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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Very Happy Thursday...18 Weeks...Two Days Along

A Very Happy Thursday folks!
Today I turned 18 weeks and two days along today!
Yes, that's correct...I don't actually turn a new week on Thursday, but on Tuesday. That was just one of the many questions that got answered at today's ultra sound.
If you recall, two weeks ago in my last ultra sound, they discovered that I was not as far along as I thought I was. I was 16 weeks along instead of about 18 weeks along like I thought. And because the baby wasn't big enough yet to see his heart, they had me come in today to get a look at him after he had grown a little more.
In the meantime...actually the last few days...I didn't mention it to you all, but I was beginning to have these vain imaginations. Like..."why didn't my uterus hurt during my run the other day when it has before?"
What could that mean?
Also, I was thinking...I haven't noticed any movements lately like I did two weeks ago...What if ...well... the time I got to the ultra sound today, I just wanted to see him alive and kicking. I wanted to see that he had grown and that he measured larger by two weeks.
I'm happy to announce that he is alive and kicking. I think he even waved at me. His heart is beating just great...his brain is still intact and doing good...Gosh, all the things a mom worries about...
And since I'm entitled to one good cry a month...I pretty much lost it today and shed tears of joy in front of the ultrasound lady when I realized he really was alive and and doing well inside me.
What a relief that our baby boy is growing just the way he should. I had questions and confusions about conception and due dates. All of those questions have been answered to my satisfaction, so I feel good about that.
I think it's safe to say that this baby boy will be born in either October or November. It will be interesting to see what month he comes out on. Since I really, really like October...I just may be doing some extra cardio that month.
November 2, is a Tuesday. All of our children have been born on either a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday. So, I'm not sure it will actually happen on a Tuesday. I'm leaning toward the weekend.
Another thing, I realize that I actually turn another week on Tuesday's now, but I really like the whole Happy Thursday for now, I'm going to stick to my week turns to Thursday.
Other than that, I'm doing well. I got in another arm work-out. Today it was my triceps and chest. And speaking of chest, I'm glad to see that you women out there can empathize with me over that. There are definitely some ups and downs to the whole size of things.
Well, tomorrow is FFF (Fantasy Food Friday). Kyle gave it the FFF nickname which I kind of like. I see he's still thinking about apple fritters. I suppose I would too if I saw the ones I posted last week. They were pretty tasty.
But, I do think I will be "good" this week and refrain from eating this particular food. But I have an awesome story to tell about it. Maybe you will too after you see what it is.
Until then... keep up the good work, this week's finish line is fast approaching!
Sunshine Mama


  1. Beautiful baby boy!!!

    I could tell you were concerned and I've been full of hope that today would bring good news! What a relief for you.

    FFF...maybe I should do one this week for a rival to the Mama. We could have votes who wants to eat who's FFF! LOL

  2. Fantastic news to hear your baby is growing and healthy!! yay!! He IS so beautiful!!

    And so are you, SM! Thankyou for sharing your day with me! :)

  3. I imagine those ultrasound nurses see nothing but the most intense level of happy and sad has to be a roller coaster for them too. I doubt they get too many 'meh reactions from their patients in their line of work.

    What a wonderful reason to!

  4. What a great ultrasound and now that I'm back from my bloggy vacation, I will check in later to see the FFF post. Curious what it is.

  5. He looks like he is picking his nose :)....peach blossom calls farts, burps and we don't ever talk about *aked *utts around the house.. so of course I am super excited about training another boy..welcome to my world..Hey Sunshine Mama we need to have a contest with you Blog friends to pick the flower name for the next blossom in the family..Rain on... Daddy Rainmaker

  6. Sigh of relief! So happy to hear things looked good. I bet those doctors and nurse see people ccry all of the time. You just rest assured, your baby boy is alive and well! October and November are my favorite months too = ) They are the most fun it seems. Have a great weekend.

  7. I am so happy to hear that everything is going great and that you were able to cry tears of joy! Those are the best! Thank you for sharing this with us and the picture! I am so happy for you guys!

  8. Caught up on all your posts, SM! You are doing so good and I love the pictures of you & Baby! :) I totally understand the mommy worries when pregnant! I am excited to follow your family blog too! :)


    PS-The chicken looks good but I think it's the biscuits that are trouble for me! :)

  9. glad all is well with the peanut! i was a little concerned... the ultrasound is only labeling head, arm, body so here i was thinking he didn't have legs. whoops! can you tell i haven't seen many ultrasounds? :)

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