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Hi folks! I'm at it again. I'm going for another 20 pound loss in ten weeks. I've recently had another baby, a little girl, she is now five months old and I'm ready to drop some weight.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Sunshine Slip-up

Who was it that mentioned in one of my comments...something about
a slippery slope that eating sweets can be if you haven't done it in awhile.
Hmm...yes, Lindsey, it was you. You see, Lindsey is trying to keep away from M& she has experience with this.
I guess what I'm trying to say here is that after I ate that chocolate covered cream filled bismark yesterday...something happened.
Like... my iron-clad, death grip guard that I've had up for the past four weeks...experienced a little shake-up...if you will. A little chink in the armour.
Apparently resisting all those bites... all those four weeks, was a wise choice in slamming the door shut at the possibility of not being able to stop once I re-introduced my mouth to sweets.
Ok...I'll tell it.
I ate the equivalent of a half of a chocolate covered, pink and white sprinkled Valentine doughnut, that was left over from the big trip to the bakery yesterday. I even ate about 1/2 a sheet of my son's graham crackers.
It could be my imagination...but my stomach feels pooch-i-er. Really it does!
I noticed that even though the doughnut was a little dry...because it was day old. In fact, it was a little still tasted wonderful. My ultra-sensitive taste buds were picking up on the flaky, fried crust thing going on meshed with the softer doughnut inside. The chocolate frosting and sprinkles were sooo flavorful.
Then, unfortunately, I noticed that my salad was not as tasty and enjoyable. I noticed that I felt very strong cravings for that half of a doughnut. At first, I cut off a sliver... then, I just brushed up the sprinkles...then I put the doughnut box up high. My usual fail-safe tactic.
Nope. Didn't work...An hour later I pulled it down, and began to savor each an every bite.
Yes, Lord help me!
This is a picture of what is on the menu for next Sunday's treat. But after today...I mean, I haven't really eaten clean all week to deserve it.
One of the reason's this diet of mine is working so well, is that I am eating no sugar and no white flour. Those two ingredients combined...inhibit fat loss. So...even though, this technically is not a lot of's what it's doing to my body that is the bad thing.
Our bodies are soo sensitive that when I stopped eating white flour and sugar, I dropped four pounds in three days.
Hmmm...yes, I know what you're thinking..."what should I do?"
Well, while I'm figuring that one out, the above candy comes from a local store that makes their own chocolates and ice cream. This is a picture of a chocolate covered, pecan turtle, and an oreo cookie dipped in chocolate. This stuff IS delicious. I've never had the chocolate dipped oreo, but I have had the pecan turtle.
Well, other than that, Sunshine Mama had a good day! I think once the last of the doughnuts are eaten, my resistance will increase.
I'm still working on figuring out how to get this two minute video clip of me eating the chocolate covered cream filled bismark uploaded for your viewing pleasure.
Well, I hope everyone's Monday is going well.


  1. Hey you!
    I'm just wondering, are you planning to cut out all white flour and sugar permanently? I know you've mentioned having a treat each week; I am just wondering if you have a plan for how not to fall off the wagon. That probably sounds condescending, but I'm actually asking because *I* need to know!

    I'm working on cutting out all grains and dairy; it's hard enough but I notice that in doing so I essentially cut out flour and quite a bit of sugar. But since starting this new phase I've been eating more organic milk chocolate than I would normally.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. I just want to know what your going-forward plan is. =)

  2. And this is why I didn't eat the hot dog. May not have been "bad", but could have gone downhill from there.

    At least you know how dedicated you've been and have shown such dramatic results that you'll put this behind you right quick.

  3. I relate to this in so many ways. Once i just TASTE that bit of treat (whatever it is) it just never seems to satisfy and it leaves me wanting more and more...and more. Urg. What a frustrating feeling.

  4. People say that sugar is an addictive substance... I totally believe it from personal experience. Once I start the sugar for the day, I can't make myself stop! Thanks for stopping by hon!

  5. Good to be reminded that flour + sugar inhibits fat loss. I really can relate to your post as well - I no longer have the mentality of "oh well, I ruined my "diet" for today, so I might as well eat badly the rest of the day", thank goodness. But it sure is hard hard hard to eat just one bad thing, and go back to my normal eating.

    Which is why on Saturday night for our "date" night I had chocolate cake, and then again last night when I went out with DD I had chocolate cake again. I started craving it and found a good reason why I should have it again, because it was a special time with her.

    Thankfully, today I'm mostly back on track (except for a whole wheat roll I had at dinner) but it is hard to really break that cycle.

  6. You've been so committed to your no flour, no sugar diet that I bet you can get right back to it. I'm not an expert, but I think the fact that you enjoyed it is a good thing. You didn't eat it because you were bored or sad (or whatever). You ate it because you wanted it and you enjoyed it. I think that is part of having a healthy "relationship" with food. Eating when we are hungry and eating what we want. Hopefully most of the time we want to make healthy choices, but if every now and then we want to eat a big piece of fried chicken (oh wait, that's my fantasy food, not yours-haha), it's not the end of the world.

  7. Is your no flour, no sugar diet called "Sugar Busters?" My mom does a diet called that and has great weight lose. Sugar can just lure you in. It is indeed a slippery slope. Your okay to have "bumps" along the weight lose road, but keep your head up and keep going. Find your balance, indulge some, but you know what your doing. Heck, look at what you have accomplished!

  8. I find keeping a balance is good.....I've never completely cut out white sugar & flour, but I know when I substantially reduce it and limit it, when I do indulge, I can easily slip down that slope!

    Thanks again for finding me! I love your sense of humour! Day 2 in the is day 3 and is already planned (pancakes and all!)

  9. I am like this too! I seriously have no self control at times lol

  10. And I thought you'd find it too sweet and not happy. I'm sorry it was the opposite.

    Didn't know that about the white flour and sugar. Thanks for the tip.

  11. i didn't mean to jinx you! i just know that i *can be* good at giving up something cold turkey, but once i allow it back in... all hades breaks loose. i gave up doritos awhile back b/c i could not just eat a handful - i ate the whole bag. :( same with m&m's, as you so obviously know. :)

    i have yet to find the balance - i guess it could be viewed as the "next step" to mental toughness and self-control over your diet? step 1: eliminate the crap. then since we know we won't ALWAYS eat perfectly you have to allow yourself a few 'treats' here and there - so step 2: controlled enjoyment of the junkfood?

    i have a feeling you'll conquer this battle too! hang in there, get back on track!