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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ketchup? And Fries anyone?

Happy Sunday everyone!
Welcome to Sunshine Mama's blog where I'm feeling a wee bit sassy tonight.

"Sassy" you say?

Why would Sunshine Mama feel sassy?

Well, because you guys made me chuckle today when I received all of your "much appreciated" comments on the ketchup I ate yesterday. Sammy was the first to point out that ketchup is indeed a processed food because it has high fructose corn syrup, among other things. (In my post last night, I mentioned that I had ketchup with my very healthy baked potato wedges, and that I thought the ketchup might count as being processed.)

What struck me as interesting was the ensuing commentry on ketchup. Oh, and thank you Kyle for giving me the benefit of the doubt that I probably had very little ketchup on my potato wedges. But, actually I think I had a few tables spoons. No wonder they tasted so good. Ha, Ha!

He suggested going on the web to find a home made ketchup recipe. I did do just that. Guess what? There are recipes aplenty for me to chose from, which I will probably end up doing.

In the meantime, just for kicks I decided to gather together my ketchup bottles to see how many I had.


I had four ketchup bottles with three different brand names in my house! My only explanation for that is that when I was at the store I would pick them up thinking I needed another one or was running out or sometimes when Daddy Rainmaker and I are shopping together and split up...we end up doubling up on some foods.

And then, because I couldn't resist...I decided to spice things up even more, and add to the picture the packages of shoe string fries that Daddy Rainmaker likes to fry up.

Now don't you all feel for me? Look at all this food that I have to resist!

See...that's why transitioning our family to eating whole foods..."no sugar, no white flour, and no processed foods" is going to take some time.

That's why I'm placing such a high importance on my diet. I need to be in the right healthy eating mind set before I can make such a huge transition with the family's diet.
But, I'm very excited about taking these unhealthy french fries and ketchup and replacing them with their healthy version.
In the mean time, how about somemore grapefruit in natural light?
I do believe that two grapefruit slices is better than one.
Don't you?

Oh, I'm also glad to read that some of you are eating more grapefruit.

And I haven't even witten about all their health benefits yet.

Then, there's the healthy pizza I made tonight.

I used a recipe that I found to spice up my ground turkey for the meat. But instead of using flavored croutons (that the recipe called for), I used raw oatmeal, soaked it in water for a few minutes (and then drained out the water) and added Mrs. Dash's table blend in place of the flavoring the croutons would have yielded. This made it healthier because the croutons we have at home are processed and made with white flour. My invention with the oatmeal and mixing up of Mrs. Dash's Table Blend...was a perfect substitute. It tasted great!

The orginal recipe can be found here.
However, the change with oatmeal instead of croutons is on this post.
Also, I didn't have any pizza sauce in the house, so I used Famous Dave's BBQ sauce for the sauce. And, yes, folks, I looked and it does have high fructose corn syrup.
Remember, the whole foods transition will take some time.

Here it is out of the oven.
I used an already baked whole wheat crust.
Doesn't it look good?

Here's the second pizza, just sliced differently.
Amy asked me for the recipe for my protein oatmeal waffles.
You can find that here.

Well, I think that's about it for today.
Today was an off day for working out, but I did watch my brother finish his half marathon. He improved his time by three or so minutes.
I did take pictures, but haven't asked if I can post them.

Well, the big M-D is facing us, so I hope you have a good one!

Stay strong!
You're doing better than you think!

Sunshine Mama


  1. Love ketchup and fries. Yum! But that picture of the grapefruit swayed me some. It is sweet and tangy and delicious! You don't have to feel guilty for eating it best of all.

    Pizza! They look so good. I love ground turkey on pizza. That is my favorite topping. I made turkey burgers last night for dinner. We steam broccoli and use Mrs. Dash's herb and onion seasoning on it! Sometimes we steam potato chunks in with the broccoli for a great side.

    Have a great week. Hope you get some good workouts in and some great rest for that growing peanut!

  2. Your photos look incredible! I need some of your recipes! love the pizza!!

  3. I have switched from ketchup to hot sauce on everything. I know longer have ketchup in the house though my daughter has about had that one. She reminds me everyday I need to buy some.

    The pizza looks yummy! I think I might need to make one. Your blog always makes me want to eat.

  4. oatmeal in pizza? sounds kind of yummy... i might have to try that out! i have been using salsa (a peach-mango salsa, so a little sweet kick to the spicy) on my pizzas lately. i like it, anyway :) (and hey, not processed - esp if you DIY your own salsa!)

    ketchup ketchup ketchup. i loooove ketchup. i can't believe i didn't say that on the other post :) i put it on everything. but i have gotten better. i used to put it on LITERALLY everything. now i just put it on more normal/acceptable things. i don't know if i could ever give it up completely...

  5. Hey thanks for the link to the waffle recipe! Going to get some protein powder next shopping trip! :)

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