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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Thursday...I'm 21 Weeks...Two Days Along

Hi folks! Happy Thursday!!
I'm 21 weeks and two days along right now. The baby has really been moving around and kicking. According to what I've read, the baby weighs just 12 ounces. I know that doesn't seem like very much, but in four weeks it's suppose to weigh between a pound and a pound and a half at which point he really starts gaining weight and growing faster.

I've read that this is the "honeymoon" phase of the pregnancy because baby is still relatively small and I can get around without too much effort. I would have to agree with that. I do feel well especially when I eat healthy foods.

Speaking of which, it's interesting to see that all who commented are suspicious of the actual calorie content of those MacDonald's ice cream cones. Hmm...I wonder if anyone has ever called them out on that...Maybe I could call their corporate offices and tell them I'm a reporter writing a story about the the calorie content of their cones...And I would be reporting it...for my blog.

Also, the man in that picture with my daughter and I was John Schlitt who used to be the lead singer for the Christian rock band, Petra. After 25 years, the band called it quits five years ago. Now Schlitt, has gone back to singing and produced a solo cd called, The grafting, which I bought.

I have listened to a few Petra songs as a kid, but I was just so totally blown away by Schlitt's voice, stage presence, and energy. He sang this one song, "Wake The Dead," that was on an earlier solo album that just rocked! The only problem is that the cd is out of print, so I listen to it by going online on utube. Ha, Ha. I figure this is a great song to start our mornings with.
If you like some good rock music...listen to it here.
(Just kidding...actually it's at the end of this post.)
In other news, I have been planning the itinerary for our family vacation to Custer, South Dakota in a few weeks. I made plans to eat lunch at Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota.

Not the greatest photo, but here are actual bison burgers. I also read that they make some great roast beef and mashed potatoes and gravy meals too.
I love roast beef, so I'll be getting that one.
I love planning ahead of time what I'm going to eat.

They also make their own cake doughnuts, pies, pastries, and fudge.
Of course, I won't be eating any of those. :)
Today my diet was a little off, but it has been very "on" all week long with healthy foods.
Also, I completed my third day this week of lifting. I plan to log in another two days this week to get in five lifting days altogether.
Well, I hope everyone is having nice summer weather to enjoy.
Our kids spent a lot of time in our little pools today.
Just remember when it's really hot...
how glad you are that it's not zero degrees outside.

Sunshine Mama

Wake the Dead


  1. I have heard that bison burgers are very healthy. Only a small fraction of fat, in your average beef burger, and same with calories. If you investigate for you blog, that would be great. You would be our own little Erin Brockovich! That doughnut caught my eye, but with my race Sunday - no thank you! I have done several 5ks before and a 2 10ks! Can't wait - happy weekend.

  2. Mmmm...jackalope...mmm... was the donut you were focusing on...that looks good too.

    An open faced faced roast beef sandwich on white bread with white potatoes and brown of the classic comfort foods...oh my.

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