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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Thursday, I'm 17 Weeks Along

Happy Thursday friends!

It's happy because I turned another week along today and am now 17 weeks along. Funny how it seems I just wrote this. These weeks do feel like they are going by quickly. No picture today, maybe I'll do one next week.

The ultrasound is officially five days away. I'm excited to find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl, but I'm also praying that the baby is healthy.

I'm feeling a little tired right now but I think that's because I've been wearing myself out at the gym. I'm going to hit it again tomorrow morning too. I actually am loving all the exercise. It's putting me in a great mood.

Today I did nine sets of push-ups with 20, 20, 23, 23, 20, 20, 18, 18, and 53 for a total of 214. That seems like such an easy work-out compared to what I was doing several weeks ago when I was doing 400 total push-ups. But I definitely was struggling those last several push-ups to get to 53.

Then, I did another leg work-out and ran outside for two miles.
So, here are my steel cut oats in one of my new bowls.The grapefruit was tasting very good this morning.
Looking good too.

Daddy Rainmaker brought home some glazed doughnuts last night.
They tasted good with my coffee.
Did I show you my new coffee mug yet?
Yes, Daddy Rainmaker picked it out.
Then, I crisped some turkey bacon for the "lunch omelet".

With a greater surface area, this omelet really spread out today.
We still had some left-over taco meat, which we added cheese and the turkey bacon to.

Daddy Rainmaker experienced some difficulty in flipping this omelet.
But let's be serious here...
Can anyone really screw up on an omelet?
This is the omelet in its entirety.

This is my portion on a 30 calorie lefse.
Doesn't that look good?
It was.
A close-up.
This was a knock out in my book.
Wow, I may just get to bed before midnight tonight.
And, I know, I didn't do Fantasy Food Friday last week, but I really do have good intentions of doing it tomorrow night. I'm actually really excited about my choice.
But, until then, hope you all have a great day!
Sunshine Mama


  1. 17 weeks awesome your almost half way there! I am excited to hear what your having!!! Once again I leave your blog hungry. . .

  2. I can't believe it is 17 weeks already! You food looks great as always. Love the new dishes to!

  3. Alright we've known each other long enough now, the next time you guys are making omlets like that - I'm coming over! = )

    Today is Greg's surgery. In fact, we are about to leave. He is a little anxious all of a sudden, but he will be a-okay. It shouldn't take too long and then he will come home and sleep away the day.

  4. Hi Sunshine Momma!! Coming by to check on you.. been unplugging more these past weeks. It has felt really good! Congrats on 17 weeks!! That is so wonderful! I love all your foodie pics!!

    Have a beautiful weekend!!

  5. Rest. Take care of baby and don't go too crazy at the gym!!!

    I've always wanted to ask what lefse is? Is it the flat bread? What name brand does it come under? I think I need a cross border shop...

  6. you are crazy about your omelettes lately :) yummmmm.