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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Little Rushmore...

Hola folks!

I'm posting an a picture of Mount Rushmore at night when we went to South Dakota in July.
I 'm having some issues with uploading and heck, just downloading current photos because apparently I've run out of space with the 1 free gigabyte allotted me through Picasa Web Albums. So, this may take a few days to figure out.

So, you may see some older photos or just me talking.
Anyway, this is Mount Rushmore at night, in case you were wondering.
I had this really nice photograph of the six loaves of bread we baked up today too that I wanted to share with you. Oh well.
Also, we finally got to try out the cookies that I made yesterday and they were very tasty.
Everyone at work ate up all the cookies that Daddy Rainmaker brought.
So, I think that is a good sign.
Other than that, I worked out at the gym tonight.
I didn't get any strange commenters from the gym
I did sing "Happy Birthday" to my younger sister tonight.
I left it on her answering machine and she said she was going to keep it on there for a few days.
It got me thinking that maybe I need to change up the ole "Birthday song"...
Maybe sing it with a rap beat, or a country western twang, or an "oldies" feel to it.
Well, not much going on here, so I hope you all have a Happy Thursday tomorrow.
Sunshine Mama


  1. A birthday song revamp! I love the idea. Haha, I would love to hear you do it with a rap beat = ) Hilarious. I have never seen Mt. Rushmore, but that is on my list of places to visit. It looks amazing. That must have been great for the kids to see. Good job getting to the gym. I skipped it last night and plan on getting in a long run tonight.

  2. I went to Mount Rushmore when I was smaller. I would like to go back & take my daughter. It is so beautiful. I think changing up the bday song sounds like a great idea...

    PS. I have the cookie cravings

  3. I think you should get your band (aka the kids) together for the next phone-performance. :) I'm sure one of those little ones would LOVE to bang on the pots and pans.

  4. Nice photo. We have been to Mount Rushmore and we were there during the day so we missed seeing it like that. Thanks for sharing.

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