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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Fun Maternity Visit

Hi folks!

I'm getting my post in early tonight because I still have to hit the gym and pick up some stuff for my hubby because tomorrow is our nine year anniversary.

BUT...I had a fun visit with the midwife this morning about our little baby boy.

I've never met this gal before, but she was nice to talk to. I asked her about if increased activity will bring on more contractions than normal (like what happened Sunday night). She told me that not staying hydrated would cause more contractions than normal. And sure enough, that day I was way, way short on my water intake because of the busy-ness of the day, plus I'd even had some caffeine that day.

Also, she measured my abdomen but I forgot to ask how much I measured. And the reason I forgot to ask is because I was really taken back by her guestimate of how big the baby is. She guessed that the baby was already...get pounds!!!

And it was her guess that he would weigh around eight pounds at birth. Now, a different midwife last week guessed (by feeling the baby outside my belly...that's how they make their guesses) that he was between four to five pounds.

So, between those two guesses, I think this boy may be between 5 1/2 pounds to six pounds right now. Also, this midwife was trying to feel for his head and she found it and says, "His head is just floating here, which means he hasn't dropped (into my pelvis) yet."

The baby dropping into my pelvis means he's getting ready for the birth. Typically when a baby drops, I will have less pressure on my stomach and more pressure on my bladder, which in turn will make me go to the bathroom more...and perhaps eat more because there is more room in my stomach.

All of this is such fun stuff.

Then, I asked her if there was anything I could do to make the baby come out in October. And she says to me...drink five glasses of red raspberry leaf tea a day and take 1,200 milligrams of Evening primrose oil a day. These things will "soften my cervix". The only catch, however, is that the baby needs to "drop" first before these methods really become effective. Maybe I'll wait till the baby drops before I try any of that. I told my husband about what the midwife said, and he immediately started speaking to the baby and saying, "no, need to come out in November."

See he wants the baby to born on mid-term elections day, November 2 (which is the baby's due date). Funny.

Oh...and another thing...Remember my stomach flu last week? And how I went in to see my midwife and cried and agonized about it? Well, I happened to see that same midwife in passing today and SHE had the stomach flu for two days last weekend after seeing me. Although, she tried to tell me she could have gotten it from someone else too.

I'm like, "I am really, really sorry."

The one consolation is that she didn't seem to have the really, really sharp stomach pains like I did. I've noticed the stomach flu tends to affect people differently.

The midwife told me that the whole being pregnant and all tends to lower my immune system to different bugs and viruses. Great.

I have another exciting bit. I've figured out that the reason my pictures aren't uploading to the computer is that I've run out of disk space. I'm really hoping to get more space very, very soon.

Well, it's Happy Thursday tomorrow folks...and it will be very happy at the Sunshine Mama and Daddy Rainmaker home because we are celebrating nine years of married bliss.

Hope you all have a good one tomorrow!!

Sunshine Mama


  1. Raspberry leaf tea helped me so much with my after birth pains. It was like magic, that tea!

  2. Hey...that's good to know Dawne! I've had progressively worse after birth pains which each birth! I'll have to remember that! :)

    SM...I am so excited for YOUR birth! LOL! :) Blessings!

  3. Happy 9 year anniversary, Sunshine Mama and Daddy Rainmaker! 9 YEARS?!? Wow! So much to take in in this post. Please know that when the time comes for me to have a baby, I am coming to you for all things health related! That is very interesting about the tea and then I saw Dawne's comment too. I have a good feeling about October. I'll cross my fingers for you! Hope your feeling good today = )

  4. Hi!

    I am so excited for you, nearing the end of your pregnancy! I can't wait til you get more disk space and can upload pictures!!!!

    Do you guys have a name picked out? Do you ever reveal your kiddos' real names? I love names; just ask my friends. When they get pg I send them lists and lists of names. ;-)

    Congrats on 9 years! You and your husband seem very happy and content. =)

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