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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Note On Caffeine And I Want To Hunker Down...

Hello Friends!

How was your Wednesday?

I'm glad that I will be hitting the hay soon. It's been a long, good day, but around 5:00, I wanted to take a nap. I did lay down for a bit and felt much better when I got up.

I also did get into the gym tonight and got a leg work-out done. I felt great doing it! I had a young man come up to me to ask me about my work-out and to "congratulate" me for staying in the gym and working hard while being this far along.

Working out always puts me in a better mood, and tonight was no exception. I feel good that I made it in. I now have one more leg work-out to complete before my due date.

Also, wanted to let you know that I got back on my diet today. I did have a bowl of cereal, but it was a controlled choice unlike a few days ago.

Also wanted to mention something that I noticed that happened to me after I had a second coffee yesterday. In case you don't know, I quit caffeine about three weeks ago. I will occasionally have a coffee here or there. Maybe once a week. Well, yesterday I had a coffee in the morning and then one around 5:00 p.m., which is really too late. But I wanted to let you know about the effect it had on me.

During my other pregnancies, I would always feel "overheated" and hot even in the dead of winter because that's when my last two babies were born. During this pregnancy, this fall...I actually get cold and find myself grabbing for sweaters and something warm. I assume it's because I'm carrying less body fat.

But after that second coffee, I started getting that feeling of getting hot. Sweating a little... And I realized that the caffeine was stimulating my adrenal glands and causing that "hot feeling" reaction in my body. I hate that "hot, overheated" feeling. Not to mention that caffeine was also making me feel more awake when really what I needed to do was just lay down and rest.

I've also noticed that in the last three or so weeks that I haven't had any caffeine, is that I'm not so moody. Or a better word might be I don't have any real "sad" feelings like what I will sometimes feel. I mean, I do get angry and upset with things that go on around me (as any normal person would), but I don't feel this despair that I used to feel from time to time.

I really think it might be connected to not having any more cofffee.

I've been generally feeling very happy and content these past few weeks. Now, I do think that straying from my diet (starting Saturday) has impacted my mood a little, overall, I think my diet plus the no caffeine is helping me to maintain a more "even-keel" attitude.

It's wonderful really.

Well, enough of my babbling.

But I will say that I have been getting these "hunkering" down feelings...where I am thinking I need to go grocery shopping this weekend, and buy enough food for the next three or four weeks. So, that when baby comes...we don't have to go anywhere for a while and have plenty of food. Ha, ha!

Well, tomorrow is Happy Thursday, and I will go to see another midwife for a physical exam to find out if I am dilated at all.

I'm probably not, but at least I'll know.

Have a good one!

Sunshine Mama


  1. Hi,
    Great effort you made there is a drastic change in your figure.Really its hard to control and make yourself slim as you look before pregnancy.Great Achievement.

  2. That was sweet of the gym guy. I would like to quit coffee but it helps keep me from mindlessly eating at work in the morning. Maybe if I switched to decaf that would be enough compromise? I'm not a tea drinker. I should give my adrenals a break though with the various health things going on.

  3. wow!! No caffine has done this?? Incredible!
    I might give that a try.. my coffee is SO my happy place in the morning.. and since I don't indulge in sugar anymore, it's something I really love. but taking it out to see if it helps my moods, would be so worth it! Thankyou for sharing these insights from your own experience. Really appreciate it!!

    Sweet comment from that man at the gym! Love that!

  4. Nice to know that there are sweet guys out there still. I am not sure about the caffeine thing. I might have to try it but there is this German coffee that I just love. Not sure I can give it up. I did avoid all caffeine when I was pregnant. Boy that was hard. I was working at Taco Bell and had a soda machine at my disposal and avoided it. Now not so much

  5. Looking forward to hearing about your appt tomorrow. It'll be neat to see if anything changes, from the Primrose Oil and tea. =)

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