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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Picture Uploaded..."The Dragonfly"

Hi folks! I randomly picked this picture to try to upload to my computer to test to see if I have more storage space...and wa la! it uploaded.

The only problem is that I still can't upload new photographs from my camera into my computer. I took a picture of eight loaves of bread that my daughter baked today, but I can't post it because it won't upload. So, I'm disappointed about that. So, I e-mailed "someone" at Picasa and we'll see what will happen.

I had this crazy thought that I'd like to try to blog something every day about these last days of being pregnant...even if it's just a few lines to say I'm tired or something.

So, I got in my third night at the gym last week to make three days of working out this week. So, I met my goal for the week.

Today for some reason, I'm feeling unusually tired and unmotivated. I took a nap and also wanted to lay down earlier. I also broke from my "no-flour" and "no-butter fast" and had a few tiny slices of home made white bread with a tad of butter. Actually, I didn't like how the butter tasted.

But I'm still writing everything down in my food journal and still have every intention of normally abstaining from flour and butter. I did have some wonderful raspberries from the Farmer's Market today, though.

I thought I'd do something fun with this picture. When I first posted it on my family blog last September 3, 2009, it was accompanied with a poem that I quick wrote up shortly after I photographed it.

So, for your enjoyment here is "The Dragonfly"... When a dragonfly came to visit today
The kids were sure it wouldn't stay
So they put a plastic top on it
And called for me to watch it.
At first I screamed when I viewed its size
A dragonfly this big...was a big surprise
But after I saw it's colorful wings
It's big, green eyes, it's pretty things
I decided it wasn't so bad after all
And began a plan to capture it all
I moved the top ever so slow
Clicking, cute little picts in a row
And then I even picked up the top
And, all the while it stayed at a stop
Seconds went by and minutes too
As I captured some of his magical views
And then like that when I glanced away
Off he had flown breaking his stay
And leaving me with his image today
To remind me of his fleeting stay.
But as I pondered his little stop
God made me recall another thought
The little one's He's given us here
Are beautiful too and even more dear
The entrance us with their little laughs
And cute little smiles we photograph
But just like that when we think they will stay
They'll be big enough to fly away.
So, enjoy your little dragonfly
The little apple of your eye
Then when it's time for them to go
You'll be glad their little hearts you know.
Written by Sunshine Mama
September 3, 2009


  1. What a neat picture. Those things are beautiful, but they do scare me. I'm glad you met your goals this week. That has to make you feel good. I can't believe how time has flown and how you will be a mama all over again very soon! I bet your whole family is getting very excited. I still wouldn't be surprised if this baby comes out a body builder = )

  2. Very cool photo and poem. Home made bread, yum!

    Glad you are doing well and the last weeks are finally here!

  3. Beautiful beautiful!! I love your poetry, SM!