Join Me For Another 10 Weeks! This is the first week of ten weeks starting October 22, 2012

Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome To The Brain-Sphere

Day 13 of six weeks

Weight today: same

Total lost: 2 pounds in 13 days

1/2 cup of oatmeal: 150
1 tsp of sugar:15
1 tbl of powder creamer with coffee:30
with sweet-n-low:0
2 Pita chips:25

2 Roctane energy gels during run:200
1 slice of Rotello Italian bread:50
1 tsp of Smart Balance Light butter:15
1 tsp of jelly:15
1 tbl of powder creamer with coffee:30
with sweet-n-low:0
running total: 570

Jimmy Johns turkey sub:515
Coffee house mocha:250 (est)
total: 765
running total: 1335

ice cream:75
pretzel bites:100
running total: 1510

Today's challenge: Keeping on calorie

Actual fitness: 8 mile run (my left foot is hurting a little, so we'll see what I can do)

Note on picture: Was tired of being left out of the family taco experience so I cooked up 3 oz of chicken breast: 105, cooked with 2 tsp of taco chicken seasoning: 25, 1 1/2 hard shell taco:75, 1 lefse:30, 1/2 oz of cheese: 40, 1 tbl of black olives:12, lettuce: 2, 1 tsp of sour cream: 10 total: 299. Not too bad. The chicken yielded a lot more meat than I would have given myself with beef.

Welcome To The Brain-Sphere

I thought up this post idea late last night...after a drink...ok a drink and a half. But that's all I had. Hopefully not enough to dehydrate me...

Anyway...So, hopefully this all makes sense. I was thinking about how we call the blog world the blogsphere when actually we should call it the brain-Sphere.

Think about it. I'm sitting at my computer desk; you're sitting at yours...we can't see each other. All we see are the words printed on the screen (unless of course there's a picture). It's the message in the words that link us together.

I can't see your facial expression, your smile, the twinkle in your eye when you share with me a funny story. It's even hard to imagine it in my head. Yet, I like hearing your words...the part of me that even I can't see...likes hearing words that come from the part of you that no one, not even you can see.

You're brain.

It's interesting because since our communication is not face-to-face, we aren't distracted by body language or unintended facial communications. We are actually communicating on a level where we can actually think before we speak. Communications becomes stripped down to a very basic, straightforward level...

Brain to brain.

Like brains floating around in outer space. It's like talking to your friend who comes over to see you...talking to them blindfolded. With nothing else to see, it's the words that become so important...and the words we take to heart.

And words are life. An encouraging word can lift your spirits...that's powerful...that's life. On the same token, a disparaging word...will make your stomach drop and your heart squeeze in pain...those are words that cause death.

So, the written word is powerful. It connects our brains in this outer space we call blog land.

My reaction to the impact of your words on me has been surprising to me because people will say, "Oh, the Internet, that's just fantasy. It's not real."

But people forget the principals in play here. Words, whether spoken person-to-person, or over the Internet always have and always will carry the power to bring you life, or bring you death.

Isn't that concept amazing? Yours and my little ole thoughts can really make a difference?

Leaving a comment on someone's post is an opportunity for you to impact their lives in more ways than you probably even realized.

Straight from my brain to your brain.

So, that's what I was thinking about last night. We should call this the brain-sphere instead of the blog sphere.


  1. very cool concept, alcohol induced or not :) i really like it!

    glad your foot is doing better for the most part; continue to keep an eye on it!