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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You're Doing Better Than You Think

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? After yesterday's post, I realized that I will probably never attain perfection when it comes to eating the right foods.

Even Diane from Fit to the Finish eats too much some times. She said so on my comment box. If you haven't visited her blog, she's lost 150 pounds and maintains a healthy weight now.

But if that happens, she doesn't let that discourage her and she gets back up and eats right again.

I did get back up today and try to eat right again and I wasn't completely successful. But I'm not letting that get me down.

Right now I'm feeling inspired by all of you. I visited Dawn's blog tonight and she has finally reached her much awaited 80 pound loss. Good job Dawn.

Lindsey snacked on M&Ms and Sarah messed up too. Everyone messes up. And Diane finally hit the nail on the head when she said that I should listen to my own advice when I tell you all that you are doing better than you think.

I say that to encourage you, because it is something that I constantly am telling myself. I really do have to say that to myself. Because I know that sometimes we tell ourselves that we really will never loose the weight we have set out to lose. That we will never really figure out this weight loss game..that we will constantly be battling our sugar cravings, chocolate, milk and cereal...whatever desires...

We look at our flab with disgust and feel hopeless and think the battle is getting harder as we age ....and just maybe we really won't reach the high pinnacle we have strived for.

When I tell myself that I am doing better than I think, I am reminding myself that my self-perceptions of my failure are most likely wrong... That if I allow myself to believe my self-defeating thoughts, I will surely be more likely to fail. And that if I don't allow myself to believe that I can look spectacular, then I am denying myself the opportunity to actually accomplish it. It really is true that we are what we believe.

So even when I fail, I tell myself that I'm doing better than I think...

At 16 weeks this here pregnancy...Do you realize that I weigh only three pounds over what I "used" to consider my post pregnancy goal weight? My self perceptions and fat loss has changed so much that I consider a six day or two day eating spree...a very, very bad thing.

So...yes, I am doing better than I think.

Even when I fail.

And you are doing better than you think.

Even when you fail.

So, that my little spiel on that.

I did want to say that today...the baby came alive. Of course, she or he has been alive, but there is so much movement down there that I feel shocked. I felt kicking by my belly button and then along the side of my belly. I couldn't believe the baby could already be up to my navel. So, I googled and found out that many women do have their uterus reaching their belly button by 16 weeks along.

So, there you go. That baby is a-growing. According to what I read, the baby is 4.5 inches long and weighs about 3 ounces. He or she is also very active right now and can somersault and move around a lot because there is still plenty of room to move.

Well, in two weeks we'll be getting an ultrasound to find out how the little one is doing and hopefully find out the baby's gender.

Well, have a good one...and remember you really are doing better than you think! :)

Sunshine Mama


  1. Awww...Sunshine Baby is kicking and happy! I LOVE that feeling! :) Caught up on your last two posts...boy, I needed to hear this...I've been doing good with no white-refined sugar but I've been loving the carbs! SHEESH! :P Just have to keep my hand to the plow and make more better choices than not...just one day at a time! You are doing it, SM! Keep it up! :)

  2. Morning! You know what I think? That baby is probably moving so much, because your so active! Peanut is probably accustomed to the movements and is ready to go! So glad to hear you are keeping your head up and finding the good with the bad. That's what it is all about. Keep seeing the light when there is darkness and all will be okay. Happy day!

  3. I think the baby started the womb to 5K (W25K) program...wants to be a runner like mama!

  4. Thanks for this post, Sunshine. It was really encouraging, and just what I needed to hear in order to not give up. =)

    I think a new baby bump belly picture is in order! =)

  5. I needed this post! I had a "bad" weekend and have been beating myself up over it...but a "bad" weekend doesn't define me!

    Oh and the faux pepperoni was no bueno lol

    Somersaults? your baby is doing mini pushups =)

  6. Great reminder! Thanks for that. And I love that baby is alive and kickin- just like her mamma!

  7. great view/attitude and reminder! :)

    i think you should be surprised by the baby's gender and not find out! ;)

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