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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where We Went For Our Anniversary...

Hi everyone!
This weekend has wore me out...what with the weather being in the 80s and me being three weeks away from delivering a baby, I get tired out just walking around and find that I have to sit at every opportunity.

But, nine years ago we got married outdoors in Norskedalen Park in Wisconsin. So we went there today...
Enjoyed the beautiful scenery...

And also watched a civil war reenactment.

My husband and I have never been to a reenactment before, and we were quite surprised at how much thunderous noise the canon balls made.

Here are some rebel troops...

Standing in front of authentic homes from that period, which we also were able to walk through.

Now the rebel soldiers are "advancing".

Everyone's clothes are very period exact.

And if you know anything about the civil war,
you will know that there was a huge death toll. are some union soldiers as well.

Oh, and there we are.
This is actually another gym outfit I'm wearing.
My gym outfits are so comfortable I often wear them out and about too.
Ok, well, we have to have at least one mushy picture for our anniversary weekend.
Today, was a good day for food.
Daddy Rainmaker talked me into eating some ice cream, so I picked up a twist ice cream cone at MacDonald's, because I love those cones and they are "supposedly" only 150 calories.
Also, for another treat, we went to Culvers where I had a roasted chicken cashew salad minus the cheese with some low calorie raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
That salad contains the perfect trifecta of healthy fats with the cashews, protein with the chicken and of course greens with the salad.
And, yes, I did have a honey crisp apple today, as well, from when we picked them yesterday at the apple orchard. It was delicious!
Well, I hope you all had a nice weekend as well.
There's still more fun things to come this week.
I see a midwife on Tuesday, and my birthday is this Thursday on the 14th.
Hope you all have a great Monday!
Sunshine Mama


  1. looks like a scenic and relaxing trip! i wear my gym clothes all the time too, no shame. happy anniversary and happy early birthday! exactly one month after mine :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your such a pretty expectant mommy. I hope I can look like that when I finally decide to have one. :)

  3. Happy anniversary.
    You look great.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog :) Macys bday is sept. 27 two days before mine we are celebrating late this year:)
    happy birthday to you soon

  4. You look so happy:) Great photo's.

    Terry nappies are what you oveer the ponf call diapers:) I finf it so funny at time, that we speak the same language, but we don't speak the same language:)

    Hope all goes wwll with the delivery of your latest bundle of joy.xx

  5. I love Daddy Rainmaker's shirt! You guys look healthy and happy. The Civil War thing was fun to get to see through pictures. The uniforms look very realistic. I love that you went back to the park where you were wed. Very romantic! Happy anniversary again!

  6. Cute!! Three cheers for the WI!!! :D Happy Anniversary!

  7. Congrats on the anniversary. You look like a very happy couple. You are adorable as a pregnant lady, you just look radiant!

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! I love the pic of you to!! Too cute.