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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We Are What We Eat?

Hi folks!
How is the week going for you?

This is something our seven year old son made for me for Mother's Day. He likes to save the boxes from food, toilet paper and other things and make things out of them.

He said this was me.

You know I have to laugh because as much as I love eating cereal, I was thinking that this was a perfect illustration of being what we eat.

So, in case you were wondering I could actually look like this if I eat too much cereal. Ha, Ha. Of course our son was simple being creative, but isn't it funny how children will unknowingly do things that us adults can add more significance too? But, personally I'm not sure I'd be fruity Cheerios if I were a box of cereal.
Maybe I'd like to be Reeses Puffs.
What would you be?

What do you think of my new bowl?

I have more.

Darling Rose wanted to get me nicer bowls and plates for photographing food on my blog.

Tell me that isn't love?

And what's really sick, is that I got really excited about it all.

We've been into omelets lately.
Daddy Rainmaker made this for lunch today.
It was five eggs with leftover bacon from yesterday and Mexican cheese.

I took half
And served it on a slice of Natural Oven's Bakery whole wheat bread.
And, of course, on one of my new plates.
Pretty? I think so.
Well, I would be lying if I told you that I had a good eating day.
Lately I've been tallying my calories of what I consume to try to get an idea of just exactly "how" overboard I will go...and it is not pretty.
A lot of the "overboard" calories are not healthy food.
In an effort to try and find some balance between eating whole foods and also eating other foods I like, I am contemplating trying to incorporate calorie counting so that I can eat some foods I like but not go "overboard" on them.
ALSO, what I'm changing the time I go to they gym to the afternoon instead of the evening.
So, today, I went in the afternoon.
I gave myself a two hour window to get a bunch of stuff done and ended up gabbing for about 45 minutes of the time.
"Whatever happened to hard core Sunshine Mama...just in there for the work out?"
I swear... ever since I've been pregnant, I've been more talk-a-tive.
But all was not lost, I got a good biceps and back work-out in and my push-ups five sets of 55, 40, 25, 25, 55 which is 200. Still not bad for a pregnant momma.
Oh, and it would appear that I have some video of my husband flipping our omelet from lunch today.

It's really exciting, I know.

Well, I do need to get out and visit you all. I've been a slacker and I apologize.

But I hope you're all having a good week!!


Sunshine Mama


  1. Yeah...I think I'm a bit more like the toilet paper...round in the middle, but getting thinner as I continue to unroll.

  2. That omelet looks yummy! What a creative gift :) To cute!

  3. I'll consider one small video victory! We both know how much of a pain the whole uploading videos can be!!! Good work. Your bowl is beautiful, and the plates too. That was a great idea by Miss Darling Rose. She knows you too well = )

    If I were a cereal dude, I'd be Oatmeal Squares. That is my favorite cereal and I can't buy it because I love to snack on it all day.

    Thanks for your kind words about Greg. You are a wonderful person my friend.

  4. SM...thank you for your comment about just sticking to the exercise!!! I needed that! :) The cereal box illustration...good one!!! :) I think Oatmeal Squares or Life would be mine...:)

  5. OMG I want cheesy eggs right now! omg I am checking my fridge for cheese! lol

    I would be a big ol jar of peanut butter! ha