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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Mish Mash Post

Hi folks!

Sorry I skipped a couple days there, but this summer thing has got me neglecting the computer more I think than I would if I was holed up inside the house because it's freezing outside.

So, I apologize for my inconsistency, but I have been having fun. I was in a bad mood tonight that was threatening to spiral downward until I went to the gym. I came back a happier Sunshine Mama. This exercise thing is better than a drug when it comes to making me feel better.

Anyway, I wanted to quick let you all know that I did not go grocery shopping last weekend when I really should have. So...because I have this sick survivalist personality that I'm pretty sure I inherited from my mom...I'm going to "find" ways to get through this week without hitting the store. Meaning...I'm going to raid the freezer and dry goods I have and come up with meals for the entire family. And just to let you know how low on the food list I am...we are out of bread. Ha, Ha!! I will say...that picking up milk at the gas station does not count as grocery shopping or bananas...

So, I 'll let you know how that goes tomorrow. Besides all that, I loved reading your comments on chocolate mint. And just like I predicted, three loved mint, and two...not so much.

The same night that I wrote that post, my husband came home with this chocolate covered mint candy that he picked up from my favorite chocolate shop.

I waited two days to eat it and cut it three ways to share with my chocolate mint loving mom and dad. It was very good.

Last Saturday, I started the day with my chocolate oatmeal protein waffles. I put a few teaspoons of Smart Balance light butter on it, a few teaspoons of walnuts and two teaspoons of powdered sugar.

The rest of the family ate Burger King, but I hardly felt deprived.
Doesn't this look awesome?

Then, I surprised the family by taking them all to a live free Christian concert in Minnesota that was only an hour from us.
There were two stages and 30 bands that played over the weekend.

I did this for Daddy Rainmaker because he loves this kind of stuff.
Remember he didn't get to celebrate Father's Day last weekend because everyone was sick?
This was the Father's Day celebration he missed.
He was in seventh heaven.
And he totally had no clue what was going on until we arrived there.
We were there for five hours, it was so hot, that the family drank over 1 1/2 gallons of water that I brought along. The heat wore everyone out, but it was still a lot of fun.
I plan to see more live music this weekend.
Also, I plan to do a very special Fantasy food Friday that I have been waiting for several weeks to do. It's July fourth weekend, as I'm sure you all know, and that means that a lot of festivals are going on. And with festivals come...festival food.
What kind of festival food do you think Sunshine Mama likes?
...but really shouldn't be eating?
Well, other than that, I really hope my family likes the meals I plan pull out of my hat this week.
Ha, ha!!
Have a good one!
Sunshine Mama


  1. What a nice surprise for the family! I'm glad you guys got to celebrate Father's Day in such a fun way. I love live music and I love being outside, so it's right up my alley.

    Sometimes when we have no groceries, or we haven't been to the store in a while, it's every man for themselves! Greg will come up with a bowl of Special K, some french fries, and maybe a pancakes. Ha! It's times like that that are actually the most fun (maybe not the most healthy = ) I am taking my test again tomorrow, so tonight will most surely be one of those nights. I have studied so much, my brain feels like oatmeal mush. I really want to be done with it now. Once I finish it for work and pass, I am eligible for bonuses and can do more to help out my co-workers. Fingers crossed that tomorrow is the big day! Have a great day, Sunshine Mama! (And I totally agree with you about the working out thing - last night I ran two miles and did a small arm workout when I got too stressed studying and it worked like a charm.) Glad you are getting in your workouts.

  2. Those waffles sure do look yummy! Glad your hubby was in seventh heaven with his surprise. That is always the best! I hate grocery shopping. In fact I will wait until we have nothing almost before I go. I am all over the place on blogging right now and figure that it will continue until the summer is over. We all understand!

  3. How fun!!!! What group did you see? We're going to see Switchfoot on Saturday, at Canada's Wonderland.

  4. funnel cakes!!! that is all i ever think of when i think of 'festival food' :)

    great surprise for your hubs! looks like the fam had a fun time.

    those mint thingies sure look good, and the waffles too of course, but you know i'm partial to chocolate.

  5. BigGirlgoingtobeSkinnyAugust 29, 2010 at 3:50 AM

    I know this post is older but please tell me how to make the "chocolate oatmeal protein waffles".?it remends me of a yummy cake with apples on it i just want to see some one eat it num num num .

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