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Friday, May 14, 2010

Fantasy Food Friday...Garlic Smarlic Bread

Good Evening folks!

After one week off, I'd like to welcome you all back to Fantasy Food Friday where I talk about a food I fantasize about, but shouldn't necessarily eat.

When I gave my husband the opportunity to pick a food for fantasy food Friday, he wouldn't do it. He said if there was a food he wanted, he'd simply go eat it.

I was thinking about that, and thought....he doesn't have an over-eating problem...maybe there is something I could learn here...but anyway,

For this week, I actually went out and personally photographed the fantasy food for you. This is called "Garlic Smarlic Bread". It's made at a local wine restaurant called the Wine Guyz, and it's the best garlic bread I've ever had.

As I've explained to others, this garlic bread has the perfect combination of crispy toasted bread with that wonderful crunch and butter-y melted cheese. It doesn't turn into a soggy mess like some cheese bread. How they pulled off that combination, I'm not sure,
but they have never failed to make it perfect every single time.
And, as you can see, the serving is as big as my husband's head and only costs $4.50.

A little close-up.
This was a delicious treat.
If somebody knows of garlic cheese bread that might beat this...let me know.
So, what do you think?
Do you have a favorite place where the garlic cheese bread is out of this world?

Now, on to how you SHOULDN'T eat your steel cut oats...

I cooked them up this morning with a serving of chocolate protein powder.
Topped it with nuts and cinnamon.
Please...take it from me...don't make your steel cut oats like this.
It was gross.
But, I was being creative because I didn't have enough eggs to make six egg whites this morning, and I thought I'd get in my protein this way.

You should never leave doughnuts around...
I think I accidentally found the one remaining doughnut in the house.
It still tasted decent and made for a great shot.

This was great to eat for lunch.
With all those omelets we've been making, we ran out of eggs.
So, no omelets today.
But this was nice, only 308 calories.

Ok, so there was one egg left.
I topped it with some cheese, cooked it until the cheese melted,
and placed it on a 30 calorie lefse with some turkey bacon.

*Dawn, lefse is made from potatoes and flour.
There are a few more ingredients but that is mostly what it's made of.
The lefse I got here was made in Blair, Wisconsin, is called Countryside Lefse,
and costs a couple bucks for six pieces.
I think lefse might be a regional thing, kind of like cheese curds.
I like to use it versus your regular wrap because it tastes better and has fewer calories.
But lefse is made from different companies throughout the state and I tend to use this brand because of the taste and the calorie content.
I made it to the gym today for about 45 minutes.
I tell you folks, my little pregnant beee-hind is sore from all this additional weightlifting at the gym this week. I mean, I woke up this morning and could just feel all my muscles go...ouch, ouch, don't move like that...walk more carefully. I think it's kind of funny actually. Here I take a little break...and my muscles go and get sore when I go back to five days a week at the gym.
But I really enjoy being in the gym. I like gabbing to people, and it puts me in a great mood.
Oh...and the exercise is good too. Ha, Ha.
Well, I won't be blogging tomorrow night because we have a fun family weekend planned, but I hope you all get out and enjoy the nice weather if you are having it.
Have a nice weekend!
Sunshine Mama


  1. Yup...that garlic bread looks divine.

    There is this place I *used* to frequent back in St. Louis that would make a french dip sandwich, but use garlic bread instead of the normal roll...killer.

    Excuse me...I need to be alone now.

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  2. Your garlic bread looks like greasy wonderfulness! I love garlic, love cheese, and love bread. I think that means I would be all over this tasty treat. I like the comparison from the size of the plate to your husbands head. Ha! Daddy Rainmaker always makes little guest appearances. Love it. Thank you and your family for saying a prayer for us. It was so good they went inside his knee and took care of all that was wrong. His recovery might be a little slower now because they did so much yesterday, but they expect him to be back to his old self in no time. Thanks again for your support and great Fantasy Food Friday!

  3. Okay, I could go for some of that garlic bread! That is truly a Fantasy!

    Thanks for the lefse explanation. I'll have to look it up.

  4. Yums I love Garlic Bread; I would love some right now. A couple of days ago I was craving cheesy eggs because of you, and now it's Garlic Bread lol

  5. Oh. My. Goodness.

    My mouth is totally watering at that garlic bread!!! It's probably a good thing I am too far away to drive on over for some. ;-)

    You rock my socks with your 5 day a week workouts!

    Your family is super cute and I can not WAIT to hear whether you're having a boy or girl! I can't get pregnant right now so I'm totally living vicariously through you and Jen. ;-)

  6. All your food pictures are soooooooooooo yummy, SM! Hope you are having a great weekend! :)

  7. Hey Mama,

    That garlic bread would be a huge hit in my house.

    You are looking great and such an inspiration.

    PS. I am loving the Newman's Own surprise box!