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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Fun Sunday And Extra Contractions

Hi folks!

How was your day today?

After church we took the kids out to an event where we all got to eat "free" hot dogs, hamburger and brats. There was a petting zoo and all the kids were able to go for rides on some horses which they absolutely loved. I took pictures, but again they won't upload. I'm beginning to think there is another issue I need to address with regards to my pictures not uploading. So, I'm going to look into that next.

In the meantime, we all had a fun time. All the kids ate cookies today and, quite honestly, I actually really wanted one too. In the last two days I've noticed that I have been craving sweets as compared to not really having any of those kinds of cravings in this last month. While I'm curious about that shift, I don't want to buckle in and have the sweets because I want to eat clean. So, I'm contemplating perhaps it may be time to bake up some "clean" treats. Sugar-free, flour-free cookies for example that have things in them that I can eat like raisins, nuts, oatmeal... Also, these cookies can be sweetened naturally with honey or maybe applesauce. This way, I don't "feel" deprived and end up eating something that is actually bad for me.

So, I think that this week I will be looking at my recipe ideas for treats to make myself ( and of course the kids).

I did a lot of extra physical activity today with walking. So, that has me wondering if that is the reason why I seem to be having more than the usual number of contractions this evening. It's not labor or anything like that...just, well, more contractions.

Also, I've been having thoughts lately that I might go early. If you recall, they pushed my due date back by two weeks after they did my ultrasound. The original due date was like October 24th or something like that. Not that my thoughts mean it will actually happen, but nevertheless, I've been having the thought that I could go a few weeks early...which would be unprecedented for me, and doesn't make logical sense when compared with when my other babies came.

Well, I'm very excited for this upcoming week. Our wedding anniversary is Thursday, October 7th which also lands on the same day that we will be taking our two-year-old son in to have an echo or "ultrasound" done on his heart. He has a heart murmur with a condition that I can't recall the name of that just needs to be monitored.

I see a midwife on Wednesday and my parents are taking the kids for a night this weekend so that Daddy Rainmaker and I can celebrate our nine-year wedding anniversary.

Oh, and my birthday is the week after that. Fun stuff! See why I like October?

Hope you had a great weekend!


Sunshine Mama


  1. Happy everything Sunshine Mama! I think you're going to pop early too. It's all so exciting!

    I have an accent? Can you describe it? I always wonder what people think we (Canadians) sound like? We don't have quite as much accent variety as Americans have - the Easterners and Quebecois having the distinct accents. So, I'm interested in how you would describe mine.

    There are so many wonderful clean eating treats on'll find what you're craving!

  2. I always went overdue with all my children until my sixth....she came 5 weeks early! So you never can tell.

    Have fun looking into clean snacks!

  3. An anniversary, birthday, and a baby in one month??!! WOW! What an awesome month you've got all lined up!! :)

  4. October does sound like a beautiful month for you! So fun filled!

    You know your body, and you are probably right about going early. I mean, come on, number 6 baby here.. sha! You know more then anybody :) Can't wait to see your baby belly again... snap a pic soon soon, k?

    Big hug.. Amy

  5. Oh if you find recipes can you please share. I am trying to change my daughters eating. Right now I have taken away anything with food coloring in it from her. That makes the cereal isle the worst isle in the store with her. I have noticed a change for the better with her just by doing that. Clean treats would be even better.

    I love October to!! Such a great and busy month for you guys.

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