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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Give Up

Hi everyone!

No, I'm not giving up on eating healthy. I'm just giving up tonight on trying to get to everyone's blogs. I think I managed to five? Ha...but the visits were really nice. No, just looks like I'll be spreading my love throughout the rest of this week to everyone.

But...I. Am. So. Excited!!!


Because I have re-organized the "toy situation" at our that it will no longer haunt my waking hours. Of course, so much more is getting accomplished and I am just loving it.

But imagine if you will ...our four younger flowers...7, 5, 4, and 2 all getting toys for Christmas and for their birthdays over the last five years...imagine the amount of toys that amounts to...then imagine little hands quickly moving toys from one end of the house to the other end...quickly mixing in ALL of the toys that have accumulated over the last several years....Can you feel the pain...the frustration that might cause....

But no more.

I now have a "toy closet". All the toys that correspond to a certain theme are in there is the "cars totes"...the "little People tote", the "army tote", "the batman tote", the "building things tote", the "play food tote"...

No one gets any toys unless...they go through me!! I know this is my diet blog...but really isn't this also about living a healthy life style too? Isn't the retention of our mental faculties also an important aspect of health?

I am so. much. happier.

Now...when we have "quiet time" the kids can pick a tote to play with and then..when done...put it away. Ahh...I'd forgotten what joy can be found watching your child enjoy playing with all of the pieces of the toy you bought them.

Now... I don't have to worry about breaking my neck when I walk through the house in the dark and stumble on a toy... In stray toys are allowed to inhabit these living quarters unless given permission Mama.

So...that's where I have been the last few days.

And, Ruth...someone actually guessed correctly what my fantasy food that was pictured in that little bitty picture a few days ago. I can't believe it. You guys are too good. I thought for sure that no one would guess it. In fact, I felt a little guilty for posting such a tiny bit of it...when in the back of my mind, I was thinking that no one could possibly guess it. I tell you now...or wait until Friday? Oh, what the heck...I'll wait until Friday!

Other than that, I had such good intentions to blog last night...but I laid down around 8:00 ish and fell asleep. I'd done a lot yesterday. I got a leg work-out in; went to the dentist for 90 minutes of drilling with no gas to calm me, a few hours of organizing....yep I was tired.

I'm trying to decide if I should post a picture for Happy Thursday...I'm feeling a little fat. Ha, Ha! It's funny because everyone I see keeps saying I look "tiny", ...and I am compared to what I normally weighed at this time in my other pregnancies...but I still feel a little "big".

Oh...well...I'm still eating well and working out...

Hope you all have a great Thursday!!

Sunshine Mama


  1. Ah, I know what it is now!!! And they are one of my all time favorites... Full of delicious fat and sugar and the all important main ingredient. ;-) YUM and again I say YUM!!!

    I love being organized, it really does help with all aspects of every day life!!!

    And, honey? If you're wearing size EXTRA SMALL shorts you are in no way, shape or form LARGE! ;-)

  2. I think it is great that you got all the toys organized. That leads to less stress which leads to no stress eating. See how we can make it part of your blog!!! Can't wait to see what the food is.

  3. how can YOU feel fat? you are in amazing shape and are one of the best looking pregnant women that I have seen =)

    congrats on the toy situation =)

  4. That is the kind of organization I love. It's neat and to the point. The kids are happy, you are happy, it's perfect!!! Congrats on all the hard work. With four kids, that young, I can't even begin to imagine what a task you are really doing. Keep up the awesome work and enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend with your beautiful family = )

  5. Yeah for the toy situation :)

  6. organizing the house feels like one huge accomplishment! i desperately need to do that...