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Monday, April 5, 2010

Chicken And Eggs In Natural Light

Hello everyone!

How was your Monday? Well, it's finally over so we can all breathe a sigh of relief. It was nice to read how every one's Easter went along with all the wonderful foods that they got to eat.

Subject switch here, I see that Lindsey was the only one who ate a Swiss Miss cake roll the same way that I do...or did. Ha. Ya know when I talked about them on Fantasy Food Friday.

But even though I haven't eaten any Easter candy, that doesn't mean I'm not tempted. For example...some how a single piece of Hershey's kiss made it into my coat pocket. I should just put it in one of the kid's basket, but no. Instead, every time I put my coat on, which was tonight on the way to the gym...I feel it in there beckoning to me. I haven't eaten it...yet...Ha. Ha. I just may though.

Well, here's is breakfast with the addition of Mrs. Dash zesty garlic herb marinade on my eggs. Just wonderful. Can't get enough of that on my eggs.

Here's another natural light photo of chicken and eggs with marinade drizzled over it. Tell me you aren't tempted to run out and get that marinade this very instant?

Ok, so you are seeing a pattern with the marinade...

I also had some sweet potato with some avocado squished on it.

Then, I decided to make some desert that Amy had made with Mango.
Instead of frozen mango, I used frozen strawberries, a few bananas and plain yogurt.
When you put everything together it was suppose to have an ice cream texture.

I maybe should have put the strawberries in first closest to the blender bottom.

It came out looking more like a smoothie than ice cream.
Maybe that's because the strawberries have more juice in them than mangos.
I gave it to the kids for desert and it was a definite hit.
I may try a different frozen treat idea next time...
maybe frozen strawberries mixed with ice cubes and bananas to make a kind of ice-y.
But following the whole frozen strawberry idea, I added four frozen strawberries to my chocolate protein shake instead of the usual four ice cubes.
This was added to eight ounces of water and one banana.

Definitely bubbly.

I think next time, I'll keep the ice cubes in there because the frozen strawberries weren't enough to keep things cold, but I did like the added strawberry taste.
And it also has a pink hue to it.
I was tired again today, but I took a nap in the afternoon.
I did a little work-out on my legs tonight.
But I am bushed folks!
So, I think I'm calling it a night.
Have a nice night too and a good day tomorrow.
Sunshine Mama


  1. I'd like that shake with ice cubes too. It'd would make it nice and thick.

  2. You are quite the experimenter with food!

    High quality chocolate in Canada is "Laura Secord". Two TINY bunnies and two packages of chocolate eggs cost me $45!!!!! I hope they were good!

  3. I think I need to pull put the blender now that it is kind of getting warm and starting making some drinks! I only bought my daughter 1 small package of peeps and she is allowed to have no more then one a day. I hate those things so I knew I would be safe and there is no other candy from the holiday to worry about!

  4. Those little smoothie/ice cream creations look great! I want one! I want something like that in the morning. Any ideas for how I could make it at night and have it for the morning? Maybe just get it all ready at night, so that I just have to throw it in the blender and add ice? Hmm, you've got me thinking. It's too early to think! Ha!

    Mrs. Dash needs you as their spokes model. I am on the lookout for it now. You have made it sound so good and good for you. I'll let you know if I try it.

    Happy day!

  5. When I read your topic for today, I thought you meant Natural Light as in the beer I drank in college. LOL! I was thinking to myself, well that doesn't sound very healthy and I can't imagine why someone would cook chicken and eggs in it. HAHAHA. Maybe I need some more coffee. :)

  6. Yum-o! Everything looks delish, Sunshine Mama! :)

  7. I like the way you think with food! The eggs look super yummy!

  8. I also thought you had chicken, eggs, and beer. :) lol. We are the coolest ones who knew how a Swiss roll was meant to be eaten ;) I can't eat them (allergy) so we can resist them together!