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Friday, April 9, 2010

Fantasy Food Friday And Cherry Fruit Pies

Hi folks...the day you've been waiting for is finally here.

FRIDAY...and even better than that it is Sunshine Mama's second edition of Fantasy Food Friday where I talk about one of the foods that I fantasize about, but can't necessarily eat because I'm trying to eat healthy.

This week after much deliberation...I decided to share with you one of my all time fantasy foods.

Hostess Fruit Pies...Cherry to be exact.

I'm sure they even have these in Canada. And, if they don't, Dawn, let my know and I'll mail one to you. Though, knowing you, you'd probably prefer steak. Now... LiL Miss Blogger and Lindsey might be with me on feeling the love for these fruit pies.

First of all, I just want to say it has been years...literally years since I have actually eaten one of these calorie loaded pies. I think the last time I had one was before I was married like eight to ten years ago. There is so, so many calories in between 470-500 calories. And, off brand ones may be even higher calorie.

But this is my story behind the fruit pies.

I first experienced one of these when I was around 12 or 13. I actually had to sneak them. You see I had a paper route in the morning. I would bike over to the local grocery store sometime during my route and buy one for like 59 cents. I think now they may cost $1.89. I loved them so much. I can't recall how many mornings I would indulge in these things...but they were many.

Looking back I may have even gained a few pounds from eating these fruit pies.

So, what's so great about these?

Well, first there's the outside pastry is loaded with trans fat, but it tastes so good. It's shell is slightly firm, but soft. Sometimes I would eat around the outside first and then enjoy the cherry filling on the inside. To this day, I love pie filling.

But, now I've never tried this...

But some people will actually warm their fruit pies up in the toaster oven.

Wow...what a good idea.

Doesn't this look good?
So, I'll leave you all with this artsy little photo of a fruit pie.

That's my Fantasy Food for this week.

What is yours?

Do you like fruit pies?

Have you ever tried them?


Have a nice weekend everyone!!


Sunshine Mama


  1. Oh my! My mom got me one of the once. I love chocolate pudding and it was a pie filled with just that! It was amazingly delicious, but I don't think I have ever had another. I can imagine cherry would be pretty amazing, plus warmed up would be even better! Now I am thinking about pie and it is almost bed time.

    On a side note, my cousin gave me a toaster over for a wedding gift. It is the greatest thing. I am crazy about it.

    We are heading out to try a new running trail tomorrow. I have heard it has hills (yikes) We shall see.

    I sent you a little note Monday, so be on the lookout = )

  2. I loved your story of your paper route splurge! It brought back my paper route memories!

    We do have some sort of packaged pie, but I've never had one. I just don't find them tempting like a bag of chips on the shelf beside them.

    I do enjoy homemade pie - pumpkin or banana cream pie. I have the world's best banana cream pie recipe (from the Mennonites) that I'd be happy to share if you're interested!

  3. I have never had one of those either. So far I am 0/2 on you fantasy food Fridays.. I do remember my dad always buying them and eating them but I was never tempted. I am not big on crust. Maybe that is why?lol

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh. My. God. I LOVED THOSE PIES I don't think you can find them around here (at least I haven't seen them).

    Ya know what else used to fall into the fantasy pie category the apple pie from McDonalds when they fried them.

  5. LOL! Those are good, SM, real good! I've been eating WAY too much sugar the past week or so and actually feel sick from it all! Then I come over here! HEEHEE! Great idea though just POST gorgeous pics of the sugar instead of ACTUALLY eating it! :P

  6. OMG I used to eat allllll the time when I was younger! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and now I WANT WANT WANT one hahahaha

  7. i had these often when i was much younger - elementary school aged. i don't think i've had them much since! the apple pie... i could definitely go for (never been much of a cherry person) and heating them up! what a crazy (awesome) idea. when i was little i def just ate it probably while we were still at the store :)

  8. My usual love of fruit pies was apple, but then got introduced to the chocolate filled ones....OMG. Either way, I've tossed back way too many in my time.

    You are killing me girl!

  9. HAHA! Amy! :) Running away! :P

    I put up some yummy treat pictures in honor of you! :)