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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Shrinking Feet, 10 Pull-ups, Delayed Give-a-Way

If you can say the title of this post ten times really fast...I'll...I'm not sure what I'll do...

But I will say this. There really is a give-a-way in the works...I just need to iron out a few details for you all.

Other than that...I have something very unusual to talk about.

My shrinking shoe size.

Since I've been losing weight...about 37 pounds to be exact, everything I wear keeps getting smaller and smaller. Shirts, pants, undies, rings are all loose on me. I never got my rings re-sized because in the back of my mind I thought I might get pregnant...and if that happened I wanted to be able to wear my rings to the end of the pregnancy. ( And I am pregnant...7 weeks along for those who may not know)

But...anyway...I have been between a size 6 1/2 to size 7 shoe for the past, gosh 15 to 20 years. Since I've been having kids, my shoe size did increase to a size 7. I have read that pregnancies will sometimes cause your shoe size to get bigger.

Well, this weekend when I went out to go shoe shopping with our 14-year old daughter. I went to get a few pair of summer heals for myself.

First I tried on the size 7. No go. They flopped off.

"Well, that's interesting," I thought. Then I went for the 6 1/2. They fit better, but they still were just not quite right.

I really couldn't believe this was happening. I mean size 6, I'm not even sure that size has fit me even in high school. But I grabbed a size 6, and "Lo!" They fit like a glove.

Then I tried on another know just to see if perhaps it wasn't just that brand. Sure enough...size 6 is my new size.

I'm a size 6 shoe folks! I officially have tiny feet.

I debated whether I should buy size 6 shoes because in five or six months, the whole being pregnant may cause my feet to swell and then, these shoes wouldn't fit...but I'm like..."You know what? My feet never swell until the last month anyway and that's in October. I'm going to be wearing these shoes in the summer."

So, I got two pair of size 6 shoes.

Now here's the problem. Remember those five inch clear high heels that I ordered?

You guess right. They were a size 7. They came today, and the don't fit. Too big.

So, I'll have to send them back and get a 6.

Other than that, I wanted to let you know that I have started my own personal pull-up challenge tonight.

Tonight my husband hoisted me up to the pull-up bar and I was able to crank out ten pull-ups in a row. I was actually a little surprised at that. My goal is to be able to do four sets of six pull-ups. It appears that that goal may be closer to being achieved than I thought. I mean if I can do ten in a row, I would think I'd be able to do at least three sets of six unassisted.

I'll be working on that a few times this week in addition to my normal work-out.

Well, I hope everyone is having a good start to the week and keeping on track. Today, I was so tired that I took a three hour nap. I have been up a little later than usual the last two nights, so I was thinking I could be tired from that...but now that I'm pregnant...I question if I'm tired because of being pregnant or because of lack of sleep. Speaking of which...I should probably hit the sack.

Have a night night, y'all!

Talk more tomorrow!

Sunshine Mama


  1. I didn't know your feet shrink! That seems crazy to me. Glad you decided to get some shoes instead of wait till October, haha. You might have needed some before then. Hope your getting good rest and eating good things for your little peanut = ) I'm sure you are though. Happy Tuesday.

  2. That is SO weird because I've been experiencing some of that too! I have these GREAT boots that I love and I've had them for like, 3 years and still get compliments on them. When I wore them this weekend my feet were rattling around in them with every step as if I had previously worn thick wool socks with them and now I'd taken off the socks. There was more room everywhere; in the toes, heels, tops of my feet. I even commented on it to DH.

    I can't even wear my rings anymore - well I can, but they're so annoying because they basically hang on my fingers and swing around every time I move them. I am just worried I'm going to lose them, but then I always look like an unwed mother of *seven* lol whenever I go somewhere. Hee hee!

    I am finding this journey quite fascinating in all aspects; in the fun things that change that you never knew about before. I'm excited to follow your pullups challenge - you can do it!!