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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Midwife Says..."Baby Is Dropping"

Hello everyone!

It's been a long, productive day and I am ready for bed.

I wanted to update you all on my visit with the midwife this morning. This is the second time that I've met with her. Last week was my first time with her and I really liked talking to her.

If you recall, last week she felt the baby's head and said that his head felt like he still had plenty of room. I also measured 36 centimeters last week.

Well, this week, I measured 36 centimeters still and his head does not have as much room because...he is dropping lower into my cervix. That is also why my measurements stayed the same. That also explains why I feel like I have been visiting the bathroom more often, because the baby is putting more pressure on my bladder. That could also explain why I feel like my appetite has increased slightly...less pressure on my stomach.

So, I said to my midwife, "Does this mean I should start drinking that raspberry leaf tea?"

And she said, "yes."

I really like this midwife. She is working on October 29th and the 31st. It would be fun if she could help deliver my baby.


I make it sound like a tea party. Ha, Ha!!

Lindsey had me thinking the other day when she commented that I looked like I had a basketball in my shirt. And I thought..."well, do you know how big a basketball is?"

The hard part is getting the "basketball" out of my shirt.

I have been having thoughts about the oncoming labor, but it is mixed with excitement about seeing our baby boy and a little trepidation of the forthcoming pain. The last labor came on rather quickly and lasted only a few hours. However, the one before him, was very painful because he came out facing up and they're suppose to face down. When they face up, all the angles are off and it causes intense, constant pain.

So, let's just say I'll be praying for this boy to be facing the right direction. And, well, for everything to go smoothly. What's unique about birthing that one can never really predict how it will go because they are all different. But there are some techniques that I have discovered along the way that actually help to make labor a little easier.

Generally, I try to get through all my labors without the assistance of any drugs. So, that is what I will be aiming for in this labor. I also have my husband praying during each contraction.

Maybe if you're interested, I can talk a little more about labor. Like if you have questions...but I really try to avoid drugs.

Other than that I rode my bike to the gym tonight for a leg work-out. My husband had taken the kids out shopping to get little gifts for me for my birthday on Thursday, so I rode my bike.

Their concern for my safety was endearing. My husband hovered over my bike checking the tires and deciding they needed more air, so he pumped them up. My 15-year-old daughter gave me a little lecture on how I should make sure I bike "very carefully" and that she didn't feel comfortable with me biking.

But, honestly, it was a balmy evening with the temperatures still hitting the 70-80s today and my bike ride was pleasant. I wasn't wobbling or anything. I had a good leg work-out too.

Well, we're almost half way through the week folks.

Hang in there!

Sunshine Mama


  1. How exciting for you!! It sounds like your baby is due sometime around my youngest son's birthday which is November 1st. He will turn 1 year old this year.....he was our surprise baby and such a blessing!!! I also have a 20 year old and a nearly 17 year old!! Ha Ha!! I was nearly 46 when my last was born!! Lol...we were blessed with a happy and healthy baby!! No drugs wasn't an option for me as all of mine were c-sections, plus I'm a big chicken when it comes to pain. May you have a quick, easy and safe delivery!! I look forward to following you on these next few weeks of your pregnancy!!!

  2. Wow, it's getting close isn't it?! Don't be scared Sunshine Mama. There are so many people (bloggers) saying prayers for you and for a good delivery. You are strong and healthy (super healthy!) woman and you have prepared for this baby like no other. You can do this! I know you already know that, just wanted to send some encouragement for you = )

    I love that they were concerned about you biking. Good thing they checked it all out for you.

  3. You look incredible, my friend! Absolutely GLOWING!

    I'm super busy right now which is why you don't hear from me.......but I'm reading your blog to keep up on your news.......WOW.......almost time already?!


  4. I always thought babies were supposed to be face up! That's how they show it in movies anyway, lol. Learning new things here at Sunshine Mama's house :) I think my mom had all 4 of us "naturally"/at-home with a midwife, so I can certainly respect your decision!

  5. Beautiful beautiful!!! yay for baby dropping.. that starts some great activity doesn't it? Dialation coooome on!

  6. Get some raspberry leaf tea! From what I understand the stuff on the shelf of the grocery store is not the same as loose leaf raspberry leaf tea. Good luck with that!

    And good luck with the upcoming labor and delivery. You're right; no two are the same. My last baby was the easiest labor I ever had, but the delivery was much harder. Mostly because he had a head the size of a VW bug. ;-)

    I know your workouts will only help you when it comes time to bring your baby boy into the world, and I hope he does come in October, just as healthy as can be!

  7. Come baby come!

    RA is correct...raspberry leaf tea must be in fresh, leaf form!

    My boy was face down...ouch, ouch, ouch! But, he's so sweet now.

    Come baby come!