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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meet My New Friend

Ok friends,

We're almost to Monday and I am doing something a little different in my diet today that I hope will yield some positive results.

I'll tell you about it Monday.

But, today I wanted to tell you about my wonderful experience with...

cue the music...


(ok, a minute for me to laugh because this sounds a little ridiculous.)

But remember that I went on a six mile run last night?

When I ran by the temperature clock one mile into my run, it read 93 degrees. I was sucking down water at every mile. I was definitely feeling a little sluggish because of the heat index being over 100 degrees.

Well...then get this...

At mile three, I pull out the six ounces of pineapple that I had brought along as a snack.

I suppose in the past I would have used an energy gel, but I didn't have one at home. A banana would have gotten squishy and gross. An apple takes too long to eat on a run. And I have brought pineapples with me to the gym before if I needed some quick energy.

Now in case you all don't know...there are two types of carbohydrates.

Complex and simple.

You don't start feeling the energy from a complex carb until about 45 minutes after eating it. Complex carbs are like oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat bread.

Energy from simple carbs can be felt within 15 minutes or almost immediately. Simple carbs are fruits. People will also use sugar, but there is usually a crash after it. Fruit is a natural way to give yourself a healthy energy boost during a work out if you need it.

Anyway to make a long story longer...

I ate my wonderful tasting pineapple, which by the way just tastes better the more it squishes around in my running pack (sealed in plastic of course).

Afterward I took off running...and I felt better than when I first started.

I kid you not.

It was immediate.

I felt energized.

It lasted through the next three miles.

Oh, also the clouds suddenly hid the sun after I ate my pineapple. And when I ran back by the temperature clock it read 88 degrees, a five degree drop.

I still just can not even believe how energized I felt. I'm already plotting how to use pineapple before a race, or during my half marathon race coming up in September.

Oh, pineapple is 14 calories an ounce and provides a moderate level of potassium.

So, there you go.

Pineapple, my new best friend.


Sunshine Mama


  1. That is a great idea. I don't eat much pineapple. I think that is the only fruit I don't each much of. Lately I've been on a grapefruit/orange kick. Your run sounded great. I love when a run feels that way. The high after the run in contagious and you just want to always feel that way. Way to go on 6 miles too! You are a running machine! You are on the fast pace to be ready for any races coming up. Very proud of you. Glad you are feeling good and energized. Hope the family is doing well. Greg, Baby, and I are trucking along. The belly is coming! It has started to creep out already. It's scary, but so exciting.

  2. Sunshine! I didn't even know you had internet again! I'm so glad you commented on my blog; now I need to go catch up on yours. =)

    How do you eat pineapple while running? Was it cut in spears??

  3. Who knew that pineapple would be such a great running snack! I like if fresh or canned! Thanks for all the great information!