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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good evening everyone!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments about my "smokin' guns"...hee, hee Jules said that. Of course I'd give you guys free tickets to my gun show, Kyle...And as soon as I can do another 100 push-ups on all will be the first to see it.

But I really did enjoy your enthusiasm. Look at what this diet blog has me doing. I never even heard of the push-up challenge until I read SunshineMeg talking about it on her blog.

Sarah said she would run from me in a dark alley...which hopefully I won't be hanging out in any dark alleys. Maybe if I could find a way, however, to visit her in Germany that would be fun. The only thing is there is no Dairy Queen in Germany. We'd have to find some equivalent of it then.

But my favorite comment was from Mari who said I was "insane" in a "good way". Ha. Ha. I really just love it. Because if you stop and think about it for a second, she's totally right. I am insane. I'm almost 11 weeks pregnant and I just got done doing 100 consecutive push-ups and almost 400 altogether.

Who does that, really?

But from my estimations, I do believe my shoulders have gotten noticeably bigger since I started the push-ups challenge. And just to prove it, I'm going to see about digging up some before and after pictures. I've been preparing and working toward 100 push-ups now since...10 to 12 weeks. I should look it up.

I also liked that Nicole from Let them Eat Lettuce thought I was "one ripped mama."
I used a new oatmeal recipe today that she posted on her blog last week.

I mixed together: 1/4 cup rolled oats, 1/4 cup plain yogurt, 1/4 cup soy milk (I just used regular milk), a small banana cut up, 1/2 tbl of peanut butter, 1 tbl of agave juice.
This is what it looked like mixed together. Then I put it in the fridge overnight.

This morning my husband shared it with the kids.
You're suppose to serve it cold.
I had a few bites too.

I liked it. He liked it. The kids liked it.
But he would prefer warm oatmeal.
Nicole said she liked it because it was cold and she preferred cold type cereals over warm ones. was definitely tasty...but I think I also prefer warm oatmeal.

For mid-morning snack I scrambled up some potato and egg whites.

Here's the finished version.
I was thinking next time I'd like to scramble up potatoes without egg whites to get a crispier edge to see how that tastes.

Ever since that steak last weekend, I've been craving steak.
So, my husband went out tonight and got both of these 8 ouncers for $7 total.
I split mine in half (right) and will have some left for tomorrow.
It tasted great!! I ate it with sweet potato and red potato topped with olive oil.
It hit the spot.

I was introduced to Blueberry tea while at my friend's house last weekend.

I had it with a teaspoon of honey.
I would highly recommend it.
So, that's about it for today.
I still have to hit the gym for an arm work-out tonight.
I already ran some sprints.
I also got into that darn bag of pretzels again today.
I did gain a little on the scale this morning like 8/10 of a pound.
I don't think I'm getting in enough water, so I need to work on that.
Again...I've been really tired. It's really a struggle to make myself go do my work-outs.
Last night during my work-out, I just felt tired.
However, once I got started on my sprints today...I felt rejuvenated and re-energized.
I know eventually this fatigue will let up and I won't be so tired.
Just like the rest of you, I need to keep pressing on.
You're all doing a great job.
I know that if I weren't working out, I would be feeling way sicker.
In fact, I barely feel sick in this pregnancy.
I recall in my other pregnancies that the nausea would last two or three weeks past the first trimester. And in this pregnancy, besides the fatigue, I feel like myself.
Have a nice night y'all!
Sunshine Mama


  1. OH my goodness - I missed your arms post last night!!!! You look like you are from a body building magazine! Forget Michelle Obama or Kelly Ripa's all about the Mama's arms!!!!

  2. Hey there chicka with the guns!!

    he he.. you are awesome and an inspiration to ALL!

    I love that blueberry tea too... so so refreshing isn't it? Warm or cold!

    Hugs.. amy

  3. WOW; SunshineI looke a yesterdays blog, Those are some reallynice guns.I'm very impressed. Also, that new oatmeal recipe looks deelicious., especially with the peanutbutter. I can'nt wait to try it. Talk to you later. DAD

  4. Oooo...I'll have to check out that tea! Maybe it will help KILL the sugar craving monster that I keep feeding! UGH. Great job with the push ups! Looking good, Sunshine Mama, looking good! That is so great about your morning sickness being almost non-existent! AWESOME! :)

  5. I assume that recipe doesn't work with the steel cut oats unless you want an overly crunchy/chewy thing going on.

    I saw that on Nicole's sight too...may just have to give it a whirl.

  6. Hi Sunshine Mama! The food you are preparing looks delicious. The fact that it is all very healthy and appetizing at the same time is a win, win! I am sure your little growing peanut loves it too. That baby is going to come out a baby body builder! Ha!

    I thought of something the other day. I love Mexican food, but shells and soft taco wraps aren't very good for you. At a restaurant once, I had "lettuce wraps." Their version was not healthy. But my idea was chopped up chicken breast, maybe low sodium taco seasoning, or some spices. I like grilled corn, maybe grilled onions and peppers too. Might be hard to eat all that wrapped in lettuce, but if cut up small enough, it just might work.

    That's my brainstorm of the day.

    Your tea sounds good. I've never drank much tea, but I am willing to try some new kinds to see what is out there.

    My mom is here tomorrow afternoon! I am beyond excited. I could just really use a "mom hug." If you don't know what I mean, just ask Darling Rose. She probably knows. There is something about a mom hug that makes the world's problems disappear. Happy day to you!

  7. Of course you can come visit me!!! The Germans have some good "ice" (ice cream). Just not blizzards.

    I think I may have to do the push up program. I want arms like yours!

    When I move back to the states I will be stopping by for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It always looks so yummy. Your kids are blessed to have such a great mom.

  8. Wow- I know it's simple but those potatoes and egg whites seem like a great idea! I'll be trying it soon!


  9. you should be so proud of your arms! you work HARD for those results =) hahaha omg as I type this, that stupid commercial for SHAKE WEIGHT is on tv! don't they know that you have to WORK for toned arms and not just hold something that vibrates (hm that sounded naughty)

    Soooo no my name is not Namaste...Namaste is a Yoga term..."The light in me, Salutes the Light in you" You usually say that at the end of a Yoga session when you are in prayer pose which is why I put it on my wrist =)

  10. Glad you got a chance to try the oats! I wonder if you might like them heated up a bit? I haven't tried that yet! That tea sounds delicious!