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Friday, June 4, 2010

Fantasy Food Friday...KFC's Extra Crispy Chicken

Good evening folks!

Welcome to Fantasy Food Friday (FFF, Thanks for the abbreviation, Kyle)....

where I talk about a food I fantasize about but shouldn't necessarily eat.

This week's food Kentucky Fried Chicken's extra crispy chicken was actually sparked by a commercial I saw earlier this week.

It reminded me of my love for extra crispy chicken when I was a kid. Just one extra crispy chicken breast has almost as many calories, 440, as a cherry fruit pie, about 460. I think the extra crispy chicken probably sits on the borderline as being a bad food. Especially when you consider they no longer cook it in trans fat. Also, it does offer protein, which I think is a good thing.

I think the thing that makes it bad is that I wouldn't normally just eat one... I would eat at least two and maybe three. And I wouldn't eat it by itself. Because when you are are at KFC you just MUST also eat a buttermilk biscuit.

Right? You have all been there right? I would guess that there are even KFC's in Canada.
Buttermilk biscuits at 180 calories are the bomb! If you've never had them...ahhh...I just loved them. Just so long as you get them freshly made. But those buttermilk biscuits when served hot with melting butter...yum.

But the story I have surrounding KFC is that our parents would always take us out to eat at KFC when we were going on a long drives for vacations. I remember my mom driving us up to South Dakota and stopping off at the KFC. We would order some big bucket of chicken and I always, always wanted the extra crispy. I could never figure out why anyone would want the original when extra crispy tasted so good.

Also, I preferred drumsticks. I've always liked the dark meat.

But I think the last time I had KFC was at least a few years ago. I remember once on a reminisce with my husband we went to the KFC buffet. Maybe that KFC just wasn't run very well, but the food didn't taste good.

But I do think we will be visiting a KFC here next month when our family makes it way out to South Dakota again in July for a little family vacation. I'm not sure if I should be ordering the extra crispy chicken though. I've heard they serve up a really nice grilled chicken that would probably be a lot healthier for me...

What do you think? Maybe just an extra crispy drumstick wouldn't be so bad...but then, see, there's the biscuit...Ha, Ha!

So what do you think?

Is there a place near you that serves up fried chicken in a way that is to die for?

Are you a KFC extra crispy chicken lover too? And let's not forget the biscuit...

Well, that's it for this Friday. We made it to the weekend. Thank you all for your encouraging comments on yesterday's Happy Thursday post about my ultra sound.

Have a good weekend!

Sunshine Mama


  1. Fried chicken is a weakness for me as well. Some KFCs have a buffet...I went to it once...once.

    It was as good as it sounded and I can not go again.

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  2. Now this is a fantasy!

    In Bangladesh, KFC was one of the only fast food joints they had. It was the ONLY place you could find a fat Bangladeshi. Interesting, eh?

    In Canada, we don't have KFC buttermilk biscuits - they serve these really doughy buns that I don't like. But, I like that chicken! We have a KFC in walking distance to our house...I think we've been there 3 times in 10 years! Saving it for the fantasies!

  3. I love KFC and this would definitely rank high up on my list of fantasy food.

  4. Btw, thanks....this is all I'm thinking about now.

  5. KFC is one of the places that I can bypass with no issue! I am all about Popeyes spicy chicken strips. In fact I eat there 2 a month. It is one of the select places that doesn't make me sick anymore. I love the spicy gravy they have and there biscuits. Love them.Only issue is I found out the butter comes in a container and after they come out of the oven they rub it on.Kinda takes the yum out of the yummy if you know what I mean.

  6. KFC mashed potatoes. Hands down. In my top 3 favorite foods. KFC is a winner. Great choice. I love chicken tenders, but never, ever eat them. Always just grill chicken now. It still tastes great. But back to the mashed potatoes! You get the side of gravy too - I can eat an usually large amount. I just steer clear from them now. Too tempting. I have heard, like Sarah, that Popeyes is really good as well.

  7. Oh, and we love KFC gravy!!!!

  8. If made freshly, I love getting an "original" chicken breast, a biscuit, and the mashed potatoes (no gravy). This isn't the healthiest eating one can do by any strech, but like you say it's really the piling on of extra pieces that leads to all the extra weight, so I feel no guilt about it if I stick to that.

    Last time I tried this, however, I was foiled. Right as we were finighing up, the lady circled around the restaurant with a pan right out of the oven of steaming hot biscuits offering them to everyone and of course I took one.

  9. OH man!! That has never happened to me. A woman walking around handing out biscuits hot out of the oven?!? How can you say no to that? Yep, that would definitely foil my plans too!

  10. I think KFC might be one of the things I will miss the most! at least I can still enjoy the sides lol

  11. I have never been a fan of KFC and my favorite fried chicken has always been my mom's! I only get it once every few years. It is a good thing I don't live closer as I might be heavier!

  12. biscuit - yes. chicken on a bone - no! ohh that grosses me out so much :) and the skin - no thank you! yeah i am like world's pickiest meat eater... usually i get "WHAT? you don't like fried chicken?!" i am an abnormal southerner :)

  13. BigGirlgoingtobeSkinnyAugust 29, 2010 at 3:12 AM

    I love this blog spot thanks now i have people to talk about food with but im not going to eat it :) im not eatting any no food at all for a month starting now .im 338 i ate like a fat girl lol all my life .

    i love KFC chicken omg im thinking of how weakening yummy it smells and the pepper taste then the biscout then bitting into a chicken breast just nothing but meat and flavor ohhhh gawwwwd 10 pieces more to go .

    xD omg i just read a comment about Popeyes 10 pieaces i will eat 5 then eat the other 5 later that night .:) i love you kfc and Popeyes .

    the great part is i went to a kfc yesterday this was befor i started this dieat and i only got a $1.99 chicken "crab it " and it was filling i had no urge to eat a 10 or 5 piece by myself :D.