I can stop that worrying I'm doing for ya! heheeee!

    Sometimes dreaming of foods is triggered by needing something, so I wonder!

    Back to the gym for me today after work, promise!

  10. Mint and peanut butter are my favorite flavors!! YUMMY!!

    90 pushup?? You totally rock!

  11. i was being sarcastic when i said to do a few hundred as a warm up :) BUT i do think you need a little warmup! maybe if you'd only done 100 you could've knocked out 100 consecutively? who knows. 90 is freakin' awesome though!! congrats :)

    mmmmm blizzardssss.

    milk chocolate is my source of calcium... ;)

  12. Thanks Again for the amazing giveaway! My box should be here soon :)

    Pushups and pregnant. Amazing!!!

  13. Dairy Queen is so close to my house...NOOOOO...I will not give in to Sunshine Mama's cravings. I will opt for the low fat, diet, Dairy Queen Fudge bars.