Join Me For Another 10 Weeks! This is the first week of ten weeks starting October 22, 2012

Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Over The Top Award

Day 21 of six weeks

Weight today: same

Total lost: 4 pounds in 20 days

1/2 cup of oatmeal: 150
with 1 tsp of sugar:15
1 tbl of powder creamer with coffee:25
with sweet-n-low:0

3/4 small muffin at church:125
running total:315

2 large eggs:140
1/2 cup of fat free cottage cheese:80
3 oz of sliced strawberries:27
with 1 tsp of sugar:15
1 tbl of powder creamer with coffee:30
with sweet-n-low:0
total: 307
running total:622

3 oz of chicken breast:105
1/2 cup of brown rice:85
with 1 tsp of Smart Balance light butter:15
running total: 827

2 Pepper Jack Doritos:30
2 slices of Natural Ovens Bakery "Weight Sense" bread:100
1 tbl of natural peanut butter:100
1 tsp of Smart Balance light butter:20
1 tbl of powder creamer with coffee:30
with sweet-n-low:0
a 4 oz red delicious apple:64
running total: 1191

1 Schwan's Bomb Pop:45
1 Blue Bunny Bomb pop:40
powder creamer with coffee:30
with sweet-n-low:0
with 2 tbl of light whipped cream:15
running total: 1,361

Today's challenge: Not sure. It's a sunny and a beautiful day outside.

Actual fitness: day off

Note on picture: After picking pumpkin, the kids picked some apples. Apples freshly picked have an unbelievable juicy taste. These Red delicious are only 16 calories an ounce. So, a five ounce treat is only 80 calories. To see how our kids fared picking apples, click here.

An Over The Top Award

Well, I am honored to finally accept this award from Fitcetera who just got two new pair of running shoes. I'm so jealous. And happy for her.

I did have this idea to answer these questions with acronyms...ha...sure would show those people who started this whole thing that I could do it with one word answers. But, then, I thought...why make it more work for you guys to read this. Besides, who really cares if I answer it in more than one word.

No one. That's who.

Yes, I'm feeling a little snappy right now. No, actually...I'm feeling a little over the top. Ha, Ha, get it...the name of the award is over the top...and....

Never mind.

So, here's my insightful answers on questions that will probably confuse and amuse you.

1. Where is your cell phone? work-out pack
2. Your hair? long
3. Your mother? strong
4. Your father? stronger
5. Your favorite food? cream filled bismarks
6. Your dream last night? SunshineMeg
7. Your favorite drink? White Zin
8. Your dream/goal? Olympics
9. What room are you in? computer room
10. Your hobby? photography
11. Your fear? fraid to say
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? debt-free
13. Where were you last night? gym
14. Something that you aren't? wild
15. Muffins? blueberry
16. Wish list item? cream filled bismark
17. Where did you grow up? Wisconsin
18. Last thing you did? did kid's blog post
19. What are you wearing? half-marathon long sleeved t-shirt
20. Your TV? off
21. Your pets? no way
22. Friends? a few
23. Your life? good
24. Your mood? decent
25. Missing someone?no
26. Vehicle? small
27. Something you’re not wearing? socks
28. Your favorite store? VS
29. Your favorite color? navy blue
30. When was the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? tonight
32. Your best friend? husband
33. One place that I go to over and over? the river running trails
34. One person who emails me regularly? no one
35. Favorite place to eat? Old Country Buffet.

I have to tell you guys about these creme filled bismarks sometime. I discovered a bakery that makes the absolutely best, unbelievable cream filled bismarks. I mean, I think they use like, are you listening SunshineMeg, they use cake frosting for the middle.

Oh. My. Gosh.

They are so rich, that my kids will eat one half way and then start looking like they're going to throw up. I don't care. I love them. Heck, they're probably why I gained twenty pounds in the first place.

But I'm thinking about going to that bakery...taking a picture and posting it to the sidebar of my blog so that it will be my treat for getting down to my goal weight.

Only eight more pounds to go.

Who are the lucky ones to fill out this questionnaire too to prove just how over the top they are?

Dawn, she's doing great on her diet this weekend while being away from home.
Lynn at Actual Scale, is having awesome giveaways and has delicious recipes.
Hadley, who is a thinker and an intellectual.
Jo, who was in my wedding and I was in hers.
Carol, who chooses joy.


  1. Thank you sweetie! You can read my answers here.

    You just keep finding tempting foods that I've never heard of!! I Googled this one...looks like a jelly donut but filled with frosting? Umm, okay. Get one for me, too, but when I pass out in a sugar coma be sure to help me fall gently so I don't crack my head open, kay?

    Pictures please so I can pretend to eat one! ;)

  2. It's a chocolate covered, creme filled (cake frosting I think) doughnut. I'll be working on that photo.

  3. OH MY! WAS I LISTENING?!?! Come on Sunshine Mama, you say cake - I'm there! They sound unbelievable. I love red delicious apples too, by the way. An Olympic dream too? Very cool. What would you compete in? Do tell!

  4. Ah the olympics! What an excellent goal. Also love the debt-free comment; you can do it!!

  5. I am curious about the bismarks, but more curious why you had a dream about SunshineMeg...

  6. I know it was about her, it wasn't a bad dream but I have no idea what happened. Typical, didn't write it I forgot.