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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chicken Noodle Soup With Home Made Noodles

Good Sunday folks!

Hope you all had a good day. Mine was pretty productive considering all the laundry and grocery shopping I got in. I also was able to make some chicken noodle soup tonight using those whole wheat noodles that our 15-year-old Darling Rose had made the other day.

We also made a few loaves of white bread on Friday because I was out of wheat flour. We consumed the last loaf today. Despite white flour not being good for you, this sure tasted good.
The firm texture resembles that of French bread you would buy at a bakery.
It works great for making a high calorie grilled cheese sandwhich.
But besides the unhealthy but very tasteful white bread, I did make something very healthy for the family.
I made a double batch of chicken noodles soup with three cups of chicken, about a cup and a half of hash browns because I was out of potatoes, a cup or so of carrots and a cup or so of celery, a cup of onions, some chicken broth from when used a crock pot to cook the chicken quarters, and about eight teaspoons of chicken boullion. I also used some spices. But this was all mixed in to ten cups of water. I will say, though, that I did not use the fat from the chicken drippings. I'm saving that to make gravy.

Here go the home made noodles into the pot.
The white is the flour that is still attached to them.

I love a chunky soup!
This was wonderful.

You know it tastes good when the six and four year old want seconds.
....and the husband, and the 15 year old...and me.
So, what did you all cook up today?
I did about 15 minutes of cardio today on my in-home $15 stair stepper.
I'll have to take a picture of its loveliness.
I know you'll all be impressed.
Well, besides it being extremely humid and hot today, there wasn't much going on.
Tomorrow's a new week...
Time to get five days in at the gym combined with maybe a few days of cardio at home.
Take care!
Sunshine Mama


  1. It all looks so good. I love home made food! It has been cooler here but not quite soup weather. One day soon perhaps.

  2. That soup looks so yummy!! Reading your blog really makes me want to make fresh food all the time. I bet your house smells yummy!

  3. Looks awesome - what time's supper?

  4. Well, hope you have room for one more place setting, because next time you serve that - I'm coming over! I love homemade soups, especially because store brands are so high in sodium content, you can add as much or as little as you want. My mom makes some mean lentil soup, as well as chicken noodle. Your noodle making has impressed me! I have been on a big fruit kick lately. Picked up some peaches, apples, bananas, grapes, the works! I love apples in the fall. We always go to the orchards to pick out some fresh ones.

    Looks I like I went from noodles to apples today. Ha! Hope you have a great week and get in some good workouts, as well as some good rest mama-to-be.

  5. Yummmm! Glad I am not the only one who will chow down on chicken noodle soup in the middle of the summer :)