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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Little Self Portrait And Talk About The Heat...

Good Evening friends!

How are you doing tonight? Everyone staying cool?

I got creative tonight and decided to do a self-portrait in the kitchen...looking down. I actually really had to bend over to get my feet in because my belly really is starting to stick out. This shot was taken after I got home from the gym. I was wearing my navy blue work-out outfit. It's not maternity, but it's starting to feel a little tight over my belly. When I wash my work-out clothes, I air dry them to make sure they don't shrink. I can not have any shrinking shirts and shorts at this point.

Let's see... with 83 days left (not that I'm counting or anything), I'm not sure if these work-out clothes are going to make it to November 2.
I met with another gal tonight who is also due a few weeks after me. It's great to see another pregnant mama. She lives in town and doesn't have air conditioning on the first floor and she takes cold showers every day too because of the heat. So, I'm not alone on that count.

It's crazy, but I just feel like I reach this boiling point in my body and I can't stand how hot it is ANY LONGER and I have to just jump in the shower. was sitting in the kid's pool pouring cold water over myself. My kids want to hug me and I'm like, "get're making me hot!" And then I try to hug my husband and he says, "Get're HOT." And he doesn't mean that figuratively either. Literally speaking. Like I'm a walking heat stick or something.

Today it hit the low 90's with high humidity. But the kids like it when I sit in the pool with them anyway. And I suppose everyone likes it when I smell clean from all these showers. Ha. Ha!! And I'm much happier when I'm cooler.

But I suppose soon enough we'll all be shivering this winter. "BRING IT ON!!"

Well, I went to the gym. I didn't talk to anyone. Wednesday must be a slow "comment" night. There weren't as many people. Maybe the heat scared them away.

Lindsey asked me about making some easy soup recipes even crock pot ones. I do have a few ideas to share, but not in this post. Last night I made so much soup that we were able to just warm it up in the crock pot and have it for supper tonight along with some warmed home-made bread. Another home-made meal...that didn't take much effort to put together tonight.

Well, I think this post is rambling a bit, but I'm ok with that.'s all down hill to Friday.

Hang in there folks!

Sunshine Mama


  1. Dr. Megan recommends lots of sugar free popsicles, cold showers, and boxed fans! I'm so proud of how good you are doing. I know you are uncomfortable, but keep that head up. You will be meeting your newest flower in no time. I'm glad you met a pregnant friend at the gym. Talk about girl power! You are truly an inspiration. You are a great mom, a great wife, and you take time to be a great you! That is awesome!

  2. I remember wanting to die when I was pregnant with Rachelle. I was due the end of Nov. & I could never get anything cold enough. I lived on ice. I ate ice 24/7. Homemade bread & soup sounds fabulous.. It has been raining here all day.. So anytime you want to trade houses I am game.

  3. How cute your belly is! I had both of my kids in the fall so I had to go through the heat and humidity both times. I know how uncomfortable it is. Hang in there.

    I have some crock pot recipes posted on my blog use the categories on the side bar and click on crock pot. It keeps your kitchen from heating up during the summer. The Mexican chicken is one of my families favorite meals!

  4. Love all your cooking/baking! YUM! :) Looking good...saw the update on your other blog too! :)

  5. I think you're too hot to be thinking about soup recipes!!!! :)