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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fantasy Food Friday...Dove Chocolate Caramels

Hi folks!!

Welcome to FFF (Fantasy Food Friday) where I talk about foods that I fantasize about but shouldn't necessarily eat.

I told you all in yesterday's post that I still didn't know what I wanted to talk about. Then, tonight I asked myself...."Sunshine Mama...C'mon what food do you always really want but never ever get because you'll eat the whole bag? Is is really that hard?"

As you can see...the food I never buy but always want are these bags of Dove Caramel chocolates. I love them. I fantasize about them! I will literally eat an entire bag in the course of 36 hours. I love the smooth chocolate texture, the rich chocolate taste...the caramel... I eat one and then just want more and more and more.

For the most part there is no will power for me around Dove chocolate caramels....unless I have this big commitment where I'm focused and will only eat them in moderation...but if I'm not in that's no holds barred with this fantasy food.

So, a long while back...probably when I started my diet last year, I stopped buying these bags of chocolate. The temptation is just too great. From time to time, however, I will buy them in candy bar form...except they don't have the caramels in candy bar form so instead I just buy their regular milk chocolate bars. But that way...I'll just stop at the candy bar and not have access to the entire bag.

I wish I could tell you when I first met my first Dove caramel....but I don't even remember.

This last picture is actually a shot of a hazelnut Dove caramel. I know I could offer you all a beautiful picture of Dove chocolate caramels if I took the picture myself....

But that would mean buying the entire bag because they aren't sold separately. And we don't buy entire bags any more. Right?

So...there you are. That's one of my ultimate food fantasies...Dove Chocolate caramels.

And don't even get me started on their ice cream. Maybe someday I'll buy a small container of their ice cream. I think I had one or two containers once. It is so loaded with calories that I'll stop at the store and look at them, but can never conjure up the nerve to actually buy another container. But, believe me when I say they are out of this world. They taste better than Blue Bunny and that's saying a lot.

Well, now I'm thinking about chocolates, but at least I'm not eating them.

So, what do you all think? Do the chocolate lovers out there have an opinion on Dove Chocolates? Is there a favorite chocolate that beats even Dove that I need to know about? I know there are plenty different brands out there.

Well, tomorrow is Saturday. Yeah! I hope you can all sleep in!

Sunshine Mama


  1. Thank goodness this FFF does not have me craving anything. I am not big on so much chocolate. I just started liking caramel. Does this make me odd? I think so. I could so be handed that chocolate and not even try it. So I will take your word on how good these are because I have never ever ever had Dove chocolate before.

  2. I like Dove a lot, but I always stick to the classic Hersheys. Truth be told, chocolate does not tempt me much. I used to be all about it! Now I crave more baked goods, like brownies and cookies. I recently tried "no-pudge brownies." They tasted like... a brownie let down. Ha! I guess I need to wrap my head around that they aren't going to taste like a loaded fat brownie.

    My mom however would agree with you 100%. Dove chocolate calls her from the pantry she says. It is her all time favorite!

  3. I like dark chocolate these days with out any added stuff. Just take a small piece and let it slowly melt in my mouth. YUM! I like Ghiradelli.

  4. well i am partial to my m&m's but i can put away a few dove's!! :) they are so good. i am actually better at "controlling" how many i eat when they are wrapped. still not perfect (far from it!) but i don't *always* scarf down the whole bag like i do m&m's.

  5. I feel the same way about Riesens. Do you have those in the USA? They are dark chocolate covered caramels to DIE FOR!!!!!! If you don't have them, I'm seriously going to send you some.

  6. Hi there,

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