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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm Doing Well....I Had A Push-Up Contest With My Brother

Hi everyone!

I thought I would take this moment to write a little post before my computer freezes up on me again. It froze up on me Saturday and has been acting oddly for the past few days. We probably need to get it looked at.

Anyway.... I have been checking out your blogs which has been really nice to do. I see everyone has had a great weekend. SunshineMeg went to a Brewers game and I was trying to comment when my computer acted up. Dawn has been doing a great job running. Kyle wrote an awesome post about changing your mindset to that of a skinny person. And how it's really hard to see yourself as a "smaller" person because you've seen yourself as bigger for so long.

I think I may be having some "identity" issues with my weight right now. That coupled with the fact that I'm pregnant really has me confused.

I did take some of your advice this weekend and "loosened" up a little on the whole eating real strictly. I went out and enjoyed some wonderful food. I had some birthday cake, chips and ice cream at a family birthday party. I even gained another pound with it all.

I'm not stressing about the gain, but I may just spend a few days this week eating a little "cleaner" and get away from all the sugar and white flour that I've eaten.

It's interesting that even my husband told me that I'm being too hard on myself with being so careful about how much I weigh during this pregnancy and what I eat.

I've decided that, "yes", I would like to enjoy some of my favorite foods, but I don't want to bring those foods home where I will have easy access to them. Instead I'd like to eat them a few times here and there when I go out to eat. I did buy some vanilla ice cream to eat on occasion at home. It's only 120 calories per half cup. I'll have to see how controlled I can be with the ice
cream at home. But I picked vanilla, so that I would be more controlled.

A Push-up Competition

I also wanted to talk about something fun that happened yesterday. Remember when I talked about my younger brother being able to do a lot of push-ups? Well, when were were at the birthday party, he challenged me to a push-up contest.

How could I say no?

I wasn't sure how many I would do because I haven't done any push-ups in a week or so. Plus my belly was feeling full of ice cream and cake. But I shucked off my little three inch summer heels, and got down on the floor wearing jeans and a cute red shirt.

His wife, (the one who is pregnant) counted my push-ups and my husband counted his push-ups.

So, we began. I wasn't watching him but heard he was moving quickly. I began and felt fine.

He stopped at 45 and my sister-in-law counted mine at 63, but I counted 65.

I was actually a little surprised that I pulled out that many after taking some time off. It made me realize that I'm pretty fit for a pregnant momma.

For some reason, I had this idea in my head that I would have to stop doing push-ups soon because of being pregnant. But, folks, I'm barely showing. It just dawned on me that I could probably continue doing push-ups through this next trimester. I felt encouraged.

I also began to realize that I'm going to be a skinny pregnant person. Remember when I mentioned Kyle's post about changing your mindset to reflect who you are right now?

Right now, I'm a skinny pregnant person. I have strong, slender muscular arms. I have slim, muscular legs...and I'm pregnant.

I can continue being this way and feeling great for at least the next tri-mester. That's May, June and July. I can still look slim and great while being pregnant. Just what I've always wanted to be.

I also feel determined to eat right and continue to excercise so that I can maintain all the gains that I have made.

Well, thanks for taking the time to read me. *that sounded funny*

I hope you're all having some nice weather like the way we are having it here.

Talk later (hopefully...if the computer continues to work)

Sunshine Mama


  1. Well...I'm flattered to be mentioned. It is interesting to see the "celebs" who got pregnant and quickly returned to pre-birth weight. Of course, they have enablers and options that many of us don't have...and not that you are the only woman who has maintained fitness throughout pregnancy, but you continue to stand out in my mind as a true inspirational story. You are really winning and deserving the dietary freedoms that you are having; yet it is HIGHLY doubtful that you will suffer any relapses to original does take time finding that balance and finding that identity that says..."I'm fit...I can have something and know that it won't lead to old behaviors". Truly a well deserved, hard fought, and justly earned achievement.

  2. I love that you beat your brother! Yes! When I read the title, I knew what was going to happen = _

    Glad you had fun and following your heart with the eating and food thing. Keep it all in perspective, you know? You work tremendously hard and 99% of the time you eat brown rice. Ha! I know you eat other things, but my point is that you are doing a great job. Just keep it up, don't be too hard on yourself, and keep having a little fun now and again!

    Greg's next doctor's appointment is not till next week. He has a fitted brace and is being a trooper for now. Next week he will have the procedure where they shoot dye into his knee and sort of puff it up to see any new damage. I know I shouldn't, but I googled the "arthrogram" and it sounds a little painful - I'm not telling Greg. I'll just prepare things around here.

  3. Congrats on beating your brother. That will teach I think being a slender fit momma is what you are going to be. You have worked so hard to get where you are I don't see you getting out of control. In fact you may motivate other pregnant women that think just because they are pregnant it all is going to go down hill body wise. I can't wait to see you at 8 months pregnant.


    I think you are such a great role model for other pregnant women out there...

  5. way to win the pushup challenge!!! girl power :)

    i hope you are able to find a "comfort zone" for eating soon - it's definitely not something you need to stress about, ever! hopefully you can settle in to eating clean, but relaxing on the calorie counting and allowing an occasional treat? easier said than done, i know. i'm sure the 'pregnancy hormones' don't make it any easier.

    anyway hang in there hot mama!