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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fantasy Food Friday...Deep Fried Cheese Curds!

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

It's my fourth edition of fantasy food Friday and for the first time, I am not writing about something sweet. This is the day where I talk about a food that I fantasize about but shouldn't necessarily be eating.

This week's fantasy food is an upper Midwest tradition. I have read that cheese curds were actually created in Wisconsin...and then later deep fried.

I know this is regional because some of you will probably tell me that you have never even heard of a cheese curd. My husband, who is from Omaha, Nebraska did not know what they were when we first started dating. We have friends in Omaha that we will bring cheese curds to because they can not be found there.

Cheese curds should not be confused with mozzarella sticks. The best way to eat a cheese curd is when it is freshly made and only a day or two old. It has a spongy texture. And if it is fresh, it will squeak on your teeth when you eat it.

Our local grocery stores sell cheese curds that are re-stocked with fresh curds daily.

Now...deep fried cheese curds is like icing on the cake.

But us Wisconsinites are picky. Not everyone makes there deep fried cheese curds the same. So, we become experts and sample the deep fried cheese curds of different establishments in an effort to find that place that makes the best deep fried cheese curds. It has been a quest that I've had to abstain from for the past several months.

But tonight I decided to try out the deep fried cheese curds of the bowling alley we went to. Here they arrived served with marinara sauce. Some places will serve it with ranch dressing as the dipping sauce.
The key to a good deep fried cheese curd is that it is gooey and melty on the inside. If it's not, then it hasn't been in the fryer long enough. I had heard good things about these cheese curds. And, in my opinion, I would say that they were good, but not spectacular...the reason being that the cheese did not stay gooey long enough. So, I guess I wished it was more melty. But sometimes that combination can be hard to achieve, because as soon as it comes out of the fryer...the cheese will begin to cool which will cause it to harden.

Now, my brother told me recently of a place down the road that serves great deep fried cheese curds. But, we will have to see.

So, that's my food fantasy for this Friday.

So, do you have a favorite fried food that can only be found at a certain place?
A place where the way they cook their fries make them better than the rest?

Is there some local speciality food that you are especially fond of?

I hope you are all doing well and not eating fried foods like deep fried cheese curds. Ha, Ha!!
I may not post Saturday due to a long day planned, but I hope you all have a great weekend!

Sunshine Mama


  1. I guess Fried (or sometimes Toasted) Ravioli is a St. Louis tradition. Usually beef filled ravioli that are breaded and deep fried and served with marinara for dipping. I think when we moved to CA, they had a version of it that was using cheese filled ravioli...umm...not as good.

    And no... I don't remember that there were Fried Cheese Curds in Omaha either. I think one item that might be regional to Omaha was a Runza sandwich from Runza Hut. Maybe Daddy R remembers those.'s a meal in a Bunza!

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  2. I have never had these but they look soooo good. Thank you for giving me a craving I will have to fight I am loving your Friday posts!!

  3. Yum! Those look delish! :) I'm in WI!!! Maybe you don't want to say on the www but are you? :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Now there's a freakin' heart attack waiting to happen! We can't get them in the store in Ontario as they are not pasturized, but being originally from Montreal (Quebec), we loved "squeaky" cheese as my oldest daughter used to call it when she was little. So here's another way to prepare many of you have ever had a Poutine? A real Poutine? Poutine is French Canadian......another adventure in cardiac threats! French fries, now I'm talking the greasy-spoon French fries, covered in cheese curds and then smothered in gravy. I know that Burger King and other places make them here in Ontario, but they're not the real thing. Seriously - O M G - incredible to eat.....but you feel so bloated, well, toxic after one of those eating adventures!

    I'm off to visit Montreal in about 3 weeks....and although they taste awesome, they are so not worth the calories! NOT on my things to indulge in while I'm back home! (...and not something I would have written in years gone past!).

  5. I never tried those before but I seriously want to dive into the computer screen and take a bite!

    have a great weekend honey!

  6. I knew what it was going to be! Ha! I kept it super quiet. I told Greg and he said, oh you know she is talking about cheese curds! He loves them. Whoever thought, hmm cheese is great - maybe I should fry it in grease? The picture looked pretty good. I like fried cheese sticks, but can't remember the last time I had something like that. Your food Fridays are really fun and I love your idea of them. Hope you are having a nice weekend with the troop = )

  7. hmmmm. i have never had these. andddddd since there is no chocolate involved i can resist ;)

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