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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Healthy Blizzard Sunshine Mama/Meg Style...

Hi, Everyone! Glad you're here tonight. It's already the middle of week by the time this posts.

After thinking about what I posted yesterday, I decided that it really isn't fair of me to post all those blizzard pictures yesterday without at least offering you all a simple healthy alternative... an alternative that is full of calcium at that. However, I will admit that I did enjoy reading about all of your favorite Blizzard mix-ins. I'm glad that you can all feel my pain when it comes to craving a blizzard.

But the comment that SunshineMeg left yesterday about freezing yogurt and mixing in toppings got me thinking about some of the ingredients that I already had at home that I could try using to put a frozen concoction together.

Allow me to introduce to you Sunshine Mama's Pineapple, Greek Yogurt Delight:

You take a pineapple, plain Greek yogurt, Stevia to mix in (cause I heard that Greek yogurt tastes bad) and some Dixie cups from the bathroom.

You cut up the pineapple. Fill the Dixie cup 2/3 full of yogurt. Mix in some Stevia.
Then mix in the cut up pineapple pieces.

See...looking good so far.
I did taste it at this stage and was surprised at the sweet fruity taste.
The stevia was working its magic.
Then, quick decide to make a bunch to freeze to surprise the family with for dessert.

Cover and freeze in the deep freeze.

Serve to kids after dinner. I actually pulled them out too soon and they weren't frozen at this point. But they still tasted great. Just really, really cold.

But a few that weren't eaten yet, froze perfectly enough for me to pull the sides of the Dixie cup down and eat like an ice cream cone. A Dixie cup will hold 1/3 cup of contents. So..this whole treat in here is about 35 to 40 calories. only took me literally ten minutes to put together.
So...Thanks SunshineMeg for the idea and making me try out the Greek yogurt that I've had sitting in my fridge unopened for the past three weeks cause I thought it might taste gross.

I also took some pictures of my cinnamon and stevia oatmeal topped with slivered almonds...

The grapefruit was looking especially tantalizing this morning...

I cooked up a 4 oz of sweet potato with 1 teaspoon of olive oil for something different.
I felt lazy with the salad and just topped with some strawberries.

So...that's it for pictures.
There has been a lot going on here at the homestead today, hence, the reason for an after midnight posting. I tried laying down for a nap today, and almost fell asleep, but didn't quite make it there.
I ate way too many calories 2,220. I know some of you are probably going..."Yes, she needs to be fattened up," and, indeed, most of those calories came from peanut butter and slivered almonds. Which is why I have resisted buying nuts of any sort, because I will have a tendency to eat them like candy. And sure enough...look what I did today.
Maybe I need to put those up too.
Because of the late hour, I'm not posting my food diary...but I did have three of those pineapple Greek yogurt Delight's because our two-year-old didn't eat his, and my husband didn't eat his.
So, I obliged.
Well, I hope you're all having a great Wednesday! Remember to stay focused...You can do it!

Now this pregnant woman must get to bed...
Sunshine Mama


  1. Yes! That looks amazing. I knew you would whip up something magic. Glad I sparked an idea. You have me thinking about all the good things you could do that with. Blueberries! I am on a blueberry kick again and think they would be great in there. Of course strawberries, pomegrante, blackberries? Blackberries are the best in the summer and one of my favorites! I love the picture of your son trying it. You can tell he was excited. Your sweet potato looked tasty. Great post today - good eats that aren't bad for you. I'm all about it! Happy day.

  2. I might have to try that. Looks so yummy! Thanks for the idea. I know my daughter will love them to.

  3. That looks GREAT!!! :) Say, I um, thought of you yesterday...I said to myself, "Self you should try to do a few pushups."...I mean look at the Sunshine Mama! HAHA! I'm laughing because I did about 1 1/2 pushups! :P LOL!!!! I really underestimated how strong you must be to do them! YOU GO GIRL!!!! Holy smokes, doing like 300+!!! That is amazing! My goal today is to do 2 pushups in addition to regular exercise!! :)

    Have a great day!

  4. I have a pineapple chobani yogurt in my freezer calling my name lol

  5. mmmmmmm.... fantastic idea!! This reminds me of my friend Bonnie's yumminess....

    This is fantastic as well, SM!! You will like it, I know it!

    hugs.. A

  6. Hey sunshine;I just thought I would say hello from the Sunshine State. Its so nice and warm down here. Yesterday it got up to almost 80 degrees. Nice; I really like your photos also. especially the ties on the guys.,cute Well, I'll talk later. bey. DAD

  7. Those fruity yogurt things sound really good. I am experimenting with yogurt this week since I am not a big yogurt eater! It's going well so far. I might have to try this out!