Join Me For Another 10 Weeks! This is the first week of ten weeks starting October 22, 2012

Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Defining Delicious: The Mallo Cup

Day 18 of six weeks

Weight today: same

Total lost: 2 pounds in 18 days

1/2 cup of oatmeal:150
1 tsp of sugar:15
1 tbl of powder creamer with coffee:30
with sweet-n-low:0
1 Mallo Cup:100

vanilla protein shake:110
running total:405

2 large eggs:140
1 lefse:30
1/2 cup of fat free cottage cheese:80
3 1/2 oz of sliced strawberries:31
1 tsp of sugar:15
1 tbl of powder creamer with coffee:30
with sweet-n-low:0
running total: 731

3 1/2 oz of chicken breast:123
4 oz apple:64
1 tsp of peanut butter:33
total: 220
running total:951

cereal snacking: 150
running total:1,101

1 1/4 cup of shrimp stir fry:220
1 tbl of creamer with coffee:30
with sweet-n-low:0
Bites of son's ice cream sandwhich:50
total: 300
running total: 1,401

3 1/2 oz of sliced strawberries:31
with 1 tsp of sugar:15
total: 46
running total:1,447

Today's challenge: staying on-calorie, getting the full work-out done

Actual fitness: 4-mile run at 10 minute mile pace, 45 minute leg work-out (second leg work-out of the week).

Note on picture: You guys made me do it. I actually ate this Mallo Cup this morning for the sake of the story. Now isn't that the best excuse you've heard to date? 1 Mallo Cup:100 calories.

Defining Delicious: The Mallo Cup

Ok, I had this idea to do this post when Lynn asked what a Mallo cup was. Then two more people asked.

I think you guys just want me to give you another food description. this question begs answering.

A Mallo Cup is like a s'mores without the graham cracker and with a little bit of coconut interwoven in the outer chocolate. The chocolate coconut combination gives the outside a hard textured feel while the inner marshmellow filling is soft and gooey. It makes for a great contrast. You'll like this if you like marshmellows. I think my dad may have gotten me into these. I have noticed that they don't sell them as many places as they used to sell them.

I'm not even sure where my husband picked this one up last night. But he did a good job picking it. Although he probably just grabbed it and didn't actually test it.
There is a certain art to picking a fresh Mallo Cup. You see, the inside of the chocolate covered, Mallo Cup has a creamy marshmallow filling. The older the Mallo Cup is, the harder the filling becomes, which is why you want a Mallo Cup with a soft marshmellow middle.

So, how do you know if there is fresh Mallow Cup underneath that yellow packaging?

Simple. You very lightly press the middle of the mallow cup. (Yes, you do this in the store without opening the package. There are two Mallo Cups per package.) If it easily caves in, it's a fresh one. If it doesn't, well, I'm not getting it so the person who buys that Mallo Cup after I pushed in the middle gets a dented Mallo Cup. There's nothing worse than getting a Mallo Cup that has a marshmallow center that is too firm.

Also, the fun thing about the Mallo Cup is that each one comes with a cardboard piece that shows a number between five and 50...well, it could go higher but I'm not sure I've gotten one higher. But the idea is that you save up 500 points, send them into the company and get a $1 rebate check...I think. (That's what is says here.)

But the strange thing about this whole thing is that I don't think they redeem those things anymore. Yet they still put them in with the Mallo Cups. It's kind of like getting the Tootsie Pop wrapper with the Indian on the horse...You win. (You do know about the Indian on the horse on the Tootsie Pop wrappers?)

Except with Mallo Cups, the higher the number, the better you feel. Well, when I opened up this Mallo Cup yesterday, guess what? It was a 50.


What a great combination. Not only did I eat a fresh Mallo Cup, but it was a 50 and our eight year wedding anniversary to boot.

Oh, the things that make us happy.


  1. I'd be tempted to try one, due to the inside creamy texture, but I'm not a lover of coconut, unless it's fresh. The things I learn from you! The American candy I LOVE that we only got in Canada recently, is Milk Duds. I can't stop at a handful though, so I'm off them for life...sigh! 100 calories isn't too bad for the Mallow Cup!?!

  2. Happy anniversary!

    I'd never heard of Mallo Cups before, but I won't lie, they look and sound delicious. Maybe they're a regional treat?

    Either way, I'll have to try one some day. (Not today, though, what with the whole diet thing.)

  3. LOL, as if you needed an excuse! You were salivating over that Mallo Cup! ;)

    I have to say it sounds delish. I looooove coconut so that is just an added bonus.

    Wasn't it the Indian shooting at a star or something? Been too many years to clearly remember. lol

    Bet that was the tastiest 100 calories you've had lately. Thanks for the guided tour. ;)