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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pretzel Play...And One Pound Gained Overall

Hi everyone!

Friday did finally come and tomorrow is the weekend. Unfortunately I won't be relaxing. I will be driving someplace far, staying over night and returning the next day. Ugg.

So, I probably won't blog again until Sunday.

However, I did snap a picture of our 7-year-old son with two Newman's Own Organics pretzel nuggets stuck to himself. Take note if you have kids...or...well, if you just like to play with your food.

You first lick it...

And then stick it!
Hey, that rhymed!

I've been using Newman's Own Organics olive oil on my brown rice and my sweet potatoes.
Good stuff. Love it.
They also sent me some balsamic vinegar to mix.
My husband loves it, but it's a little strong for me.
Other than that, I'm exhausted.
I worked my butt off today with 379 push-ups, ten sprints, then, an hour in the gym with an arm work-out and abdominals...
I over ate too. I had some Newman's Own Organics popcorn with olive oil tonight.
I'll probably see that on the scale tomorrow.
The scale actually had me down a pound this morning...
Actually my weight has been fluctuating between being up two pounds and then down two pounds and everything in between. One thing for certain, though, is that I am definitely up at least one pound since I found out I was pregnant.
This is consistent with when I got my body fat checked this week, and I have remained the same body fat as three weeks ago, but have gained exactly one pound.
What that means, is that I haven't gained any fat "yeah!!", but have gained muscle
Ha, Ha!
Isn't that great?
Of course part of that one pound gain is baby,
but I'm also leaning toward the strong possibility that part of it could be muscle as well.
After all, I am a body builder...
Just a pregnant one!
Well, it's almost midnight here and I have to get up early to drive a bunch of miles.
Maybe I'll take some pictures of where I'm going to post on Sunday.
In the meantime...make sure you all have a GREAT weekend!
Relax, have fun and eat sensibly.
I'll see ya Sunday!
Sunshine Mama


  1. Caught up on your last two posts! You are doing so good pushing through that tiredness! GREAT JOB!!! :) Award yourself a blizzard, huh?! :P I ate a donut after your last I will have to stay away from DQ too, huh!! HEEHEE! JK!
    I gave you an award on my weight loss blog!

    Have a restful day, SM!!!

  2. Drive carefully!!! Have a good weekend and remember to rest when you can! You're a good Mom - letting the kids play with their food. Fun.

  3. Hmmm a far mystery trip?! Does it have something to do with body building or the newest peanut? Can't wait to find out. Sounds like you go a killer work out in yesterday! Way to go! I am hoping for the same today. Long run, steady solid weights, and an ab routine for my core. Looking forward to it, but scared of it all at the same time! happy weekend and have a fun trip.

  4. Your sweet potatoes look good. Have a safe trip!!!

  5. At the rate you are going, baby is going to be able to come out doing one armed push ups!! hehe. Way to go girl, you rock!

  6. Yay for Jane Austen fans!!!! I own P&P too!!!! The one w Keira Knightley! Good job on ur pushups! Whew! BTW I am a gym goer now!!!