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Friday, June 25, 2010

Fantasy Food Friday...The Chocolate Mint Food Group

Hello everyone!

It's finally here! Fantasy Food Friday where I talk about food that I fantasize about but shouldn't necessarily eat.

The fantasy food I chose for today is actually a food group...the chocolate mint group. You find it in ice cream form, cheesecake form, chocolate candy form. But of all the forms that you find it in, there is one very common theme that I have noticed.

I have noticed that the people who like it versus the people who don't like it are strongly divided, and have very strong opinions either way about it.

Take my husband, for example...and no we do not have a head shot of him this week, he hates chocolate mint ice cream. He can't understand why anyone would ever eat the stuff. He can't understand why we would chose to bring it as one of the ice cream choices to any of the family birthday parties. Well, I like it. It's my 15-year-old daughter's favorite ice cream. My mom loves it, and a few other family members I know love it as well.

What's interesting, is that my husband likes mint Altoids like peppermint, but as soon as you add the's "no way, Hosea!". And the funny thing is, I don't like just plain peppermint, but add chocolate and it works. Chocolate mint ice cream in and of itself is only about 160 calories per half cup depending on how it's made...
Grasshopper cheesecake, however....umm wayyy more calories. But doesn't that look good?
I know, I know...only the chocolate mint lovers will agree with me.

Now this to me looks like pure decadence!
Who would not want a bite of this?
Even if you don't like chocolate mint?
Well, even though my husband doesn't like chocolate mint,
we find a way to work it out between us two.
Just the other night, while he was on a trip to the store I asked him to pick up some Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks ice cream. Shortly after he left, I thought to myself, "boy, some chocolate mint ice cream sounds even better....maybe I should have told him to get that." if reading my mind, he shows up with chocolate mint ice cream because they didn't have any Bunny Tracks.
Now isn't that love?
So, what are you?
Do you abhor...or adore the chocolate mint food group?
Hope you all have a great weekend!
Sunshine Mama


  1. In college days we used the cafeteria a bit like a pantry and made strange concoctions from the available items.

    One of those items was to take one serving (plastic tub) of mint chip ice cream, chocolate syrup, milk, and a package of saltines. Mix together into a thick soft-serve consistency while crunching up the saltines. Consume.

    We called it a "Girl Scout" because it tasted like cold thin mint cookies. Heaven.

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  2. I LOVE Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream. Always have, always will. I just don't get why no one else I know loves it as much as I do.

  3. very interesting. See I'm on the fence here. I like the occasional peppermint patty, but I am not a big mint chocolate chip ice cream fanatic. You and my mom would be like two peas in a pod! She is crazy for that stuff and would have it anytime. I am a bigger fan of coffee flavored ice cream with chocolate in it, however I hate coffee? It's weird how our taste buds play tricks on us like that.

    Love the post today. I'm still thing about some soft serve yogurt!

  4. My friend, we have the BEST french chocolate mint in the world in Canada. It's made by Laura Secord Chocolate company and it's everyone's treat when they go to the mall. You stop by Laura Secord and buy a french chocolate mint or the mini bar. Seriously - it's heaven!

    When I was in Bangladesh, they had a Movenpick Ice Cream store. Once a week, it was a scoop of chocolate mint with a scoop of dark chocolate. It was my stress reliever. And, I gained about 40 pounds while there! :)

    Then, there are Arnott's chocolate mint biscuits, made by the same company that makes Tim Tams. (from Aussie land) If you can ever get your hands on these...mama mia...amazing, but of course does not rival the Tim Tam Slam.

    xxxxxx from Canada!

  5. When it comes to ice cream I am a vanilla girl all the way. I love things simple including my ice My daughter loves the mint chocolate chip though!

  6. i love mint chocolate chip! it is definitely a food group!

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