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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fantasy Food Friday....And Pizza Hut

Good Evening Friends!

Friday is finally here and so is Fantasy Food Friday where I talk about a food that I fantasize about but shouldn't really be eating.

When it came to picking a Pizza to talk about that I fantasize about...I decided to pick one that I really, really like and one that will also be known by a large number of people. There are some local pizza's that I enjoy, but Pizza Hut has been a favorite of mine for the past five or six years. Maybe it's been longer, but I really keyed into it about five years ago.


I love the crust. I don't know if they fry's definitely greasy, but it has this crispy feel to it. And it just tastes so deliciously bad that I just love it! We don't usually end up getting the deep dish, though, deep dish pizza's have always been my favorite. My husband likes the thin crust or hand tossed pizzas.

This version is a very cheesy loaded thin crust. Although don't ask me to put any mushrooms or onions on my pizzas. Or green peppers, but I do like them raw. I also like black olives.

I'm more of a cheese bread person, but couldn't find any cheese bread pictures.
I would rate their bread sticks as "ok."

Ok, so here's the deep dish.
Just so you know, I did not eat any Pizza Hut pizza for this post.
Just think about how many calories are in just one slice of this pizza? Or in a bread stick.

Well, that's my fantasy food for pizza.
Do you like Pizza Hut?
Or is there some other local pizza that you are or "were" fond of?
What I did eat tonight was actually very delicious and very healthy.
I made up some high protein, oatmeal waffles.

In place of butter, I drizzled on some olive oil and topped it with cinnamon.
The olive oil wasn't too bad.

Then, I had a third piece with natural peanut butter.
I have a fourth one saved for tomorrow.
I'm going to toast it till it's crispy on the outside and top it with peanut butter.
Love it that way.
Meanwhile, my husband made an omelet with the left-over egg mixture from making the kids french toast tonight.

Yes, this is going to be a big omelet.

Wanna know something funny?
This is the first time that I've ever seen my husband make an omelet.
He never makes them, he says, because it's a pain.
But I think I might ask him to make me this for Mother's Day.
Of course minus the summer sausage and cheddar cheese.

I'll have to think up something really yummy to put in my Mother's Day omelet.

Doesn't this look good?
He shared it with the kids.
What do you think I should put in my omelet?
Well, I did really well on the fifth day of my Operation Grapefruit Oatmeal Diet.
I ended up eating about two grapefruit today.
It tasted so good.
I also got in an arm work-out tonight at the gym.
I'm looking forward to making some pizza for the family tomorrow night.
Healthy pizza!
Maybe I'll even have a piece or maybe I'll make up my own version.
Well, thanks for visiting everyone!
I'm so glad it's finally Friday!
I hope you all have a great weekend!
Sunshine Mama


  1. YUM! Pizza Hut pizza, omelets,& waffles! :) I love onion, tomato, & green pepper in my eggs...oh and red pepper them bit of a kick! :)

  2. WOW! I have never seen an omlette made that way.. going to have to try that!! I make it too hard I think... yay SM!!!! Awesome week girl! Sorry for being MIA, just living life, being present here, and just busy busy... so appreciate your encouragement! Yay!

  3. Between the pizza and the omelets & the waffles I am hungry! I am glad that you did good on the 5th day! I think you are on to something!

  4. I'm not so big on pizza. Really, I can take it or leave it. I think it's hereditary. My Dad can't stomach the stuff and my son doesn't like it.

    I bought grapefruit today and thought of YOU! Said a little prayer for you and the fam, especially the new little one.

  5. pepper, onion, mushrooms if you like them... yum yum.

    i gave up pizza one year. (i used to give up 1 junk food-thing a year) but when i found out i was allergic to so many general foods i decided i would allow myself to have pizza again (as long as it's not made with ingredients i am allergic to of course). basically this means homemade pizza. i feel like pizza can be good for you -- with a thin, wheat crust and lots of veggies!! ok, maybe that's just my excuse ;)