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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Update...And Some Home Made Soup

Good evening friends!
How was everyone's Tuesday?

It was a very productive day. Four more loaves of bread were made (thanks, Darling Rose), a double batch of cornmeal muffins (thanks again DR), this home style chicken noodle soup and some biscuits that our 15-year-old daughter made as well.
This is the first time I made the soup this way. I used some home made whole wheat noodles that had been sitting in the freezer for like two months. I also used a bag of chicken that had been sitting in their for a few months too. I added my broth, onions, carrots and canned corn...and it was unbelievable!
Everyone loved it!!
My daughter cooked up some biscuits. These actually use white flour, but they look wheat because we ran out of white and had to knead it in wheat flour.
So, those are my two pictures for today.
Now for the update with my maternity appointment.
When I met with this midwife this morning, I got to talking to her about her kids and forgot to ask her some questions. Also, she did not do a physical exam to see if I was dilated, if my cervix was softer ect.. So, after I got home I felt annoyed with myself for forgetting my questions and not asking to be examined. I told my husband about my frustration. So, he suggested I just call her back and ask her those questions. So, I called back, got some really good answers AND set another appointment for this Thursday to have a physical exam.
Let's be real here.
I've got less than two weeks now before my due date and I don't want to have to wait another whole week to see if I'm even dilated. I would be just too annoyed with myself for the next seven days.
But what I do now know...
She thinks the baby weighs around 6 1/2 pounds. My abdomen measured 38 centimeters as compared to last week where I measured 36 centimeters. So, my abdomen measurements now match the weeks along that I am.
Remember those stomach pains? Well, I asked if there were any side effects to taking Evening Primrose Oil tablets. The side affects can be that if you take too much: "nausea, vomiting and GI distress".
You know what GI distress is, don't you? Gastro intestinal distress. I would heartily describe my stomach pains as GI distress. One of the directions for taking those evening primrose tablets is to take it with food. So, there must be something in it that can affect my stomach. What I do now is to just take two tablets a day instead of three. I haven't had any pains in the last two days.
See?! I didn't need the GasX! Ha, Ha!!!
There didn't seem to be any adverse affects from the raspberry lea tea extract.
Oh, I was leaving the clinic this morning from my appointment and in the elevator, when a gal with a newborn stepped in too. Her little baby girl had just been born on Friday, the 15th, a month early. It was her first baby. I asked to see her; this little girl looked so precious and delicate. Perfect little fingers, nose, and mouth. My heart just swelled with the joy and anticipation of soon being able to see our baby boy too.
The mama said she was on her way out to go shopping for her baby.
In the meantime, with all the cooking, I did stumble on my diet again today. I actually had a slice of white bread with some home made strawberry jelly. And I had a small biscuit. And then I had a small coffee with sugar and cream.
So, it's back to a new day tomorrow.
Again, thanks for all your comments!
Hope your Wednesday goes well!
Sunshine Mama


  1. The soup and biscuits look Yummy!

    So glad you got answers to those questions...I would not have been able to wait either!

  2. The soup & biscuits look always. I can't wait to hear if you are dilated yet. This is so exciting!

  3. I saw a baby last night at the store and my heart melted and I'm not even pregnant or at the end of pregnancy! I totally understand those "awww" feelings! :) Glad you got your questions answered and tell DR that her bread looks FABULOUS!!! :D

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