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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 1 Of Creative Cooking

Hello friends!

Yesterday I told you all that because I hadn't gone grocery shopping in awhile that I was determined to use what I have in the house to get through this week. Well, since breakfast is always oatmeal around's just lunch and supper that I have to dig around to put together a meal.

For lunch I gathered together these items. I figured I had some protein going on with the four frozen chicken patties and then some rice and macaroni and cheese for some carbs.

The only problem with this occurred when I dumped the rice mix onto the skillet to brown and and saw that insects had decided to claim it first. Yes, you heard me right...the kind that walk. I'm sitting here tonight still shrinking back in disgust. I can not tell you how grossed out I was...still am. I pretty much screamed a few times...and threw it out in the garbage.

Our seven -year old son, who by now is accustomed to mom's screams and the significance of them, came downstairs and nochalantly asks, "What bug did you see mom?"

Somehow seeing it in food just makes it grosser.
Though, I'm not sure if there were any bugs in the mac and cheese...that fact that it was outdated combined with the recent Rice-a-roni experience...
had me throwing this in the garbage too.
So, plan B for lunch was the chicken noodle soup and crackers that I had gotten only ten days ago for when the family was sick.

This was their meal.

But I also added a little extra to their meal by mixing up some muffins made out of malt-o-meal and whole wheat flour. I found the recipe on the malt-o-meal box.
For some reason I have two unopened boxes of original malt-o-meal.

They actually turned out pretty good.

And the kids liked them.
I also fixed some for a 3:00 snack before dinner.
Now all dozen that I made are gone.
For supper I found that I had six freezer packed turkey patties equalling 18 ounces in the freezer. Since I was out of hamburger, I figured this might work for making some spaghetti since I had the sauce and the spaghetti, but no hamburger.

I had my husband cut it up so that it resembled ground hamburger.

And then I served up pasta for dinner for the family.
I even have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
I can't wait to cook up tomorrow's mish mash menu.
Other than that, I got to the gym again today and it boosted my mood of course.
This week is moving along rather quickly.
In exactly seven days, we will be leaving for a vacation in South Dakota.
It will be the first time since I began this blogging business, that I will be off from blogging for almost a week. But I can't wait because we will have a blast.
Oh! It's July 1st today.
Have a good one!
Sunshine Mama


  1. Oh my friend, the insect stories I could tell you after living in Bangladesh. They are probably my worst memories - bugs eating precious foods brought from Canada to help us survive.

    July 1st is Canada Day, so Happy Canada Day! Think red and white!

  2. Ew, ew, ew! Bugs in the food are the worst! I once tried to make some pancakes for my friend in Germany and when I went to get a scoop of flour, I got a cup of creepy crawly bugs instead. Boy, was that a messy incident.

    Happy July 1st! Where on earth did half of our year go already???

  3. Whenever I see a bug in the apartment, it is hard to shake. You keep thinking there will be more. I think you may be scarred for life now with the Rice A Roni. How terffifying!

    I bet you guys are getting excited for your vacation. My mom is actually going on vacation all next week with my whole family. I can't go because I just can't take the time off from work, but on her way to North Carolina, we are going to meet up with her on Saturday for dinner! I can't wait for a mom hug = )

    Keep up your good workout work! You are doing great my friend. Enjoy the 4th of July and try to relax some!

  4. you are doing well with your empty-pantry cooking! pretty gross about the bug (thanks for not posting a pic!!) at least you saw it i guess?

  5. Oh good if I would of found bugs in my food I would of probably had to eaten out. I hate bugs. Yuck. The muffins look really good. Maybe I should make some sometime!

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