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Friday, May 28, 2010

Fantasy Food Friday...A Giant Apple Fritter

Hello everyone! It's the day you've all been waiting for where I talk about a food that I fantasize about, but shouldn't necessarily eat.

I made you all guess what the food fantasy was last week when I posted an eeny teeny tiny piece of the picture. I was very impressed with Ruth's guesses of elephant ears, funnel cakes, and crepes. In fact, I may just make some funnel cakes a food fantasy topic in the near future. But it was Jenn who took me by surprise when she totally guessed it. And if you visit her blog, you'll see her wearing her wedding dress. She looks great!!

This is a gigantic apple fritter that's well...almost as big as two heads. It's made right here in La Crosse WI by Mr. D's doughnuts. My history with Mr. D's Doughnuts goes way back to when my dad used to deliver doughnuts for them as a side job. I can't quite remember if he ever brought any doughnuts home, but I'm sure he did.

Then, when I was in college if we got hungry in the middle of the night...we just walked over to Mr. D's. They had a window open all night and early morning after the regular restaurant closed. you could go up to the guys baking inside and pay them 50 cents for a freshly made doughnut.

Then, a few years ago, the city had to widen the streets and so Mr. D's got downsized and turned into a doughnut/coffee shop. But they still make great doughnuts.

I do think their apple fritter is the best apple fritter I've ever had. This entire doughnut costs five bucks! And since I had two very willing people to pose with the doughnut...

I got a little snap- crazy.

But you have to admit, it is quite large.

Also, there are actual apple chunks on the doughnut.

The doughnut crust itself is baked perfectly.
A certain heavy duty crispness to the edges
The right mixture of cinnamon, and moistness inside.

And the icing...well, it's like the icing on the cake....or the apple fritter.

See? Now doesn't that look like it's worth five bucks?

Well, thank you all for patiently waiting for this week's fantasy food. Now I'm off to getting some more awesome things done during this long weekend. My daughter also took a picture of me tonight that I may post tomorrow since it's a nice shot of my baby bump. We don't have any plans to leave town, but we do have a family gathering on Monday.

If you're going away or just relaxing at home this weekend, have a good one!


Sunshine Mama


  1. O-M-G...I'm really beginning to dislike Fantasy Food Fridays.

    Just kidding (or am i?). I LOVE apple fritters...ok...I'm heading into Moab to run some errands...I may have to find a donut shop...thankyouverymuchsunshinemama!

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  2. Now Im craving an apple fritter!! That one looks soooo good!! And yes...definitely worth the $5!!

  3. LOL...what can I say? I sure do know my baked goods!

    I agree that this is definitely worth $5. It's like an Apple Fritter cake! You should get 2 of them and put some caramelized apples and whipped cream between them. Oh boy, I think I just made up my own fantasy food....

  4. I have been reading some of your older posts and enjoying your blog.

    What a great story you have!

    I use to love a good apple fritter, but I think they might be too sweet for me now! Never thought I would hear myself say that!

    Everything in moderation I say. Enjoy!

  5. LOL!! Love your little ones little mouth.. so cute! LOL!

    That apple fritter looks crazy good! Hope everyone enjoyed it!

  6. Oh Wow. That looks like a piece of absolute heaven. It's a good thing I don't live close to Mr. D's otherwise I'd be the 700 pound woman. Delicious!

  7. looks delicious! i am sure that is low-cal for one serving, right? ;)

  8. Love the pics. of your hubby & son. To cute. Now I will be craving this forever now. I just want to thank you for

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