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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Few Pregnant Pictures And Body Building Poses...

Hi everyone!

It's Wednesday, April 7, 2010, the 102 month anniversary of our wedding. Also the day before I turn 12 weeks along with baby number #6.

I told you that I would do a push-up challenge today to attempt 102 push-ups. I did attempt it, but bombed out at 69 push-ups. Ick! I did 155 push-ups in four sets before that. Apparently I just need to stick with doing 310 push-up beforehand instead.

But, I'm not too depressed about it. I've been in a good mood all day and I wasn't going to let being short 33 push-ups keep me down.

I went somewhere this afternoon and actually put on make-up and took a shower and all that jazz, so I decided to have my daughter snap a few pictures of me today for my 12 weeks along update.

I picked this green shirt because it makes me think of spring and I like how it's tapered down close to my skin. I decided to do a few poses that I learned at that posing class a few weeks ago.
This is actually a little bit of a "figure" pose...
I'm sucking it in. Ha, Ha.
And here too.

Ok, now I'll let out the pregnant belly.
See it is there.

Wheeww, it's hard work sucking in that belly.

Here's a few more poses.
See, I actually do have long hair.

This isn't really a pose.
I just made it up.

In a figure competition, I'm not suppose to be looking at you.
This is the pose I would be doing with five inch heels.
Pretty cool eh?
This pose is body building and fit body.
It's called a side chest pose that is done to accentuate your biceps and chest.
See, now just imagine me doing this in that teeny tiny dark blue velvet, sparkly posing suit.
What?! You want to see me in it?
Ha, Ha...have to talk to my husband about that.
Ahh... yes, we all know this one.
It's me trying to fly away...LOL!!
Just kidding...
Actually it's a ballet move....
an arabesque.
I saw my daughter do it during ballet class once.
------------------------------------------------------ that was fun.
No food pictures today, although I did take some.
Just don't feel like posting them all.
I did make that strawberry banana shake again but this time with vanilla protein powder.
It tasted even better than the chocolate one.
Well, it's about 9:30 right now, so I'm track to get to bed at a decent hour.
I missed my nap today because of errands to run...
So, toodles everyone!
...toodles..where did I come up with that? LOL!
Sunshine Mama


  1. You are one HOT Mama. I've never met anyone who take such serious records of their wedding anniversary - months. Is this some ploy to get more anniversary gifts out of Daddy Rainmaker.

    Hey 3 pounds to the Slam, so we need to get you some Tim Tam's soon! Can you e-mail and address I could send them to? I hope you have no stalkers on e-mail is

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  2. have really continued to transform yourself...I'm really happy for you...and if you can ask Mr. Rainmaker about those photos?

  3. Love the photos. The fact that you are that skinny and pregnant makes me jealous.. Maybe you should run a boot camp & I would be the first one to sign up!!! You are true motivation!!

  4. You look so beautiful. I love your posses. Your body is rocking, pregnant and all! That first picture you put up of you before is just crazy to see now. You have changed everything. Your strength shows everyday in your writing and your stories, but then to see you pictures, just makes your strength shine more! Shine on, Sunshine Mama, Shine on!

  5. I've said it before and I will say it again- my bet is this baby coming out with some killer biceps, just knowing all the work his/her mommy has put in!

  6. Wow, you look amazing:) Good job!

  7. OMG you are just too cute! It's a cute preggo belly :)

  8. love the pics and captions :) you are too cute! and helllooooo flat stomach!

    you know you're gonna be parading around on stage in your little figure suit... may as well post it on the blog for all your blog friends! (i mean, we'll just stalk the photos from the competition if you don't) ;)

  9. You look amazing! Can't wait to see the pics in the suit. Come on Daddy Rainmaker, let us see her in the suit. LOL! :)

  10. Look at that belly! CUTE! :) I can imagine the little baby in there doing the poses too! ;) You are looking wonderful! And NO weight gain in the first trimester! AMAZING! :)

  11. Damn chica! you look amazing in all the pictures but my fave would have to the baby bump picture =)