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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nemans Own Organics' Chocolate Cups...A Much Better Day

Hi, everyone!
Let me are probably all waiting to see some photos of Newman's Own Organics line of chocolates. These milk chocolate covered caramel cups are part of the give-a-way package that you can sign up for here.

They have five different flavors that will be in the give-a-way box. There is the kind pictured here and they also include: milk chocolate peanut butter cups, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, dark chocolate peppermint cups and dark chocolate caramel cups.

The three small cups in each package range between 160 to 190 calories each. These milk chocolate caramel cups total 160 calories. If you look at the ingredients, everything in it is organic.

Since I can't eat daughter did the honors. She described it as, "There's just the right amount of chocolate and delectable creaminess in the middle."
If that doesn't sway you, I don't what will.

Something that is not in the give-a-way box, but definitely worth knowing about is their line of altoids. They have four flavors: ginger, cinnamon, peppermint and wintergreen. My husband eats altoids all the time and often gives them as treats to our children.

I really liked the designs on their tins. This is peppermint flavor. Our daughter thought these mints were more mild than the original altoids. "They don't have that bite like the other ones," she said.
For those of you who haven't signed up for the give-a-way. Tomorrow is the last day to sign up. The contest ends at midnight.
I took a picture of breakfast for you all. I did manage to stick to my diet today.
This is 6 egg whites-96, 1/3 cup of oatmeal -100 sprinkled with stevia and ginger (we were out of cinnamon), 1/2 a grapefruit-40, 1 tbl of heavy whipping cream in my tea-45
-total: 281
I ate a ton of Blue Hake today from the Schwan's Company. This is 4 ounces for 80 calories.
I ate this for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack, lunch and dinner.

I sprinkled it with lemon to eliminate any fish-y taste. I'm pregnant remember? But I haven't really had any nasea in the past two days.
Oh, And I'm checking up on how much fish I can eat with me being pregnant and all.
I had a spinach salad topped with broccoli, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, green peppers, carrorts, 1 1/2 ounce of chopped strawberries and one teaspoon of olive oil to go with my fish for my mid-morning and afternoon meals. Calories totaled:114
A Much Better Day
Today was a good day. I feel like I've turned a good corner with how I ate today. I kept spot on and I feel really good about it.
I did feel very tired this morning and so I ended up taking a 2 hour nap this afternoon. But I'm so grateful that I can take a nap. It felt so good to get that much needed rest.
The scale this morning was up the highest it's been since I've found out that I was pregnant...about three pounds. I am looking forward to that going back down in the next few days with stricter caloric control.
Well, I said I would post my food diary and I will do that now. I think that I will post it at the end of each post. Feel free to skip over it if you want. I have a feeling it will not have too much variation from one day to the next. But doing this will get me results.
Food Diary:
1/3 cup of oatmeal with stevia and ginger: 100
6 egg whites: 96
1/2 grapefruit: 40
1 tbl of heavy whipping cream in tea: 45
total: 281
4 oz Schwan's Blue Hake: 80
spinach salad:10
1 1/2 oz of strawberries:13
carrots: 9
cucumber: 4
green pepper: 5
2 oz tomato: 15
1 tsp of Newman's Own Organics olive oil: 50
running total: 475
4 oz Blue Hake: 80
1/2 cup of Quinoa (cooked): 180
total: 260
running total: 735
same as mid-morning snack: 194
running total: 929
3/4 serving of chocolate protein shake: 82
1/2 cup of brown rice: 85
2 oz of blue hake: 40
total: 207
running total: 1136
post work-out:
chocolate protein shake: 110
4 oz banana:100
total: 210
running total: 1,346
1 tbl of whipping cream in tea: 45
running total: 1,391
Water intake: 1/2 gallon
fitness: chest and triceps work-out, abdominals work-out and 4 sets of six pull-ups
Today's challenge: It was hard to try and get in all that water. But I did get it in.
Today's victory: Kept on target. Can't wait to weigh myself tomorrow morning!
Well, I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick's Day if you celebrate it. My husband brought home some green sugar cookies to share with the kids. Of course, I didn't have any.
Have a nice night y'all!
Sunshine Mama


  1. You sound much better today! I'm still tired, but feeling better here too. Your picture of the spinach salad looks great and I just may be coming over for breakfast tomorrow! Yum! It is like a picture of my favorite things. Grapefruit has stolen my heart = ) The peanut butter cups look pretty tasty. I've never had a caramel cup, but I can imagine that is a good thing.

    Way to stick to your diet today. Very proud of you! Thanks for the inspiration to do the same. Happy Thursday to you, Daddy Rainmaker, and the "6!"

  2. Just caught up on your posts! Hey, I understand the 1st trimester tiredness...yikes!! Great job sticking with things!! I'm really excited to follow this as I hope to have more little ones also and it is a GREAT encouragement to see an example of healthy living within pregnancy. Frankly, I used pregnancy in the past to be a glutton!

    Keep it up! You are doing great!

  3. ACK!!! My eyes! My eyes!!! It burns!

    Food porn I tell you! Those chocolate cups are absolute food porn! ;)

    Great days are THE BEST!! Love all the colorful pics.... delish!

  4. Oh I am not big on chocolate but I am telling you those pics made them look yummy! Glad to see that you had a better day! I was off today. Could of made better choices but tomorrow is a fresh start!

  5. are definitely back on track and the healthiest Mama and mama-to-be that I know!

  6. I looked for some of those products on my over the border shopping spree yesterday, but couldn't find them at Target. I guess I would have to go to an actual grocery store? I'm also looking for the Ezekiel bread that everyone raves about. Where does one find that?

  7. glad you were able to stick to your diet! it can be disheartening when we slip up sometimes, even if it is not anything major. how could you resist those caramel cups?!? yummmmmm. :) your salad though, looks AMAZING. i need to come visit/move in just so i can eat yummy salads like that :)

    thanks for all the info on your healthy-eating plan! i definitely would like to eat healthier (and tone up) although i don't know that i will be as disciplined as you. for now anyway, i'd like to leave some carbs in - though i could definitely afford to cut out some flour. maybe if i really get into it (/once i am home and back on a "normal" schedule) i can get pretty close to "100%"/body-builder habits but overall i would tweak for running-purposes.