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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nine Days And Counting...Basketball Anyone?

Hi folks!

It's nine days and counting.

And, is it just me...or does it look like I have an actual basketball under my sweater?
I think this shot is great!!
I love it!
Here's a few more...

This isn't actually a maternity sweater.
It's one of those stretchy ones that I just love.
Tw0-year-old Stavesacre is checking me out.

Little Miss Poser otherwise known as 6-year-old Iris Anna.

Me, dreaming about the baby...
ok...I admit, I'm just caught with my eyes closed.

Can you imagine our little baby boy just all curled up in there hanging out?
As comfortable as could be?
Today I told my husband that until we come up with a baby name for him we'll just call him "Flower #6".
Someone asked why we don't give out our children's actual names.
Quite frankly it's just a measure for us of trying to keep our privacy.
But I enjoy the concept of putting it in the scenario of us being in the garden of Eden with me as the Sunshine (Sunshine Mama), my husband as the rain (Daddy Rainmaker)...the two of us working together (the sun and the rain) to nourish and grow our little flowers.
Well, I could show you loads of photos of some of the food we prepared this weekend, but instead I'll just give you a little list:
*Eight loaves of white bread
*Eight loaves of wheat bread
*enough whole wheat egg noodles to make nine, 10-cup batches of chicken noodle soup
(each batch contains eight ounces of egg noodles)
*three pounds of turkey meat, pre-browned.
*two pounds of sausage, pre-browned
*1 1/2 pounds of hamburger meat, pre-browned
*7 pounds of onions, pre-cut
*10 pounds of potatoes-pre-cut,
*four bunches of celery, pre-cut
*five pounds of carrots, pre-cut
*3-ten-pound bags of chicken quarters, cooked in the crock pot and de-boned to yield 18 cups of chicken, which is enough chicken for nine batches of chicken noodle soup.

All of the meat, pasta, bread and pre-cut veggies have been frozen so that all I have to do when I need to make a meal, is pull them out a few hours in advance and throw them in the pot to make dinner.
I had a nice long nap this afternoon, which felt great after all that work which 15-year-old Darling Rose, eight-year-old Dandy Lion and Daddy Rainmaker participated in.
There is still more food preparation that I want to do, but I will wait to do it this week. I still want to make another eight loaves of wheat bread to feel completely secure about the bread situation.
One thing I did not get accomplished this weekend was to pack all the kid's clothes for when they will spend a few days at grandma and grandpa's house.
I'm also thinking about getting my work-outs in early this week in case the baby decides to come as soon as this Thursday. I consider Thursday the day that I will be on "high alert" and when I want to be completely ready and completely packed.
After that...anything else I can get done around the house will be "bonus".
Well, I hope everyone has a great start to their work week. Now that I've gotten a few things done and a little more rest, I'm looking forward to visiting you all and seeing how you've all been doing.
Sunshine Mama


  1. Wow a busy beautiful Momma!!
    I love the pictures...such a perfect round baby belly!

    I think it is great that you got to prepare so much food this weekend, makes life easier when baby arrives doesn't it?!?! I do the same thing.

    What do you use for a stock in your soup??? We love soup but I have not been able to find a stock that is free from additives and so I just use hubby doesn't like JUST water though...any suggestions?

    Have a great day, blessings!

  2. You look absolutely radiant! Well prepared, well rested and excited!

    can't wait until your big day comes!

  3. You are glowing. You absolutely look happy and healthy. You have done amazing with managing your diet and excercise with this little one. You look strong. What an inspiration! My gosh how time has flown. You must be so excited now. The entire family must be getting anxious! We will all be on high alert with you!

  4. No high alert yet. We still have a week to go...hee hee. The children and us are super excited. Like this and unnamed flower #6 that....and of course Stavesacre reminds us that the baby is going to come out Na-ted (naked)...funny stuff. peach blossom and Iris Anna are debating which one gets to play with flower #6 during quite time...Need help on flower name.:) Just kidding. Happy Day Daddy Rainmaker.

  5. You look great!! And whohoo on all the food ready for the new baby time!!! :) Great job!

  6. I assumed the names were for privacy which is WISE. :) but you also have a cool analogy! Great pics! Are you wearing heels? Impressive. I can't balance myself in those without a basketball-belly... :)

  7. You are nesting for sure!!!!

    So sorry about your white bread slip, but you are almost 9 months pregnant! The first pic looks like you're bearing down already! LOL I wanted to run and catch Flower #6.

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