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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stay Away From The Pretzels...And I Need Help...

Hi everyone!
I was sitting here thinking to myself that it probably isn't fair for me to be taste testing these Newman's Own Organics pretzels. Since I've been eating whole foods, no white flour, no sugar no processed foods, my tongue is well...extra sensitive.

These Honey mini-wheat organic pretzels have organic sugar in them. (here's a little side health lesson about sugar...sugar is addictive. That's all I'm going to say.) So... let's just say that these pretzels need to stay far far away from Sunshine Mama.

They taste way to good for my own good. But if you're going to eat something with sugar in them, these pretzels get a huge high five from me. They have a light taste, but just enough crunchy, salty, honey goodness that I just wanted to keep on munching. Plus they were only 110 calories per 20 pretzels.
Plus my husband who is a big Snyder Hanover pretzel fan...ate a few and gave them his nod of approval and that he thought they were even better than the spelt pretzels.

These pretzels are part of the Newman's Own Organics give-a-way that you can sign up for here.

But when I'm not taste testing pretzels...I try to keep on track with food like this...

Doesn't this just look succulent? It looks extra juicy because I pre-cut all the slices.

Then I have recently acquired a new passion... 1 tablespoon of heavy cream stirred in with my tea. Heavy cream is a "good" fat. It has half the fat of a tablespoon of peanut butter. And lately since peanut butter in my oatmeal isn't appealing to me...I think I will be trading in that fat for this fat.

After the cream, I will stir in some stevia which is a natural sweetener and does not trigger cravings like the artificial sweeteners will.
I Need Help...
I'll put this quite simply.
I need help with sticking to my eating plan. Today I committed the ultimate sin in my diet and ate two Newman's Own Organic's cream filled ginger cookies. The day before I ate some of my son's chocolate chip sugar cookie.
There I told you all.
I really, really want to get back on track. So, I was thinking about this for a little bit today. I've come to the conclusion that it works well for me when I post a daily food log of what I eat. There is a certain amount of accountability when I do that.
I know you might think that I'm pregnant and that I should give myself a break...and I will do that eventually...but not right now.
Right now I want to be able to look good in my figure posing suit, which by the way...I will be having a fitting for soon. A phone fitting. The way it works is that the gal who is making my suit sends me some sample suits to try on. She has these suits set up so that she can get good measurements over the phone. She's emailed me and told me that the sample suits have been mailed out to me.
So, any day now I should get the sample suits. From that phone fitting she will then be able to start cutting my own personal suit. Have I described my suit for you yet? Well, you know it's going to be dark blue velvet. Then, there are some crystals involved.
Also, that second pair of shoes that I had to order because the first pair were too big? Those were mailed out to me on the 15th, so hopefully those will arrive soon too. And hopefully they will fit.
Well, it's midnight here. I did get a nap in today. Today was also a good day for me as far as not feeling very tired at all. It may be that my body is also finally adjusting to when I cut myself from coffee three days ago.
Other than that, I had a good day working out. I was able to complete my cardio and do a biceps and back work-out. I also did another 337 push-ups.
I also wanted to thank a couple bloggers out there who have been encouraging to me. Sherah mentioned that she only gained 23 pounds in her 6th pregnancy when she stuck to eating whole foods, and Kristen at Change of Pace, who is also pregnant, said her fatigue began to fade after the second trimester.
Hope your all are sticking to those diets. You're doing better than you think!!


  1. Post it - be accountable! We'll read it. I love all your food pictures too. I didn't know that tid bit about heavy cream. I only like milk in my tea, but in coffee...cream it is. Glad you're getting your naps in!

  2. To curb your sweet craving, can you put honey in your oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon?

    You're probably the only pregnant woman I know fighting their cravings. I thought most cave in?

  3. Post what you need to. If that makes you make smarter choices go for it! I thought heavy cream was bad which goes to show you what I don't know. What kind do you use?

  4. LOL!!! Totally laughing out loud because i GET IT!
    Just those 2 itty bitty little cookies will just set off a room full of traps! LOL! It's so true! ugh ugh ugh! Why oh why can't yummy tastey sugar be good for us? sigh... welp, it's not! So get on with it, amy! heesh!

    ok ok... sooooo, I started doing the same thing, food journaling.. it DOES work! So I will be popping by to looksie at yours, girl.. just so ya know that I am, and will be looking for them everyday! Yay!

    Alrighty... so have a beautiful day :)

  5. Well, you already know your issues with sugar which explains the cookie thing. I'm sure after the giveaway food is gone, you'll be right back on track.

    Good stats on the pretzels. The Rold Gold Honey Twists, I think is like 8 pretzel rods (1 oz) for 110 cals....I like the idea of getting to eat more "units" of food for the same amount of calories.