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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A New Outfit At 14 Weeks Along

Happy Thursday Friends!!
It's an exciting day today because I am 14 weeks along and I have a new outfit that I just bought to show off my baby bump. This is not actually a maternity outfit, but it's one of the reasons I did not post last night.
SunshineMeg knows me too well. I didn't post yesterday due to computer issues. I decided at the last minute to leave town for a little outing. I tried, in vain mind you, to get something posted before I left and my computer kept thinking we were living in the ice ages because it kept freezing up on me.
I was doing really well on my diet too before my outing. As I was leaving town, I stopped to see Daddy Rainmaker at work so he could check the oil. He surprised with me a big, soft sugar cookie because on Wednesday at his work it is "cookie" day. Despite it being fattening...I was still pleasantly surprised. Ohh...that cookie tasted sooo good. My diet went downhill from there.
I tell you people, it is hard to stick like glue to your diet when you go out of town. But I had to go...because my sister had a little event going on for a vintage store that she's involved with.
This outfit is something I bought while there. It was made in the 80's but the style was borrowed from the 60's. It is a Tuxedo suit. Notice the satin stripe. The lapel also has satin on it. There is a matching jacket that goes with it. As you can see, it won't fit for long, but it is so pretty. And, when it comes to vintage...if you really like it... get it, because they are usually a one-of-kind. And since I have every intention of being this baby...this suit is mine baby!!
When I came back to blog land today, my computer managed to boot up and work first thing, so not wasting a minute I decided I'd better quick post.
It was nice to see that I'm not the only one afflicted with immoderation. Also, I liked Sunshine's description of feeling bloated and yucky..."blucky". I've felt that many a time. Too many times. Ha, Ha!
Well...I'm also sorry I haven't been able to talk to you all about my challenge that I made up (I referred to it in my last post). I think I may put that off till Sunday. We have some more outings planned in the next few days. And, although, I will try to stick to my diet as much as possible there may be some "off-diet" moments.
I also do have something special planned for Fantasy Food Friday. Hopefully if my computer cooperates tomorrow night I can share this food fantasy that is actually a regional tradition. SunshineMeg's husband who is from Wisconsin can probably guess what this, shh...don't say anything SunshineMeg!
Have a great day everyone! It's sunny and 60-something here. Perfect spring weather! Hope it's nice where you're at!
Sunshine Mama


  1. How cute are you? I mean wowza! Your tuxedo suit is so rockin' and with that hot bod!? You got it going on. The tiny baby bump is just adorable. You look happy and confident and I love it.

    Your sister's little event sounds fun: if it involves a new outfit and a bit of vintage, who doesn't love that?

    I can't wait for Fantasy Food Friday! I have a guess what we might be talking about, but my lips are seeled = ) If your computer doesn't work, perhaps Fantasy Food Saturday? Not quite the same ring... Happy Friday eve!

  2. Hey love! you look too cute in your tux! and the baby bump is adorable!

    hmmm I wonder what you are going to make??? I think it might be hard to top the lemon squares though lol

  3. Love the baby belly! SO SWEET! :) Hey, I understand "blucky"!!!! It's my middle name lately! :P

  4. Cutie Pattutie! Cutest darned 14-week-pregnant Mama I've ever seen!

  5. Don't you look so sexy in you outfit!! I love it.